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McPherson County Sheriff

McPherson County Sheriff

Updated on: February 28, 2023
The sheriff's department of McPherson County was created in 1890. It has steered the citizens of the county for over 100 years. All records on inmates, sheriff's staff, and services are available at the sheriff's office, Nebraska. The physical location of the office is 500 Anderson Street, Tryon, NE 69167. It is open for visitations and inquiries from citizens of the county.

Who is in charge of the sheriff's office?

Sheriff Tim McConnell served McPherson County Sheriff Office until 2019, when he resigned, citing health issues. This called for elections where applicants made it to the ballot. Williams was picked to spearhead the county sheriff's office, which he holds up to date. The sheriff in charge supervises junior officers and staff to ensure the county sheriff's office runs orderly. After elections, Williams addressed the citizens and assured them that the office doors are always open, and he believes in serving the county and abiding by the rule of law. According to Bryant, one of the individuals who conducted the interviews, he asserted that they settled on Williams due to his excellent service record and good personality After his election, the new sheriff will serve for four months, and once the term is over, he can run for re-election as the terms for the office are not limiting the number of times one can run the office. Under the sheriff, other elected officials assist the sheriff in running the office. They report to the sheriff regarding the duties assigned.

Roles of the sheriff office

Like other sheriff's offices in Nebraska, the McPherson County Sheriff is an office that has the mandate to serve the county's citizens. They have several roles to accomplish for the citizens. The office is in charge of the McPherson County jail, where all admissions and activities in the jail are reported to the office. This ensures the smooth running of the jails in the county. Additionally, the office is reliable in finding out offenders and getting them to the facility for questioning. The department investigates complaints brought in by citizens of the county. Once they ascertain the complaint is eligible, the office intervenes to settle the dispute. Additionally, the office responds to emergencies within the county. These include riots, fires, and attacks in the community.  Patrolling the county is also a responsibility of the office. They keep watch and monitor individuals in the county for suspicious activities. This ensures that the community is safe from suspected illegal activities. Other responsibilities of the sheriff's office include; monitoring traffic safety, resolving disputes, arresting suspects, criminal investigation, and executing warrants.

The McPherson County Jail, Nebraska

The McPherson County jail is a jail that incarcerates inmates found guilty of various crimes. This is a medium-security detection unit. It was established in 1980 together with the sheriff's department. The facility houses over 100 inmates under different housing units. Often the unit has more male inmates than females. The jail is located at Anderson Street, Tryon, NE 69167.

Notable inmates

The jail has a database for public records where citizens can check to find out the inmates in the facility. Notable inmates are not in this facility as the medium-security unit only serves inmates under 12 months. If an inmate is found with a serious crime that requires jailing for over 12 months, then a transfer is issued to a different facility.

Arrests and inmate stay

Arrests in the county are made daily. The suspects are presented to the facility for questioning. Some may spend a day in the cells waiting for the judgment. Once the sentence is up, the inmate will now serve the term while in jail. This facility admits inmates who serve sentences of less than 12 months. If a suspect is eligible for a bond, they will be released upon payment of the required bond and allowed into the community. They report back during the case mentioning. While in jail, the inmate will access the jail roster to get used to the jail conditions and operations. Food and other services are given in the jail. There is no special treatment of offenders Once the incarceration period is over, the inmate will be released to join the community. Since the jail has a few programs for inmates, it becomes easy to rejoin the community and lead an everyday life.

Privileges in the prison 

Most of the prisons with inmates serving sentences under one year have a lot of privileges. This is because the crimes committed are not very serious. Thus, inmates might serve a sentence and receive parole. Paroles are few and meanest for inmates who show improved behavior while in prison. They are given the freedom to finish their sentence outside the prison but still report to the institution once in a while to see the progress. Other privileges include access to TV and single-cell housing. Additionally, inmates with exemplary behavior might work and earn while in prison.

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McPherson County Jail Information

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