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Logan County Sheriff

Logan County Sheriff

Updated on: March 24, 2023
The Logan County sheriff's office is the overall in-charge security agency in Logan, Nebraska. The county office is headed by an elected sheriff who assumes the office for the next four years after elections. As a law enforcement arm, Logan County sheriff's office operates within the law limits of the county government and the US constitution. The difference between the Logan County sheriff and the local police is boundary coverage. While the local municipal police cover specific cities and towns, the sheriff's office is unrestricted to the entire county. Together, these two, however, cooperate in matters of resources and reliable information against crime. Therefore, it is typical to sport sheriff's cars across the various patrol grounds of the municipal boundaries when an emergency call.

About the sheriffs

The Logan County Sheriff undergoes certification training in law enforcement and criminal justice processes. However, all the training must be the latest kind featuring the newest technology and crime detection procedures. Also, at Logan County sheriff's office, integrity is key – therefore the Sheriff must behave according to the law and remain respectful to his duties. The heading of the sheriff's office does not compose of the sheriff only, but a team of professional law enforcers typically referred to as the deputies. These are key members of the organization in managing various departments such as jail and road patrol within the county. Therefore, in their professional capacities, they also have some junior staff who further assist in executing various law enforcement strategies. Note: The sheriff can get re-elected for the second term; however, this decision relies on the county residents.

Responsibilities of Logan County sheriff

The sheriff at Logan County does a lot of security duties. Among the key responsibilities he has include:
  • Transporting prisoners to the station/ jail
  • Crime investigation
  • Providing security at the courtroom
  • Issuing both search and arrest warrants
  • County patrol
  • Traffic laws enforcement
  • Monitoring metal detector equipment at the courthouse' entrance
Logan County sheriff's office is a fast response team available 24/7. For security, auctioning, fingerprint printing, correction, medical disposal, dog warren and more, reach out to the agency. Logan county sheriff's office works in close collaboration with the locals. This strategy has, therefore, helped solve multiple crimes across the entire county. Residents who spot crime alert the officers in charge, who respond immediately.

Logan County Jail, Nebraska

For over a decade now, the Logan County jail has served the county's community with great diligence. Before its current location, 284 County Road 32 S Bellefontaine, OH 43311, the jail used to be at Bellefontaine, sitting only on a 16,000-square-foot space. Back then, in the 1980s, the jail had a limited capacity of up to 34 inmates. It has an upgrade of the first establishment, which had a capacity of 17 inmates. This initial jail came to be in 1945, and it existed at the current parking space for the Juvenile Detention Center. The current location Logan County jail, is an 8.5-million-dollar facility sited on a 45,000 square foot space. Its capacity now is 140 inmates and features many technological enhanced security systems, including 24/7 active surveillance cameras. Alongside the cameras, the persons in charge here are certified correction officers with the required professionalism. Their armory and skills remain appropriately suitable, therefore, for the tasks they handle.


Like in most counties in the US, jails function under the sheriff's office. The situation is, therefore, no different in Ohio. According to the revised codes, the State of Ohio Department of Corrections should stand-in for all the operations, procedures and accorded rights regularly served to the inmates.

Inmates at the county jail

Logan County Jail, Nebraska, sources its inmate from various parts of the county. While some come directly from the sheriffs' arrests, others are from the region's municipal security agencies. The jail hosts both men and women awaiting their trials or sentencing. Those joining the camp for the first time go through book-in procedures. Here they will take down details of your identification, mainly according to the criminal charge. Health and food are part of the accessible features here. The meal is three and is always follows the jail food preparation standards and regulations. The arrangement always accommodates those with a special nutritional plan. Do not worry; therefore, in case you got such conditions as ulcers. Falling sick at the jail should never be a big worry to you. The facility has professional nurses who will always attend to you. A doctor will always come in mainly from other health departments within the region for more complicated cases. Moments you will enjoy are the recreational times. Each day, there will be a break time where you'll meet your fellow inmates for stories and connections. Remember; still, you will be under strict watch by on-duty officers; hence you must behave right. Being a trustee here offers you a little privilege and respect - you will earn this depending on your good behaviors and focus. The facility is majorly for character change. Bad should turn in good in you to promote peace and loyalty in the society one returns.

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Logan County Jail Information

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