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Perkins County Sheriff

Perkins County Sheriff

Updated on: February 18, 2023
The Perkins Sheriff's department is at Lincoln Ave, Grant, NE. The Sheriff guarantees execution of all the laws of the county, accomplished and enforced.  The Sheriff's Department performs duties of pursuing, incarcerating offenders. They also maintain records on inmates, such as arrest periods, sentencing records, court documents, and other release dates. With the outbreak of Covid-19, the Sheriff prefers citizens to report their complaints via the Perkins County Sheriff's Website. The Perkins County Sheriff works hand in hand with the federal and state officials. They have the authority to oversee, plan and manage emergency responses in Perkins County, NE. If you have complaints about the Perkins Sheriff's department's conduct, you can always reach out to the relevant authorities via the website. You can ask any question about:
  • Searching and locating your inmate
  • Conducting a background check
  • Searching for criminal records
  • Contacting your inmate
  • Perkins County Jail visitation hours

Duties of the Sheriff's Department 

The Sheriff's department in Perkins County has many administrative responsibilities to make sure the public abides by the law. Below are some of the duties the Perkins County Sheriff's Office undertakes:

Preserve the Peace

The Perkins County Sheriff's Office is responsible for patrolling and policing outside the correctional facility. It provides security and safety by monitoring and keeping order with the help of the local police department. Whenever an emergency arises for law enforcement action, the Sheriff determines the citizens' safety and tranquillity demands and acts according to the law.

Issue Concealed Weapons Permits and Other Firearm Laws

The Perkins County Sheriff's Office approves a dealers list that only consists of persons meeting the minimum statutory requirements for firearms permit and training. The Sheriff has to adhere to the firearms course training content in line with Penal Code Section 26165.

Sex Offender Registration and Maintaining a Sex Offender Website

The Perkins County Sheriff's Office registers sex offenders taking into account several factors about the misdemeanors to determine possible risks to the community at large. The Sheriff registers the adult and juvenile offenders in the community to prevent future sex offenses and help track dangerous sex predators and pedophiles in Nebraska.

Attend Trial Courts of Record

The Perkins County Sheriff's Office carries out all mandates, orders, directions of the courts, mugshots, and even judicial reports. The Sheriff ensures that the law is observed and is in charge of confining the lawbreaker.

Perkins County Jail

The Perkins County Jail is in Grant City, the county seat of Perkins County, Nebraska, in the United States. It is a medium-security level correctional facility housing or holding adult inmates having a sentence or on trial.  You can find the facility on Lincoln Avenue, Grant City, NE. The Perkins County Jail is under sustenance by the Nebraska Department of Corrections. If you are a loved one (family or friend) to the inmate. The facility permits you to:
  • Receive a phone call from the inmate. 
  • Send commissary to the inmate
  • Receive or send a mail
  • Schedule a visitation. 
The Perkins County Jail is the most recent facility that opened in December 2007. It houses 148 beds, and the detention center supervises up to 60 inmates daily. The facility apprehends inmates from Perkins County under the authority of the Nebraska Sheriff. The majority of the inmates are generally awaiting for their court lawsuits to start. The Perkins County Correctional Facility only convicts inmates with a verdict of two years or less. If the court proceedings are over and the inmate is sentenced to more than two years, the inmate will be relocated to another state correctional facility within Nebraska.

Perkins County Jail Staff

Perkins County Jail staff comprises full-time or part-time correctional officers, certified rehabilitation consultants, administrative jail clerks, and supervisors who monitor daily proceedings at the jail. Approved medical professionals address the inmates' health conditions 24/7, hours a day, seven days a week. The entire prison staff must be knowledgeable, experienced, and have a positive attitude on handling inmates.

Perkins County Jail Domain

Perkins County Staff enrolls the inmate with eligible health coverage. Better access to appropriate medical treatment minimizes the possibility of re-arresting these inmates once they are released. With that in mind, it lessens the overall burden on Perkins County Jails.   The Perkins County Jail performs thorough inspections where the federal inmates' board. They periodically inspect the cells to make sure that they meet hygiene standards. Correctional officers confiscate any contraband, including weapons and drugs, that can lead to a security breach or substance abuse.  Training of the recruits is vital. Preparation is inevitable before any officer carries out duties beforehand, including protecting themselves, visitors, and inmates from violence. Managing the inmates in Perkins County is quite challenging, and it does require skills with respect for their rights and dignity. Most recruits will have less to no experience of prison work ahead. If you have questions on Perkins County Jail conduct, you also visit their webpage

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Perkins County Jail Information

Grant City
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Perkins County
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200 Lincoln Avenue PO Box 607, Grant City, NE, 69140
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