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Grant County Sherriff

Grant County Sherriff

Updated on: February 23, 2023
Grant County is strategically located in Nebraska. It was named after Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th President of the United States, during its' founding in 1887. The county consists of approximately 614 citizens as per the 2010 census, making it the fourth-least populous county in Nebraska and the ninth least populous county in the United States. It is represented by the prefix 92 according to the Nebraska license plate system, established in 1922. Grant County is situated on 783 square miles of land area, whereby 776 square miles is land while 7.0 square miles is water. The towns served by the county are: Ashby, Whitman and Hyannis

Sherriff's Duties

Most sheriffs' sole purpose is to maintain and operate county jails. Grant county Sherriff not only maintains and operates jails but also operates juvenile detention centers and work-release centers. Additionally, he, together with his staff, supervises inmates and protects their rights. However, it is not an easy task since the old jail facilities are still deteriorating and becoming overcrowded. Ideally, the Sherriff, alongside Grant County court judges, district attorneys, and correctional officers, have been working together to make Grant County jail a more hospitable and humane environment for the incarcerated inmates. As the jail conditions are improving, Sherriff and the other departments are increasingly earning respect and recognition as professionals.

Grant County Courthouse

Grant Courthouse is located in Hyannis, Nebraska, and it consists of 4 personnel working in court:
  • Mark Spitzer, the circuit court judge
  • Rachelle Hunt, the court reporter
  • Susan Bowser, the court reporter
  • Stacy Fillenworth, the Bailiff
The official working hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, and 11:00 am to 4:00 pm every 2nd Tuesday of every month. According to the court, calendar hearings are subject to change depending on the scheduled Cass, judge assignments, and courtroom assignments. Additionally, this calendar should be posted at 7:00 am every business day and should have an hourly update throughout the day.

The Grant County Jail

Grant County Jail is a minimum to a medium-security facility located in Grant County, Nebraska. This facility has been operating since January 1986 during its establishment. In 1999, however, the facility opened Work Release Center to provide housing for minimum to medium-security post-sentence inmates. Additionally, its opening was to give local courts the option of work release as a sentencing alternative. The mission of this facility is to promote public safety by humanely and securely confining all the incarcerated inmates in its custody. Even though the facility is a minimum to medium security, the staff receive high-level training to maintain its' highest level of professionalism in its' daily duties of protecting the staff, inmates, and those living around the county jail. Most inmates in this facility are awaiting trial or sentencing or those serving their sentence after being convicted of severe crimes like robbery. Grant County Jail maintains records on inmates, including arrest records, court documents, sentencing records, and other criminal records. These records help the public a great deal.

Inmate Passes

Occasionally, The Grant County Sherriff gives the incarcerated inmates in custody the permit to attend funerals, dealing with ill family members who may be nearing death, attend church services, and other services that the Sherriff might deem appropriate moment. However, those inmates who receive a pass are highly guarded by correctional officers in case anyone of them might plan on escaping.

Inmate Jail Procedures

The facility, in collaboration with County Sherriff, has set some procedures that inmates should follow during the time they are in the facility's custody;
  • No inmate should either verbally or physically threaten another inmate, a jail staff member, or a visitor.
  • Inmates should follow all written and verbal orders given by the jail staff or Sherriff's department staff.
  • All inmates are subject to a strip search as per the policy and procedures of the facility.
  • No inmate should tamper or cover any camera in the facility. This act is a direct violation of the rules.
  • Any inmate who violates the jail rules is subject to disciplinary detention of up to 30days or other severe penalties.
  • Inmates should not alter any walls, locks, windows, ceilings, vents, or other fixtures belonging to the Grant County Jail.
  • No inmate should plug out a sink, shower drain, or toilet.
  • Inmates should not through any objects in the cell, day room, or any other place within the confinement of the facility.

Release rules

  • After completing their incarceration period, inmates should prepare themselves for a release by availing themselves at the release time, between 6:30 am and 8:00 am.
  • Before being released, a correctional officer will make sure that an inmate's cell is clean. However, they might hold the release process until the requirements are met.
  • The facility will require payment for any damaged property.
  • All inmates should complete their medical bills before the release day. However, the facility might set up a monthly payment plan with the Jail Administrator for the inmate to pay the medical bills every month after the release.
  • Any personal property left will only be recovered after one year after the release. If, after one year, the inmate will not come for the property, the facility will then dispose of it.

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Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports

Grant County Jail Information

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Grant County
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County Jail
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