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Blaine County Sheriff

Blaine County Sheriff

Updated on: February 18, 2023
The Blaine County Sheriff’s office is located at 145 Lincoln Avenue, Brewster, NE 68821 Brewster, in the southern area of Nebraska. Tim Sierks is the current sheriff. The sheriff may appoint deputies excluding the county clerk, treasurer, registrar of deeds, or surveyor. Blaine County was founded in 1885 and has a total population of about just 500. It has an area of 710 square miles in total. The Blaine County Sheriff ensures the safety of the residents of Blaine County. The sheriff manages county jails and inmates held in the facilities and enforcement of state and federal laws and policies.  The sheriff’s office is in charge of patrolling all areas under the delimitation of Blaine County areas and or not under the jurisdiction of the municipal police force. Blaine County Sheriff also enforces legal determinations such as arrest warrants. The sheriff is in charge of the county’s law enforcement department, including the deputies and administrative support. The sheriff’s office provides law enforcement services to municipalities with their police departments. County sheriffs are also in charge of county jails and jail operations, such as security and transportation of inmates. The sheriff must serve, execute, and return writs or other legal processes issued by lawful authorities, such as eviction notices. The sheriff prepares and files an annual inventory statement of county personal property in their custody. The office serves all the urban communities inside Blaine County.

Blaine County Probate Court

Blaine County Sheriff is a registered probate court within Blaine County, Nebraska. Once you visit the Blaine County Sheriff, the probate division is within the main courthouse. It is advisable to pick an appointment before visiting.  At the reception, you will inquire about speaking with the probate judge or clerk. You may be required to produce your government-issued ID, proof of executorships, death certificate, or a fee where necessary.

Blaine County Jail

Blaine County Jail is a medium security level county jail located at 145 Lincoln Avenue, Brewster, NE, 68821. The Blaine County Sheriff Office, through Blaine County Sheriff’s Specialty, manages Blaine County Jail.  It is an adult-only facility. Convicted offenders are held here for crimes that fall under Nebraska state and federal laws. The jail was built in 1945 and has a capacity of a maximum of 94 inmates. It has a total of about 83 inmates. The Blaine County Sheriff’s office oversees operations in prison and ensures the facility’s safety and welfare conditions meet the set standards. Twenty-two officers, including a nurse and a medical doctor, help manage the facility. The jail houses both female and male prisoners. Incarcerated inmates in Blaine County Jail have committed different levels of crime. Blaine County Jail offers a full-service jail for pre-trial and sentenced inmates. Most are sentenced to less than one year, while others are waiting to go for trial. Each year the prison has about 2828 bookings with a daily average of 8.

Inmates Welfare

Blaine County Jail has a policy against predatory or violent behavior and has implemented intervention programs for inmates who might have been abused. Protecting families is the main objective. Blaine County Jail also helps take criminals off the street. The Nebraska Department of Corrections also uses the Blaine County Jail to offer detention housing and probation violators facilities for Brewster city. Inmates in Blaine County Jail are allowed access to the outside society through cheap calling rates, receive money, send or receive emails, and visit. The doctor assists inmates suffering from mental challenges with counseling. There are counseling sessions weekly from a therapist invited by the administration. There is a GED program where inmates who may wish to continue with their education are enrolled. Additionally, there are religious and volunteer services. There are trustee inmates. They work as cooks, do laundry, or orderlies for the staff, among other assigned duties. In return, they receive a stipend. 

Work Release

Blaine County Jail also allows inmates to work out of the jail through work release. The inmates are released from prison during the day and return to jail for the night. However, for one to qualify for work release, they must apply for it before being sentenced to prison, and their employers must consent. Other nearby prisons and jails include;
  • Lock County Jail
  • Brown County Jail
  • Logan County Jail
  • Loup County Jail
  • Thomas County Jail
  • Custer County Jail
  •  Broken Bow City Jail

Covid Visitation Information

Starting March 18, 2020, the Blaine County Jail revised visitation guidelines. The registration and visitation rules changed to protect inmates at Blaine County NE Jail and their loved ones during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Additionally, staff, visitors, and inmates must adhere to Covid-19 protocols such as wearing masks and sanitation. Visitor access is limited. Make sure you contact the Blaine County Sheriff’s office before visiting.

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Blaine County Jail Information

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