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Cherry County Sheriff

Cherry County Sheriff

Updated on: March 12, 2023
The Cherry County Jail Nebraska, named after the county it is located in, promotes public safety through various services. It offers inmate management and jail supervision for citizens who are incarcerated for crimes against society or self-inflicted offenses with help from trained officers. The Cherry County Sheriff’s Office manages all inmates at its jails by providing security and food to those detained while also maintaining law enforcement activities throughout the province as needed. The facility operates 24 hours per day on weekdays and has different schedules during weekends based upon need levels within that period.

About the Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff's Office has jurisdiction over any unincorporated areas of the county or those not covered by municipal Police forces. They are responsible for enforcing judgments and providing security to citizens in these counties and patrolling their borders so that criminals cannot escape into other jurisdictions. They may patrol these boundaries on horseback or motorcycle depending on what suits their needs best each day and ensure all residents know how to contact them should an emergency arise. The Cherry County Sheriff's Office is the place to go if you have any public safety or criminal activity questions. They can help with anything from finding out who is in jail, meeting and talking to inmates for visitation purposes (though this may require a personal visit), as well as county law enforcement records, including mug shots and more. The sheriff's office also has sales & auctions of services such as vehicle impounds.

Cherry County Jail

The Cherry County Nebraska Jail is an institution for county jail offenders who have been sentenced to at least twelve months. The security levels of the prison depend on your classification, sentence, and criminal history—with minimum-security prisons being more suited for those with shorter sentences or first-time offenses. The Cherry County NE Jail is a medium-security county jail located in Valentine, Nebraska. The staff are hardworking individuals who keep this facility running securely with compassion towards those they take care of every day by providing them opportunities on how to better themselves when imprisoned It's not just inmates from Cherry County who are locked up in the county jail. Inmates from close-by towns and municipalities and those farther away like US Marshals Service or Valentine Police Department come to this small rural town for lockup time when they don't have their long-term facility available. Some inmates are released after posting bail while others may be in jail for a long time. Others who can't afford bail or pretrial supervision might have their sentences extended until the trial date if they refuse to release in these situations. Unless they're granted release from custody before trial, all will stay in an orderly room with food three times a day until their hearing is complete. Those with no criminal history would most likely just get three square meals for free while waiting for a court appearance as guests of county officials! Trustees are those inmates who work in the jail as cooks, orderlies for staff, and also perform tasks such as laundry or running the commissary. The trustees can receive a few days off their sentence if they volunteer to help out with these jobs and the Cherry County Nebraska jail also pays them a very small amount of money.  One of the first things an inmate does when they arrive at a jail is meeting other inmates in their intake. Violent and out-of-control inmates are segregated, but for everyone else, it's all about getting to know each other as best possible while under heightened observation from guards on duty.

Work Release Program

The opportunity to work while incarcerated can dramatically reduce the duration of your sentence. After being sentenced, many inmates apply for a Work Release program to continue employment during their incarceration at night and return to prison by day's end.  For this privilege, you must meet specific requirements such as applying before sentencing begins or having your employer submit paperwork on behalf of yourself to be accepted into the program. If these stipulations are met, you will have little time away from society; instead, utilize it wisely with gainful income-generating activities.

How To Contact Cherry County Sheriff’s Office 

Address: 365 N Main St #9 Valentine, NE 69201 Phone: (402) 376-1890 Fax: (402) 376-1892

Cherry County Sheriffs Office

365 North Main Street, Valentine, Nebraska, 69201

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Cherry County Jail Information

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Cherry County
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County Jail
365 North Main Street PO Box 49, Valentine, NE, 69201


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