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Dundy County Sheriff

Dundy County Sheriff

Updated on: March 17, 2023
There are two Sheriff Departments in Dundy County, Nebraska. The sheriffs serve a population of 2,017 people in Dundy County with a coverage of 920 square miles. A single Sheriff's Office serves about 1,008 people for every 460 square miles. The two Sheriff's Offices in Dundy County, Nebraska, are the primary law enforcement departments. Their duties are to monitor and build up the security and safety of the inmates in the Dundy County jail. Dundy County Sheriff's Offices are responsible for patrolling and monitoring parts that the county Police Department Jurisdiction is not entitled to. The Sheriff Office also manages Dundy County court orders and judgments, such as tax delinquencies, subpoenas, foreclosures, and repossessions.

Dundy County Sheriff's Department Responsibilities

  • Issuing concealed weapons and firearms permits laws.
  • Serves all warrant searches for specific statutes.
  • The sheriff attends all the court trial sessions held within the county & district courts and complies with their lawful orders or directions.
  • The sheriff carries out all unfunded mandates, orders, and directions of the courts.
  • Keep and maintain the peace by apprehending any person committing a felony that can breach the residents' peace.
  • Defends the county against those who riot or otherwise compromise public peace or safety.

How to Reach the Dundy County Sheriff's Office

You can find the Dundy County Sheriff's Office at 701 Chief St, Benkelman, NE 69021, United States. You can also visit their webpage. The facility is open 24/7 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

Dundy County Jail

Dundy County Jail is a detention center in Benkelman - the county seat of Dundy County, Nebraska, United States. The facility is a medium-security level housing adult detainees at 701 Chief Street PO Box 506, Benkelman, NE, 69021.  The Dundy County Jail was established, dating back to 1986, with a 67-bed capacity. Dundy Correctional Facility began operations in 1994 in Benkelman, Nebraska.  It boasts around 2155 bookings annually. The facility holds inmates from Dundy County under the administration of the Nebraska Sheriff. The Dundy County Jail is under maintenance by the Nebraska Department of Corrections.  Correctional officers have the skills, insight, and attitude to carry out their duties as they adhere to the rights of inmates. Training is crucial for upcoming recruits to cope up with the complex prison workforce. Other subsidiary employees are equipped with a variety of skills to enhance the safety of the facility.  The Dundy County Jail is a typical detention center for inmates serving short sentences, or their cases are on trial. If you want to inquire about an inmate in the Dundy County Jail, visit their online website page here

Dundy County Rehabilitation Programs

The Dundy County Jail has professional counseling staff to provide substantial rehabilitation programs to prepare the inmates to be fruitful community members at their time of release. Below are some of these rehabilitation programs that the Dundy County Jail undertakes:

Drug and Substance Use Programs

The substance Use Disorder Treatment (SUDT) program emphasizes taking the inmates through therapy and treatment to curb their substance use disorders. These programs enable the inmates to avoid relapse and cope with the community upon release.

Educational Programs.

The Dundy County Jail offers some basic educational programs for willing inmates, such as General Education Development certification, college, and high school diploma programs. The Nebraska Department of Corrections requires inmates with low literacy levels, especially those without a high school diploma, to attend basic education programs. There is a basic education program where inmates enroll to complete their education.

Career and Employment Preparation.

The Dundy County Jail provides employment preparation programs before release back into the community. Inmates with good behavior participate in job readiness even outside the facility, helping them cope with their progression back into society.

Recidivism Reduction Programs

The primary goal of the Dundy County Jail is to reduce the number of inmates to repeat the same offense upon their release. For instance, substance use therapy and treatment programs help minimize or eliminate the inmate's risk of relapse to alcohol or other illegal drugs. There are mental health units where the facility provides these therapy and guiding services with the help of a certified doctor or nurse. 

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Dundy County Jail Information

Postal Code
Dundy County
Phone Number
County Jail
701 Chief Street PO Box 506, Benkelman, NE, 69001


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