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Valley County Sheriff

Valley County Sheriff

Updated on: March 19, 2023
Valley County Sheriff's Office is located at 125 South 15th Street, Ord, Nebraska, 68862. It is one of the busy offices in the county in charge of the security of citizens. The sheriff's office has been in place for over 100 years while serving the interests of citizens of Valley County. It was founded in 1886. With the increased population, more developments have been enacted by the sheriff's department to accommodate the growing needs of the county.

The sheriff and staff at the department

With increased activities, the department has grown tremendously, requiring more staff to meet the needs of the citizens. The sheriff of the county is elected to serve for four years. Once the term is over, the outgoing sheriff can seek reelection to the position. The country's citizens carry out the elections. The interview will follow to get the elected individual in the office. The current sheriff is Casey D. Hurlburtf and has deputies who act on his behalf to ensure the county runs smoothly. Deputies are mandated to perform duties such as investigating complaints from the county and acting upon them. They also respond to emergencies in the county when they are reported. The emergencies can be attacks from criminals, fire incidents, and theft. They also patrol the county to ensure peaceful neighborhoods. Other roles of the sheriff's department include monitoring traffic safety, resolving disputes in the county, criminal investigation, issuing warranties and arresting suspects, and taking them for questioning or in the temporal holding jail in the county. All the assignments, once complete, will be reported to the sheriff during the weekly meetings. The deputies can ask questions and seek clarification from the senior sheriff. It is the role of the sheriff to ensure all the concerns raised by the citizens are handled well.

Other staff roles

Apart from the sheriff and the deputies, the department has administrators. The seven officers and civilians help execute additional roles in the department. This includes admissions and responding to questions before they are taken to the sheriff. The sheriff's office is in charge of the jail and the activities in the jail. It is responsible for answering all questions related to jailing and admission in the county. Citizens are free to consult the office whenever they have an issue regarding security, jobs, and emerging issues.

Important update from the office

Because the sheriff's office is a public body, all of its documents are open to the public. Citizens can inquire about what law enforcement does, as well as how to avoid crime. It also includes statistics on how the county is doing in crime rates and other basic data. If you want to access more information on the county, you'll access the online contacts to the sheriff, or you can visit the office physically to submit your concerns.

Valley County Jail

The valley county jail is under the management of the county sheriff's office. This ensures that the jail activities progress smoothly. Inmates accused of crimes are taken to the jail department for questioning. When they face court and are found guilty, they are taken to prison to start serving their sentence.   The prison is a medium-security type, and inmates serving 12 months and below are housed in this facility. It is a unit for adults who have been convicted of crimes such as theft, disturbance.

Bond for inmates

It is a right for a suspect to ask for a bond while they are set for a court session. The offender or well-wishers can pay the bond to attend court cases while outside the jail. The bond differs depending on the intensity of the crime. If one cannot raise the bond, they are taken in the cells and attend court while in jail.

Housing and guards

The housing units are caged with guards on a 24-hour watch. This is to ensure no prisoners escape from the jail. The guards also keep prisoners safe from harming one another. They respond to emergencies and evacuate inmates in case of fire or fights. While in prison, inmates will access different housing units. Inmates who show good behavior get privileges such as tv in the cell and some work to do while in prison. The money gained from work is transferred to the commissary so that the inmate can use it for other needs. The staff and guards at the prison are trained on how to handle inmates in the unit. This is critical when it comes to attending to inmates' needs.


The sheriff's office manages this county prison. It is where citizens report incidents of crimes and suspected criminals. It is also a facility that holds inmates with various crimes, either sentenced or waiting for sentencing. All staff at the prison work in shifts to ensure the prisoners access free healthcare, good meals, and a clean environment while serving their sentence at the facility. The jail has a complaints unit where inmates submit suggestions and questions regarding their stay.

Valley County Sheriffs Office

125 South 15th Street, Ord, Nebraska, 68862

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125 South 15th Street, Ord, NE, 68862


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