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Hitchcock County Sheriff

Hitchcock County Sheriff

Updated on: May 4, 2023
The Hitchcock Sheriff's Department consists of the Sheriff, the Chief Deputy Sheriff, three deputies, plus five non-sworn jailers/dispatchers. These law enforcement officers serve Hitchcock County, which entails various communities in Palisade, Trenton, Stratton, and Culbertson. The Sheriff's office ensures the security of Swanson Reservoir State Recreation Area. Sheriff Garry Hunter and Chief deputy Jason Swartz head the department. Also, you have deputy Tom Jones, Deputy Ryan King, Deputy Randy Brink, and the Sheriff's deputies. The dispatchers include Roma Sensel, Roz, Kauffman, Shauna Schutz, and Mary Forbes. Hitchcock County got named after Phineas W. Hitchcock, a senator who was initially a lawyer and a surveyor Governor. The county in Southwest Nebraska rests in the diverse and attractive Frenchman and Republican River valleys. Therefore, please contact the Sheriff freely with any questions, concerns, or comments. You can as well stop by and say hello. 

The Sheriff's Department Mission Statement

Since eighteen seventy-three, the Sheriff's department has faithfully and diligently served the citizens of Hitchcock County. The department has had twenty-nine sheriffs ever since. The current Sheriff, Gerry L. Hunter, started his term on April fifth, 2021.  Sheriff Jack Wood died on October sixteenth, 1882, while trying to apprehend a horse thief. He is the only Sheriff in this office to die in office.  The office's mission is to enhance the county citizens' quality, maintain peace, eliminate fear and offer a safe, enjoyable residence to all individuals. The department aims for efficiency and effectiveness with the taxpayers' resources and in law enforcement efforts.

Sheriff's Corner

From the Sheriff's news and events desk, the department always reminds you to lock your vehicle. That's because of the recent car thefts in Palisade, Nebraska. The department recommends you follow several simple options.
  • Please adhere to the basic safety measures; lock your car windows and doors, park it in a well-lit area or garage.
  • Use various locking security devices like audible alarms.
  • Engage added precautions like installing and enabling vehicle tracking devices.
  • Call 911 when you have a suspicion of any activity in your neighborhood or around your home.

Hitchcock County Sheriff's Office contacts

Hitchcock County Sheriff's Office, 229 East D Street, P.O. Box 306, Trenton, Nebraska 69044-0306. You may also reach the office at Hitchcock County Sheriff's Office official website. If you have an emergency, please dial 911. The Sheriff's official number is 308-334-5444; Office fax number 308-334-535; email [email protected].

Hitchcock County Jail

Hitchcock County Jail Inmate Search: Booking Date, Who's in jail, Court Type, Release Date, Mugshots, Inmate list, Arrest Date, Bond, Race, Booking Number, Race, Case Records, Warrant No, Degree level.  The Hitchcock County Jail, situated at 229 East D Street P.O. Box 306, Trenton, NE, 69044, was opened on November first, nineteen-seventy-eight, with a development cost of seven million dollars. This prison is a five-story facility comprising the clothing region, amusement area, attendant's station, and kitchen. You can reach the jail via 308-334-5148.

Beware of Jail Scammers

Senior citizens have reported cases of scams that involve incarcerated relative inmates. They report phone calls to them, especially the grandparents. The callers attempt to identify themselves as an attorney or a grandchild. They tell you they're your grandchildren and are arrested, making you obligated to provide them with bail money. The scammers will offer you an address to put the money. From the prison's and sheriff's desk, please beware of these scammers. Should you receive such a call, please don't send anything but instead contact the Hitchcock County Sheriff's Office. The officers will assist you in locating the callers, whether it's a genuine relative or a scammer, and determine what's happening.

Hitchcock County Jail/Sheriff's Office Recent Press Releases

The Hitchcock County Sheriff Office 911 Center recently released an ambulance to residence 308 North Osborn, Palisade, Nebraska. A fifty-eight-year-old victim (male) got transported from his home to Great Plains Medical Center North Platte, NE, with a gunshot wound. However, D. Bryan Leggott, Hitchcock County Sheriff, confirms no suspects or other info on the case currently though the investigations are ongoing. The Palisade/Wauneta School located in Palisade received a notice from the Sheriff's office that it will close. Finally, the Hitchcock County Sheriff's Office that's been assisting Hayes County. The Sheriff's Office plus the Nebraska State Patrol politely requests the citizens to report any suspicious individuals and activities via 911, and they will be there for law enforcement.

Assist the Hitchcock County Sheriff Department in Solving Crimes

From car thefts to property losses, law enforcement is currently investigating and solving various crimes. Luckily, you can aid the department in conducting the investigations by contacting the Sheriff through the Sheriff's official number 308-334-5444; Office fax number 308-334-535; email [email protected]. Help prevent crimes by reporting any suspicious activities in the neighborhood. You can also inquire about any information regarding any inmate to ensure that you know the criminal records of anyone around you.

Nebraska Inmate Search

Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports

Hitchcock County Jail Information

Postal Code
Hitchcock County
Phone Number
County Jail
229 East D Street PO Box 306, Trenton, NE, 69044


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