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Red Willow County Sheriff

Red Willow County Sheriff

Updated on: March 8, 2023
The Red Willow County Sheriff Office, Nebraska, is a busy place. The department has been in existence for as long as the county itself. Established in 1857, when Nebraska became a state and the county was formed, it protected the new settlement from Indian raids and outlaws drawn to the area by its fertile soil. But over time, things changed, and as the county and its population grew, so did law enforcement needs. In 1887 a new building was constructed to house the sheriff's office and jail cells and living quarters for himself and his staff. The stone building, which is still used by the office today, has had additions made over time but remains essentially unchanged from what it looked like back then. The first law enforcement officer was established by Sheriff T.M. Logue, who had only three deputies and, one night, patrolman. The role was to police an area covering over a thousand square miles of prairie land with no roads or access other than horseback trails. In 1867 the Red Willow County Law Enforcement Office was established by Sheriff John A. Foulkes, who had eleven deputies and night patrolmen to cover the identical area with no changes in topography or access routes. The sheriff's office is currently staffed by a chief deputy, four full-time deputies, and nine part-timers. The main facility houses administrative offices for personnel, records management, dispatch center operations, and law enforcement support services.

Services of the Red Willow County Sheriff Office

According to the official website, Red Willow County Sheriff Office runs five critical services: law enforcement, corrections center, emergency management, K-9 program, and protective shelters.

The Law Enforcement Service

This service is responsible for the general patrol, traffic enforcement, and assisting other law enforcement agencies.

The Corrections Center

This service is charged with managing convicted offenders serving jail sentences or awaiting trial in custody at the Red Willow County Sheriff Office facility. The department also administers pretrial release programs and provides intake services for new offenders.

The Emergency Management Service

This service is responsible for assisting other jurisdictions in significant emergencies, devising disaster recovery plans, and conducting public education about preparedness. The department also provides search-and-rescue services during natural disasters or man-made incidents.

The K-911 Dispatch Center 

The K-911 dispatch center dispatches law enforcement, fire protection, and emergency medical services. The dispatch center must have a broad knowledge of what is happening in each county and across Nebraska. The facility employs around 50 people and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, to handle more than 350 000 calls annually through two-way radios, cellular telephones, or telephone.

The Protective Shelter Service

The protective shelter service began in 1974 and provided a safe place for people with special needs during disasters. They provide coverage to Nebraska's 93 counties, up from just 25 when the program began.

Red Willow County jail

Red Willow County jail is in Nebraska, and it is a county jail for the Red Willow County Sheriff's Office. This facility was established on April 3rd, 1924, with one inmate cell and two officer cells. Today, there are six inmate cells and four officer cells, and a kitchen area to feed inmates three hot meals per day or provide them with snacks when necessary. The jail houses adult inmates, both male and female. There are eight beds per cell with a toilet and sink, as well as an in-cell desk. The cells have two windows for natural light, and they measure approximately nine by twelve feet large. The jail also has a medical unit that houses one inmate at a time so arrangements can be made to receive proper care while incarcerated; when necessary, they can be transferred to the local hospital or a larger facility.

Staff Management and Different Crimes

The jail employs six corrections officers, one chief deputy sheriff, and four part-time deputies who work weekday evenings and weekends. The county also has an EMS crew that provides emergency medical care when needed on-site at the jail, located in downtown McCook, Nebraska. Inmates in the jail are accused of crimes ranging from misdemeanors like driving with a suspended license to felonies such as forgery and drug trafficking. Once the suspect is in custody, the jail holds them until they can be brought to a trial or released.

Bond and Releases

The judge sets bond rates in each case. The defendant can either post a bond with cash or property, pay bail using a bondsman, or wait for trial and allow time to work on their behalf. Inmates with good behavior can work on projects for the jail, such as cleaning or cooking meals. Inmates who have been convicted of more serious crimes, such as murder, are not allowed to work.

The Population Issue at the Jail

The population issue is dealt with by offering inmates time off their sentence for good behavior and expanding the infrastructure to house more detainees. They are also using a new method that involves filing an inmate's information in a database system called “Inmate Management,” or MIMS. The process helps track each offender as they move through the criminal justice system and makes it easier to identify parole violators.

Red Willow County Sheriffs Office

516 Norris Avenue, McCook, Nebraska, 69001

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Red Willow County Jail Information

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