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Gosper County Sheriff

Gosper County Sheriff

Updated on: February 25, 2023
Found in the southern area of the State of Nebraska, Gosper County has a total population of about 2000. It was formed in 1873. Gosper County covers an area of 458 square miles in total.  A sheriff heads Gosper County. The sheriff’s main office is located at the Gosper County Courthouse in Elwood, NE. Dennis Ocken is the current Gosper County Sheriff and is elected to a four-year term. The sheriff is the head of law enforcement in the county. It is the responsibility of the sheriff to serve, execute and return writs within the county issued by a lawful authority. The Gosper County Sheriff’s main objective is to ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone within the area of Gosper County. He ensures that the residents of the county live harmoniously. The Gosper County Sheriff’s Office is committed to enforcing local, state, and federal laws. Its operations are guided by these laws as well as the constitution of the United States of America. The Gosper County Sheriff’s Office has several departments. These departments perform different functions under the command of the sheriff. The sheriff is in charge of enforcing both state and federal laws. They protect the community, check crime, perform investigations and make arrests within the county.

Public Records

Gosper county Sheriff is responsible for the maintenance of records. They keep records of crime. These include felonies, arrests, arrest warrants, misdemeanors, convictions, civil and criminal charges, incarcerations, court sentences, and other criminal information. Gosper County Sheriff collects and keeps records that contain personal information about its residents such as sex offender registry, information about offenders, including offender names, nature of the crime, mug shots, date of birth, ID number, and aliases.  These records are available to the public upon request. You can personally visit the sheriff’s office in Elwood or check online. Some departments, such as the corrections department, maintain an online register for offenders. Residents are encouraged to assist the relevant agencies in maintaining a secure environment in Gosper County by reporting criminal activities. You can leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers by phone. The Gosper County Sheriff Office manages Gosper County Jail and all inmates held in county jails.

The Gosper County Jail

The Gosper County Jail is located at 507 Smith Avenue, Elwood, NE, 68937 in Gosper County, NE. The Gosper County Jail is a medium-security facility in Nebraska and is a 162-bed capacity facility established in 1998. This facility currently houses more than 147 prisoners.  The Gosper County Jail receives inmates daily. Each year the jail has about 4470 bookings with an average of 12 daily. Inmates are also regularly released from the Gosper County Jail because this facility houses inmates who have been arrested or inmates going through their trials. The facility is an adult-only jail and houses both male and female inmates. This facility does not house any juveniles. Inmates held here have either been convicted or are awaiting sentencing.  Other inmates are already serving their jail terms generally for not more than two years. Gosper County Jail maintains records of the inmates held here on their behaviour and updates them regularly. Inmates held here are all over Gosper County though some from elsewhere are held here for specific reasons. The Gosper County Jail holds inmates mostly brought in from the Elwood Police Department and neighboring police departments. It also takes in federal inmates.

Prison Staff

Gosper County Jail has a staff of about 108 personnel. Fourteen staff members supervise it under the command of the Gosper County Sheriff, Nebraska. The correctional staff ensures that the jail environment is safe and secure for the inmates and the staff. The Gosper County Jail can house inmates because of various security reasons. Inmates are directly supervised to ensure the safety of the inmates, staff, and visitors.

Inmates Welfare

Gosper County Jail has implemented a range of programs for the inmates. There are educational programs, medical and psychiatric services.  Inmates are provided with three meals a day. The facility has a law library for prisoners. Inmates can access it from Monday through Friday between 7 am and 3 pm. The store is offered five days every week, from Monday through Friday. Inmates can also access copies of authoritative legal reports but at a fee. Inmates could access a paralegal officer availed by the jail officials to help themselves understand the reports. Some inmates are selected to work as trustee inmates. They perform duties such as doing laundry, cooking or working as orderlies within the jail. They receive a stipend in the form of a small salary they may spend in the jail’s commissary.


If you wish to visit an inmate incarcerated at Gosper County Jail or inquire about a detainee held here, you can call 308-785-2420, 308-785-3116

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Gosper County Jail Information

Postal Code
Gosper County
Phone Number
308-785-2420, 308-785-3116
County Jail
507 Smith Avenue PO Box 316, Elwood, NE, 68937


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