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Garfield County Sherriff

Garfield County Sherriff

Updated on: February 26, 2023
Garfield County is situated in the Southern part of Nebraska in the United States of America. The county was incorporated in 1884 and was named after the 20th President of the United States of America, James A. Garfield. The City Of Burwell, the only major city in the county, is the official county seat. Currently, the county has a population of 2049 citizens as per the 2010 United States census data. As per Nebraska's licensing plate system, the county's prefix is 83. This prefix means that the county had the 83rd largest number of vehicles registered during the inauguration of this licensing system in 1922. Garfield County has its own Sherriff department, serving a population exceeding 2000 people in an area of over 570square miles. Currently, this statistic makes the county 13th of 93 counties in Sherriff's departments per square miles and 16th in the Sherriff's department per capita. The current County Sherriff is Sherriff Larry D. Donner.

Inside the office duties

Ideally, the Sherriff is responsible for clerical and managerial office duties too. These duties include overseeing the hiring and training of deputies,  filing paperwork on complaints and warrants, writing and distributing the budget, reviewing patrol logs, and managing the Garfield County Jail. Moreover, if you want to acquire a driver's license, the sheriff's department is given the task of issuing the driver's license.

Courthouse duties

The office also is responsible for managing local courts' judgments and orders. These tasks include issuing subpoenas, dealing with tax delinquencies, repossessions, and foreclosures. In addition, they perform the duties of property seizure and evictions. The sheriff's office also is responsible for ensuring that after inmates have been sentenced, they have reached the respective jail safely. Also, during the jail transfers, the Sherriff offers security until inmates get to the next prison. The sheriff's department is responsible for the task of inform the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents, on the release dates of illegal immigrants, for deportation.

On the field duties

The sheriff's office on the other hand directs and monitors the deputies as they undertake the duties of;
  • patrolling the areas that are not within the local police department's jurisdiction,
  • undertake criminal investigation process,
  • resolving disputes peacefully,
  • monitoring traffic safety,
  • responding to emergencies in and around the county,
  • arresting suspects and,
  • executing warrants.
In collaboration with the local municipals police departments, the Sherriff's department maintains peace in the county. In other words, the Sherriff performs the day-to-day task of law enforcement.

The Garfield County Jail, NE

Constructed on September 26, 1986, Garfield County jail is situated on 455 Grand Avenue, in Burwell City, Garfield County in Nebraska, United States. The county jail is a minimum-medium security facility for adults with a capacity exceeding 124 inmates. As such, the level of security in this facility is minimum. The Sherriff’s Department of Garfield County, Nebraska, regulates, manages, and supervises all the activities ongoing in the jail. Additionally, the Sherriff’s Department employs the county jail staff. The jail consists of sergeants and correctional deputies who assist the superintendent. They are responsible for taking care of the security woes of the county jail visitors and inmates. The facility accommodates inmates brought in for crime or are awaiting trials and sentencing in the local courts of the county.

Inmate Intake and Release

The jail accepts all inmates brought in by the Burwell Police Department and other police departments under the Garfield County Sherriff’s Office. Also, they book inmates brought in by the US Marshal’s Service and other law enforcement agencies in the surrounding towns and municipalities. But only for crimes under the State’s law of Nebraska. This facility has an average of 42 inmate’s bookings a day and 367 bookings a month. On arrest, you have the right to contact an attorney. However, if you do not have one, it is the responsibility of the State to appoint one for you. But only if you need one. An attorney is for legal advice and representation. Like in other States of the United States of America, bonds in the State of Nebraska are set depending on the level of crime one commits. Nevertheless, this State does not accept commercial bonds. The reason being, they no longer allow outside bail companies to act as agents for inmates. Unlike other states in the US, this State runs its bail bond program by itself. So, inmates are to pay the bonds themselves or acquire help from family members or friends. But only if they do not want to stay in jail until court day.

The Fate of Condemned inmates

The Garfield County jail houses inmates who receive a sentence to a maximum period not exceeding one year. However, convicted inmates who receive a maximum sentence of a period exceeding one year, the court places them under the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Nebraska County State Prison to serve their sentences. In contrast, Illegal immigrants convicted under the county’s laws are subject to serve their sentences in their respective jails. But, unlike the other inmates, they are up for placement under the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement for immediate or later deportation. The county jail releases inmates after serving their sentences. But, depending on self-conduct, some inmates receive early release. But only if the probation department issues detailed reports on inmate’s behaviors as approved. The Garfield County Jail utilizes an average exceeding more than 51 inmates to help the staff in the facility. It deploys these prisoners to assist in clothing and laundry, the kitchen, and cleaning work.

Garfield County Sheriffs Office

250 South 8th Avenue, Burwell, Nebraska, 68823

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Garfield County Jail Information

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Garfield County
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County Jail
455 Grand Avenue, Burwell, NE, 68823


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