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Lincoln County Sheriff

Lincoln County Sheriff

Updated on: April 30, 2023
The County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to preserving peace in Lincoln County, Nebraska, by serving citizens and visitors with high-level public safety. The Office offers professional services by epitomizing leadership, compassion, respect, integrity, honor, professional competence, respect, and honesty. Additionally, the Office conducts itself with exceptional ethical standards while preserving the Constitutional rights of all free and seized citizens. Highly trained and professional Sheriff's office staff members protect life and property through regulations, laws, and ordinances enforcement. Staff members pledge public service commitment while, in the same way, offering non-enforcement assistance to designated citizens. The Sheriff's Office attempts to provide a proactive, productive, and positive work environment via continuous training, communication, and staff participation. In addition, it partners with citizens and community organizations to provide county solutions and make it a safe place to reside. The Office provides all services with community-oriented policing. Lincoln County Sheriff is in charge of protecting and serving the citizens of Lincoln County besides the operation and security of the jail. Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office website aims to provide information that citizens need about the Office and its services.


  • Distress Warrants:
Distress Warrants informs the Sheriff's Office about business enterprises and individuals with criminal, personal property taxes within Lincoln County. Every November, the Office receives these warrants from the Lincoln County Treasurer’s Office and afterward attempts to collect those unpaid taxes. The Deputy Sheriff is responsible for seizing and selling personal property of individuals or enterprises that fail to satisfy delinquent taxes.
  • Eviction Notice
The Sheriff's Office does not provide any legal advice on how to proceed with eviction notices. However, it can offer information about its involvement processes; you can contact an attorney or references available on the website for details.
  • Gun Permits
According to Nebraska Statute 69-2403, citizens must acquire a handgun certificate to purchase, receive, rent, or lease a handgun for retail and private transactions. You can apply for a handgun certificate, including all citizens outside the North Platte city limits, at the Sheriff's Office. Consequently, the Office requires a current Nebraska operator's license, Military ID, and state ID alongside a $5 application fee.
  • Protection Orders
These orders involve some court documents on domestic incidents, for instance, Child Custody Orders, Show Cause Protection Orders, Domestic Abuse Protection Orders, and Harassment Protection Orders. The Sheriff's Office prioritizes serving these domestic-related documents efficiently and in the fastest ways possible.
  • Sex Offender Registry
Sex offenders present a high risk of recidivism mainly due to a lack of available information about offenders that either plead guilty or are found guilty within Lincoln County. The Sheriff’s Office provides data utilized in public notice and information about a sex offender registrant. Therefore, the community can establish plans to prepare their family and themselves.

Lincoln County Detention Center

Lincoln County Detention Center utilizes the highest levels of honor, integrity, and ethics in providing a safe and secure environment for inmates, staff members, and the community. The county jail offers incarcerated individuals all basic human needs according to Nebraska State Statutes, Constitutional laws, Nebraska Jail Standards’ Rules and Regulations, and associated professional standards. This detention center is a medium-security facility in North Platte, Lincoln County, Nebraska. The facility currently houses more than 81 prisoners and boasts approximately 3832 bookings annually from all over Lincoln County. Twenty-two staff members oversee the jail's daily operations under the Lincoln County Nebraska Sherriff, Jerome J. Kramer's management, and governorship. Furthermore, all staff members receive opportunities for professional development to improve their services to Lincoln County citizens. The jail began its operations in December 2007 as a modern facility that utilizes state-of-the-art technology; additionally, it is the largest in the county. It is in charge of incarcerating inmates, transport, housing, dental care, and medical appointments. In addition, the facility has a warrant service unit. Incarcerated individuals here have either been condemned for a crime or are currently in their pre-trial stages.

Jail Life

The offenders in this jail, like in most other correctional facilities are limited to the number of items they can have in their possession while in incarceration. Ideally, when they come here, most of their personally possessions are confiscated for safekeeping. However, they can keep some such as wedding rings, dentures, religious chains, medical alert bracelets, contact lenses, hearing aid or any other approved medical devices. Even better, when in incarceration, the offenders can receive some items from home. For instance, you can send them photos, books, magazines and care packages. The care packages could include personal use items such as hygiene products, medical provisions, clothing, shoes or even luxury items such as complimentary food, snacks and beverages. However, all the items that an inmate receives when in this prison, they must come from the facility-approved source. Moreover, they are often guided by some strict rules and regulations. Ideally, any item whether allowed or not, if it does not align with the rules, it qualifies as a contraband and having it in your possession is illegal.

Zero-Tolerance to Sexual Assault

The County Jail has a zero-tolerance policy for all acts of assault; namely, misconduct, abuse, and harassment of a sexual nature committed by an inmate or staff, regardless of consent. For this reason, such acts are subject to personnel action, including contract termination and criminal prosecution. If an inmate is at the victim of sexual assault, the facility advises them to report to the necessary authorities as soon as possible. Moreover, to keep evidence against, an inmate should not take a shower, change clothes or even brush their teeth. This way, the offenders cannot escape punishment on account of lack of evidence.

Lincoln County Sheriffs Office

302 North Jeffers Street, North Platte, Nebraska, 69101

Nebraska Inmate Search

Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports

Lincoln County Detention Center Information

North Platte
Postal Code
Lincoln County
Phone Number
308-535-9599, 308-535-9598
County Jail
302 North Jeffers Street, North Platte, NE, 69109-3961


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