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Deuel County Sheriff

Deuel County Sheriff

Updated on: February 20, 2023
Deuel County Jail is a prison located in Chappell, Deuel County, Nebraska. The facility is under the governorship of the Deuel County Nebraska Sheriff.  Deuel County Nebraska Sheriff is one of the two sheriff offices in Chappell and one of 118 sheriff departments in Nebraska. The office has six full-time workers. That is four full sworn officers, one full-time civilian, and one precinct. 

Services offered by Deuel County Sheriff, Nebraska

The office is committed to providing professional service emphasizing public safety, quality, and diversity in our workforce, community involvement, accountability for actions taken on behalf of the agency.  The office is responsible for law enforcement and emergency management services to the unincorporated area of Deuel County and the incorporated cities and townships that contract with DSO for these services.  The Sheriff's Office also provides security at the county jail, serves civil papers when requested by a court or private party, conducts search warrants when authorized by a judge, assists other agencies in investigations, and performs other duties assigned by the Board of Commissioners.  Furthermore, the Deuel County Sheriff's office is involved in criminal investigations about felonies and crime prevention. Also, it ensures that the public gets all the necessary information related to Deuel County. The office also offers search rescue operations in case of emergencies. Here is a summary of services offered by the Deuel County Nebraska Sheriff's Office - Emergency Response  - Search & Rescue Operations  - Guarding Prisoners  - Investigating Crimes  - Property Enforcement  - Apprehension of Suspects

Deuel County Jail

Prison's overview

The Deuel County Jail has a long and storied history. The jail is named for Deputy Sheriff George Deuel, who was shot and killed on duty in 1887. The facility has inmates that are serving sentences for all types of crimes ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. It's important to note that most people who end up incarcerated here have not yet been convicted of their crime, so they're still innocent until proven guilty by a court sentence or plea bargain agreement with prosecutors Inmates sentenced to serve less than one year will spend their time in confinement within this prison before being released back into society after completing their sentence term (typically six months). However, if you get longer sentences, you will be incarcerated for the duration of your sentence and then transferred to a different prison facility to serve the remainder.


Deuel County Jail Nebraska's mission is to promote public safety and reduce the negative impacts of incarceration on inmates, their families, and the community. The facility is committed to rehabilitating inmates by providing programs and services that promote personal responsibility, accountability, integrity, self-sufficiency, and social justice.

Inmates and programs

Some prisoners are sent to Deuel County Jail for misdemeanors or nonviolent felonies, such as theft. Prisoners incarcerated here await trial in the county court on charges of burglary, robbery, drug trafficking, aggravated assault, sexual assault, and murder. Some inmates have committed crimes that would be classified as violent but were given sentences of less than five years because they had no previous record of violence or mental illness.  Deuel County Jail Nebraska has its medical unit staffed by guards trained in nursing care; it also employs other part-time nurses. The jail houses 73 beds at any one time, split for those with severe medical conditions. Prisoners are typically released after completing their sentence but can be refused release if they have committed a violent crime.    Inmates may visit an indoor chapel during the weekdays; some inmates volunteer as readers for religious services at night, with people outside the prison walls participating via video conferencing technology.   The facility also has a library containing books and videos and educational programs like GED classes to help inmates prepare themselves before re-entering society. Some prisoners get jobs inside the jail, such as laundry workers, cooks, clerks, or waiting staff - these positions make up about half of those available within the facility. Some prisoners get jobs inside the jail, such as laundry workers, cooks, clerks, or waiting staff.    They have music programs, gardening projects, cooking classes, sewing classes, just about anything you could think of that would keep someone occupied with something constructive for their time there. The facilities are clean and safe, which is comforting when visiting loved ones or friends who might be inside at any given time.

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Deuel County Jail Information

Postal Code
Deuel County
Phone Number
County Jail
718 3rd Street PO Box 565, Chappell, NE, 69129


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