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Keith County Sheriff

Keith County Sheriff

Updated on: May 8, 2023
Keith County Sheriff's Office is located in Ogallala, the state of Nebraska in the United States. It was organized back in 1872 by the citizens of Keith County, where an election was held to choose several officers to manage the County.   The Sheriff's Office covers about 1,110 square miles, 120 miles of state highways, 797 miles of county roads, and 42 miles of Federal Highway. It relocates inmates from wherever they may be situated, especially from the surrounding states, escorting them to court and offers security for District and County Courts.  They elect the Keith County Sheriff on a four-year term with responsibility for maintaining peace and enforcing the law in the remote areas of Keith County and also serve the unincorporated towns that do not have municipal police departments.  It handles all county sales, including land, abandoned vehicle sales, and vacant properties. The Sheriff's county office looks into criminal wrongdoings, reinforces traffic laws, and carries out investigations in the County Coroner, especially death cases. Other duties the county sheriff represents are:
  • Collecting unpaid property taxes
  • Implementation of complicated court orders
  • Extradition of inmates from other states
  • Providing security services to the County and District level courts
  • Serving all court-ordered papers, including warrants, body attachments, and civil process
  • Handle calls and complaints
  • Maintain the sex offender registry
  • Does state title inspections
  • Gun Permits
  • Afflicts warrant for personal property taxes
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Inspections

How can you make a complaint to the Sheriff's office?

Suppose you want to file a misconduct complaint, you should contact the Sheriff anytime. You can also visit the Sheriff's Office in the Justice and Law Enforcement Center to directly speak to the Sheriff or supervisor.  Alternatively, you can also mail the Sheriff's Department. You have to provide the information you have and wait to be re-contacted if there is a need for feedback. Bear in mind that we will inspect your email address during office business hours. The Keith County Jail is situated in St. Ogallala, Keith County, Nebraska. It was established back in 1978 as a minimum-security correctional facility. Keith County Jail is an adult facility housing inmates above 18 years of age only. Each single unit cell has a capacity of 16 inmates with an addition of two other holding cells. Keith County Jail operates under the consent of the Nebraska Jail Standards, and Prison Rape Elimination Act, abbreviated as (PREA). The Prison Rape Elimination Act was sealed back in 2003 to prevent, identify and respond to all allegations of sexual assaults in detention. Apart from its role in Keith County, it serves others, including the counties of Perkins and Arthur. The correctional facility employs one prison lieutenant, a sergeant, and up to five full-time and part-time correctional officers.  

Keith County Jail

Inmates in the Keith County Correctional Facility are categorized and housed depending on various regular characteristics and assessments for safety and security purposes. How safe and secure the inmates and facility depend on the correctional officers.   Housing chambers within the facility can hold up to 16 inmates, of which are holding cells. The rest are inside four cubicles, including Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue. Blue and Yellow chambers have four separate units, whereas the Orange and Green are three separate units.  Each chamber consists of a table with four seats, a shared shower, and a book carriage. There are no privileges like fitting rooms with television sets and internet access for the inmates. However, the inmates have access to a small recreational room having limited exercise instruments. Recreational days range from Monday to Thursday.  Inmates participate in religious services with local volunteers. They also receive medical attention and guidance from the locals. The community usually donates reading materials, writing and drawing papers when inmates request for them.  The Keith County Correctional Facility serves three meals a day. Breakfast is a cold meal, lunch is served hot, and dinner is cold. Commissaries for inmates who want additional meals are provided weekly, whereas hygiene and phone calls are daily for their necessities. Suppose you have any specific questions for the Keith County Jail operations and its protocols, or you would like to hand out necessities to the inmates, don't delay to call us at any time of the day.

Jail Registration Laws

It is a requirement by law for all convicts to register at a Nebraska State Patrol office. They are then designated to verify their registration information at the County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office is open for lawbreakers from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday only. Once the convicts' registration process is accepted, the officers include the Keith County Sheriff's Office website information. The latest changes on the area offenders, unsolved crimes, and the facility's special events & programs are updated timely. For any questions concerning our jurisdiction, you can reach us through our Keith County Emergency Management Dispatcher, and your call will get to the Sheriff's office.

Keith County Sheriffs Office

103 East 5th Street, Ogallala, Nebraska, 69153

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Keith County Jail Information

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Keith County
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County Jail
103 East 5th Street, Ogallala, NE, 69153


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