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Hayes County Sheriff

Hayes County Sheriff

Updated on: February 26, 2023
The Hayes County Sheriff's Office was established in 1881. The office operates a jail and is responsible for providing law enforcement services to the unincorporated areas of Hayes County, Nebraska, including the City of McCook. It is located at Troth Street, Hayes Center, Nebraska, 69032. In 2016, the Sheriff's Office was a recipient of an award from Nebraska Crime Stoppers. This is an award that recognizes outstanding contributions to the fight against crime.

The department's mission

The Hayes County Sheriff department's mission is simple yet meaningful: to ensure that residents are safe from crime. The goal is to make sure community members can live safely, knowing their deputies will be there when they need them most.

The Hayes County Sheriff's Office roles

The Hayes County Sheriff's Office provides law enforcement services in an area of Nebraska that has a population of approximately 9000 people, according to 2010 census data.  This County Sheriff's Office is committed to providing quality service and protection for the citizens of Hayes County. The office is located in Nebraska state along with other local law enforcement agencies. A few of the duties and responsibilities overseen by this office include: patrolling, responding to emergencies, providing investigative services for crimes reported in Hayes County, acting on warrants issued by a judge or justice of the peace in Nebraska state (and sometimes beyond), enforcing traffic laws as well as adjudicating civil cases such as evictions or foreclosures. The Hayes County Sheriff's Office is committed to maintaining a high standard of professional service to the citizens.

Details about the officers and their roles

The County Sheriff's Office has 2 Full Time Sworn Officers and primarily consists of a full-time deputy sheriff and a patrol officer. Both officers are on the road at all times, patrolling over 700 miles in Hayes County to ensure that residents are safe from crime. The goal is to make sure the community members can live safely, knowing their deputies will be there when they need them most.

When to contact the County Sheriff's Office

Citizens can contact the sheriff's offices on questions regarding law enforcement, the jail, and most importantly, for emergencies. You can also get assistance on public safety issues or other law enforcement matters. Due to the corona pandemic, all visitors to the jail facility must report to the sheriff's office for guidance. This is a precaution to prevent any spread of the condition.

Hayes County Jail

Inmates at Hayes County Jail are usually in medium custody, with a few being high. Inmates can work from six to sixteen hours per week, and most of them have jobs or educational programs that they take part in while incarcerated. It is not uncommon for inmates to be housed out-of-state due to a lack of available beds. The jail holds inmates accused of felonies and misdemeanors, offenders awaiting sentencing, or were sentenced to less than one year of incarceration. Inmates with serious cases are transferred to the state prison.

Inmate housing

The Hayes County Jail has an average of 121 inmates at any given time, with a capacity for up to 150 inmates. The jail was built in 1975 and is located on Highway 11, just south of Hayes Center. It houses both men and women. Inmates are usually accompanied by their children when incarcerated, but this is uncommon because of the lack of available beds. Jail records show the jail currently houses 121 inmates. The county estimates it spends up to $130 a day housing an inmate at its facility in Hayes Center. It costs about three times when the jails are full, and prisoners have to be housed out-of-state

Inmates lifestyle at the prison

Inmates at Hayes County Jail are under monitoring to ensure they behave well in the jail. The officers in charge allow inmates to have their own personal items to help make them feel more comfortable during their time in jail. The inmates also get food at the Hayes County Jail which is served two times a day. The inmates are served breakfast around 07:00, and lunch at 13:30. Inmates are under constant supervision to make sure they behave well.  In order not to be in jail for too long, the inmates must work on different projects such as reading or doing puzzles. The Hayes County Jail is a place where people can learn from their mistakes and be better people. Hygiene is a priority for the inmates at Hayes County Jail. They are given a shower once every day, and they can also get their teeth brushed twice a day when they ask for it or if they need to have theirs cleaned. Inmates must behave well in order to be eligible for work release programs, and they are also given these opportunities based on a point system which is assessed by their behavior while incarcerated with Hayes County Jail staff members. The inmates who have been released from the jail are not allowed back as soon as they return home; instead, they can only return to the jail after a minimum of two years have passed

Responsibility of the jail staff

The jail has a staff capacity of 112 and is staffed by a mix of full-time, part-time, and contract personnel. The staff's responsibility at Hayes County Jail is to maintain order, provide safety for all individuals inside the facility while they await trial or final sentencing, keep all inmates and visitors safe, and provide the opportunity for self-improvement through education programs.

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Hayes County Jail Information

Hayes Center
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Hayes County
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County Jail
502 Troth Street PO Box 86, Hayes Center, NE, 69032


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