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Garden County Sheriff

Garden County Sheriff

Updated on: February 17, 2023
Garden County is located in the western part of Nebraska. It covers an area of 1,705 square miles in total. A sheriff is the head of the county. The current sheriff is Sheriff Michelle Quinn and is elected to a four-year term. The office of the Garden county sheriff is located in Oshkosh, Nebraska, and is responsible for managing and operating the Garden County. Garden County has a population of about 2057 people as of the 2010 United States Census. Garden County zip codes run from 69154-69147, whereas the license plate system in Nebraska is marked by the prefix 77 as established in 1922. The Garden County Sheriff's Office, headed by the sheriff, is the law enforcement agency that ensures the residents of Nebraska have a secure environment and that visitors are safe. To ensure enforcement of local, state, and federal laws in Garden County are upheld by the sheriff's office.  Department manages and operates county correctional facilities within the county of Nebraska.  The Sheriff's Department is also responsible for public policing. Certified defensive tactics trainers train and educate the Garden County Sheriff's Officer in charge of law enforcement to ensure they handle any physical or violent challenge in the course of their duty. They oversee the day-to-day operations in the county.

Administrative Functions 

Some of the functions of the Sheriff's Department within Garden County include;
  • Highway patrol.
  • Arresting law offenders.
  • Investigating crimes.
  • Maintaining public records.
  • Maintaining and updating criminal records.
  • Serves as a probate court
  • Is in charge of county jails and the inmates held therein
Garden County maintains records about its residents. They include names, dates of birth, traffic reports, arrests reports, etc. The records are available online to the public or at the sheriff's Department. The probate court handles misdemeanor cases in Garden County, such as felonies, guardianship, adoption, etc. The Garden County Sheriff is in charge of the operations of the Garden County Jail. It manages the jail on a day-to-day basis and is in order of the inmates' welfare.  

The Garden County Jail

The Garden County Jail is the biggest prison office in Garden County. It was built in 1968 and is situated in metropolitan Oshkosh. Garden County Jail is one of the oldest brick facilities in Garden County. It was listed on the Nation Register of Historic Places in 1992 by the Garden County Historical Society. The prison is under the Garden County Sheriff and is operated and maintained by the Nebraska Department of Corrections. The Jail maintains an online information database for inmates in the county, such as bail bonds, sex offender registry, and inmate search.   Garden County Jail is a medium-security facility housing adults convicted of crimes committed within Garden County. It has a 153-bed capacity. The jail is an adult facility and has been in operation since 1994. Inmates held here are primarily from within Garden County.  The Garden County Jail records about 2402 bookings per year from all over Garden County. Well-trained correctional staff members supervise it. Inmates held here have either been convicted for a crime or are currently in the pre-preliminary trial stages. Most offenders in Garden County Jail have been convicted for minor offenses like theft, assault, drunk driving, etc. Only after offenders' paperwork is completed are they put behind bars. They remain in jail until the court process is over and are either acquitted, released, or sentenced to a jail term. Some of the inmates held here have a jail term of over a year. Garden County Jail provides inmates with three meals in a day. It also offers amenities like bathroom TV facilities. The Garden County Jail also engages private businesses to supply clothing and catering services. The jail also involves over ninety-two prisons yearly to assist the jail administration in its kitchen, laundry, and other assigned duties. The inmates assigned these duties to receive a stipend in return for the services rendered.

Work Release Program

The Garden County Jail allows a work release program for the inmates who apply before incarceration and have written consent from their employer. Moreover, the jail offers other specialized services such as counseling to the inmates that help them integrate smoothly back into society.

Prison Operations and Staff

The Dispatch Center runs the Garden County operations. The Garden County Prison Manager, Commander Dan Brereton, heads the correctional staff. Other officials under his command include:
  • A prison lieutenant.
  • Thirteen full-time prison agents.
  • Two law maintenance transport agents.
  • One enrolled attendant.
  • One jail chief.
Additionally, a medical officer and a nurse handle health issues amongst inmates and staff and, more so, the mental health of the prisoners.

Contact the Jail

Suppose you are planning to schedule a visit or are in need of any information about the prison or an inmate. In that case, you may visit the sheriff's Department website.

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Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports

Garden County Jail Information

Postal Code
Garden County
Phone Number
County Jail
611 Main Street PO Box 494, Oshkosh, NE, 69154


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