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Brown County Sheriff

Brown County Sheriff

Updated on: February 18, 2023
Brown County is located in the northern part of Nebraska, U.S State. It is named after two members of the legislature who reported the bill for the County's organization. Ideally, in the Nebraska license plate system, Brown County is represented by the prefix 75, and its' zip codes are 69210, 69214 and 69217. Its' County seat is found in Ainsworth where the sheriff’s office is also situated. The Brown County Sheriff's Office collaborates with Brown County Jail in promoting public safety in Brown County by public policing and managing county jails and inmates. The sheriff and his department handle different tasks like patrols in any unincorporated areas of the County not covered by municipal Police force. Additionally, he enforces legal judgments like repossessions, tax delinquencies, and foreclosures. The Sheriff might come in handy while answering questions like:
  • Who is in jail
  • The date and time for Sheriff's Office sales and auctions
  • How to visit or contact inmates in Brown County
  • Measures to take in providing Public safety and types of criminal activities in Brown County.
  • How to acquire County jail records and mug shots.

Sex Offender Registry

The Nebraska State Statute states that sex offenders present a high risk of repeating their offenses once in the loose due to a lack of available information about individuals found guilty of sex offenses and who live in their jurisdiction or individuals who are pleading guilty to the crime. The legislature, therefore, decided that state policy should assist the local law enforcement agencies in protecting their communities. Sex offenders, however, should register with local law enforcement agencies as per the Sex Offender Registration Act. To acquire information about the registry, new reporting requirements, or another helpful link, you can visit the Nebraska State Patrol Sex Offender Registry.

Nebraska's Vine Service

The Brown County Sheriff recently introduced a free, anonymous, and computer-based service that helps provide victims of crimes with two essential features:
  • Notification
Callers can register for automated telephone notifications. This process will help them receive a message if there is any change in an inmate's status in the criminal justice system.
  • Information
This service also provides callers with information about the inmates in custody. They can call toll-free (877) 634-8463 and follow the prompts. After contacting them, VINE service providers quickly provide the caller with information on their inmate's status. Even better, callers can visit their website, the VINE website, and acquire the data.

Brown County Jail

The Brown County Jail is a medium-security detention center located in Ainsworth, Brown County, Nebraska. The County Sheriff's office operates and maintains every function in the facility. Currently, it boasts about 2681 bookings yearly, whereby it houses more than 123 prisoners. Bruce Papstein, the County Sheriff, governs the ten staff members who supervise activities in the facility. Most inmates come from the surrounding towns, municipalities, the US Marshal's Service, and the Ainsworth Police Department. These inmates who are either in their pre-preliminary stage or have been condemned are housed for a short period; in most cases, less than one year. The facility, however, transfers those serving long-term sentences to other facilities. Brown County Jail receives new detainees every day. The facility releases some prisoners to a pretrial service caseload, they place some under supervision, and they release some on their recognizance with an agreement to appear in court. Additionally, they release some after posting bail. However, those inmates who have been denied release must wait at the facility for their court appearance as guests of the County with a bed and three square meals.

How an Inmates can get out of Jail

After the booking process, an inmate's bail amount is set using the bail schedule or the magistrate's decision. If the bail is not set, an inmate might either go free during the court date or wait till the court date is set. Once released, an inmate should promise to appear in court for their court date and not leave the County before that time. Typically, some inmates get their release pass after portraying good behavior, respecting the rules, and conducting themselves appealingly while in jail. Also, even without exhibiting good behavior, the prison can give a work release if they can trust the inmate. In this case, the prisoner might go back to jail after finishing the work, or the facility might allow him to move into a halfway house instead of jail.

Posting bail

The grave the crime, the higher the set bail an inmate should pay. After posting the bail, the inmate should pay ten percent of the total set bail to the courts. This happens before they can discharge him. If the inmate does not show up to their court date, the court will not give back the bail. However, the bail is often too high in some cases, and an inmate cannot afford it. Therefore, he should hire a bail bond agent. The bail bondsman will charge a maximum fee of 10-15% of the total bail set and a minimum charge of $100. This fee is not refundable whatsoever. In most cases, if the bail is set high, the bail bondsman should request to use the inmate's assets as collateral for the bond in addition to whatever the charges are. Other ways of getting out of jail
  • Pretrial release programs
  • Get out on work release
  • Attains a release pass on own recognizance
  • If the inmate portrays good behavior
  • Get out on house arrest
  • After completion of incarceration period.

Brown County Sheriffs Office

142 West 4th Street, Ainsworth, Nebraska, 69210

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Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports

Brown County Jail Information

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Brown County
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County Jail
142 West 4th Street, Ainsworth, NE, 69210


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