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Custer County Sheriff

Custer County Sheriff

Updated on: February 22, 2023
The Custer County Sheriff Department is headed by the Sheriff, an undersheriff, and four deputies. Additionally, one of the four deputies is an Eastern Montana Drug Task Force agent. The other heads include an administrative assistant, a civil Enforcement Agent plus nine full-time, three part-time detention officers, and twenty reserve deputies. The reserve deputies are community volunteers dedicating themselves to serve with the Custer Sheriff Department. Here, their mission is to offer high-quality, professional law enforcement and court correctional services partnering with the Custer county community for security and safety. These services affect the quality of life for Custer County citizens.

Sheriff Concealed Permits 

Concealed permits are available for purchase at the Custer County Sheriff's Department. They cost $50 to obtain, and a renewal incurs a $25 fee. You can apply online or in person, but you'll need an appointment if applying in person. Therefore, make sure that you book one before coming into the office. At the Custer county sheriff's department, concealed permit applications will be processed by qualified employees who have completed training on firearms safety and how quickly they respond when called upon to do their duty. The process is very fast with only three parts--application submission, fingerprinting clearance (updating information), and qualification signature from your doctor.

Civil Enforcement

Civil enforcement services are a critical component of the Custer County Sheriff's Office, enabling them to serve papers involved in criminal actions and civil proceedings.  These documents include complaints, summons for subpoenas or child support payments, as well as execution writs for foreclosures or other cases that require you to pay fifty dollars before they can provide their service. The department also accepts checks if you prefer not carrying cash around all day.

Sex Offender Risk Assessment

The Sheriff's department categorizes sex offenders into three levels, depending on their risk assessment. The offenders are then expected to report to the department at various intervals. Level one offenders are at low risk of repeating the offense, and therefore, need to register with the department annually for 15 years. The level two offenders have moderate risk, and the law requires that they report to the department for at least 25 years.  Level three individuals are classified as high-risk threats and will need to be monitored regularly. Thus, they must register themselves once every ninety days until further notice. This is per regulations set in place by state government officials that regulate registration requirements statewide.

Custer County Detention Center

The Custer County Detention Center is a small county facility located in Miles Montana (behind the courthouse) with a housing capacity of 18 inmates. The detainees held here are either awaiting sentencing and trials or serving one. Either way, they are securely locked in the Custer county detention center. This detention center holds inmate criminal records like arrest records, court documents, sentence records, and others available to the general public through their website.  Also, you may email the center through the Sheriff on [email protected]. You may consult the facility if you need to locate an inmate in Miles to conduct a background check, searching for inmate criminal records, contacting a detainee, and researching the jail's visitation hours. In the Custer County Detention Center, you can find all their current prisoners in different categories: time served and race. The website is available for public viewing 24/7 with an easy-to-use interface that updates itself periodically throughout the day without any input from staff members.

Custer County Detention Center Statistics

In the Custer County Detention Center, you can find prison admissions by race, the pretrial inmate population, and the convicted housed inmates through the National Prisoner Statistics (NPS) Program, Prisoners 2015. In-state and out-of-state call rate is $0.14 per minute.  The total admissions so far are 469 inmates, and the current population consists of twelve inmates; one female inmate and eleven male ones.

Custer County Detainment Center Held Inmates

The inmates at this detention facility contain incarcerated inmates for the State prison, Out-of-State Prison, State Jail, Out-of-State Jail. They also house federal agencies and ICE detainees that have been detained by law enforcement outside of their jurisdiction.  The prison website plus the Custer County Sheriff website and the Custer county site contain info and news which impacts you and the entire Custer County population.

Custer County Sheriff Office

116 South 11th Avenue, Broken Bow, Nebraska, 68822

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Custer County Detention Center Information

Broken Bow
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Custer County
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County Jail
116 South 11th Avenue, Broken Bow, NE, 68822


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