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Loup County Sheriff

Loup County Sheriff

Updated on: March 7, 2023
Loup County Sheriff's job is to serve, execute and return writs or other legal processes issued by a lawful authority. They also must prepare an annual inventory statement of county personal property in their custody. The sheriff plays many roles, including law enforcement officer who enforces the laws within his jurisdiction; conservator of peace issuing warrants for arrest and suppression orders when necessary; civil process server enforcing court-ordered injunctions against unlawful acts. The Loup County Sheriff’s office has charge and custody of the jail and its prisoners, except those counties with a county board of corrections that oversees these duties. It is their duty to keep peace among all citizens residing nearby and apprehend criminals who have broken our laws. They may appoint deputies, but these deputies cannot be any other official with authority over the jail, such as treasurer or clerk, etcetera which could lead to corruption if they had power over money.

Loup County Nebraska Sheriff Overview

The Sheriff's office is a place many people end up getting arrested and go straight to jail. They serve the documentation for all inmates in prison and those awaiting trial or sentencing, including arrest records, court documents, and other criminal record information.  These publicly available resources are maintained for anyone interested in accessing them online at any given time so you can see if your friends might have been jailed inadvertently one day before posting bail themselves again. You may contact the Loup County Sheriff to find out more information about: -Locating inmates  -Conducting a background check  -Searching for criminal records. The sheriff's office also provides jail and prison visiting hours 

About the Sheriffs Department

The Loup County Sheriffs Department is a law enforcement agency that promotes public safety in their county by patrolling the unincorporated areas and enforcing legal judgments such as foreclosures, repossessions, and tax delinquencies. The Sheriff's Office also employs deputies responsible for protecting the lives and property of any citizen living on or near Indian reservations within the jurisdiction. The Loup County Sheriffs Department protects all citizens residing around Indian Reservations with officers assigned to each reservation. They promote public safety through patrols in these locations while implementing judgmental laws such as foreclosure proceedings, repossession cases, and delinquent taxes.

Loup County Jail

The Loup County Jail is situated in Nebraska. In October 1892, the construction of this historic jail started, and it was built with wood.  The original jail, a wooden building, had two cells with no running water or electricity. But by 1992, it became apparent that a new facility would be necessary to house prisoners so they could have more comfort like modern amenities such as showers and other comforts considered necessities today. And since then, this historic site has been preserved for future generations who may want to visit our country's roots through its fascinating history. Loup County Jail is located in the town of Taylor, Nebraska. This jail has a staff of 132 people to run this facility which can accommodate 177 prisoners. It's supervised by Loup County Sheriff and houses both condemned criminals and those awaiting trial or sentencing for a crime they committed within the county boundaries. The security at Loup County Jail may be minimal. Still, it does have over 3855 annual bookings from all over its jurisdiction while providing safe housing for convicted criminal offenders on their way toward rehabilitation--or house arrest before being sentenced if found innocent during their initial pre-trial stage.

Loup County Jail Additional Information

Loup County Jail is located in Nebraska, and it has its own rules for visitation, commissary, and mail. The jail also provides a phone service that inmates can call people at home or other correctional facilities. The Loup County Jail is a facility that grants inmates the chance to be rehabilitated. They offer programs to help improve individuals’ lives, whether career development or education and vocational training opportunities. This program has been successful for those who have completed their sentence as they can find jobs more efficiently than had they not taken part in these rehabilitation services offered by this jail! It also provides assists with family bonding through video calls which can assist prisoners when waiting on trial without interaction from loved ones outside of prison walls or contact visits where individuals get one hour visitation per week. 

Trust Account at Loup County Jail

A trust account is created when an inmate enters Loup County Jail, enabling inmates to buy items and pay for medical services. Depositors have three ways of adding funds into the inmates' accounts - cash deposited at jail facility; sending money electronically or through mail order with a receipt sent to the detainee's family member for verification purposes which can then be submitted as evidence court proceedings. A deposit slip must include information on the depositor (name and address). Suppose this information is missing from any item that the sender is returning due to incomplete contact details. In that case, it will be kept according to law until released back onto another party once correct notification has been received.

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Loup County Jail Information

Postal Code
Loup County
Phone Number
County Jail
404 4th Street PO Box 69, Taylor, NE, 68879


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