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Keya Paha County Sheriff

Keya Paha County Sheriff

Updated on: March 27, 2023
The Keya Paha County Sheriff's Office is a law enforcement agency that provides public safety and security to the county's residents. They have jurisdiction over all of Keya Paha County, Nebraska, which includes the towns of Howard and Hooper. The Sheriff is an elected official who serves four-year terms.  The Keya Paha County Sheriff is an elected office that holds a four-year term. This means all Keya Paha County residents have the opportunity to vote for their Sheriff during general and primary elections, which occur in even-numbered years. The individual who wins this election will be sworn into office in January of the following year.  In contrast with other sheriffs around the county, this position isn't appointed by county commissioners or city council members. Voters elect someone from among themselves to fill out these two terms before they're eligible for another set of four consecutive times. Being Sheriff in Nebraska can also involve civil handling processes like serving court papers and eviction notices and traffic violations such as driving without a valid driver's license.

Duties of the Sheriff

The Keya Paha County Sheriff is tasked with maintaining law and order in the county. The office is charged with conducting investigations into domestic violence and child abuse; they can arrest suspects in these cases without a warrant from outside agencies thanks to state statutes. If you're ever feeling threatened, they can also help in those situations. Firearms are prohibited from any building on the Sheriff's property because of safety concerns for employees and visitors alike; other weapons may be brought onto the premises with permission from a supervisor or deputy.  The Keya Paha County Sheriff investigates criminal activity through surveillance, interviews, interrogations, evidence examinations, crime-solving techniques like fingerprinting, etc., arresting offenders that break laws under their jurisdiction and working with other law enforcement agencies. Furthermore, the Sheriff's office is in charge of the county jail. They manage the facility and ensure its smooth running. The Sheriff's office must also approve visitations if you have any questions regarding the Keya Paha County Jail; the Sheriff's office is the go-to facility for that. 

Keya Paha County Jail

Keya Paha County Jail is located in Springview, Keya Paha County, Nebraska. The Keya Paha County Nebraska Sheriff manages the facility.  Keya Paha County Jail does not hold inmates for long periods. Any inmate arrested and not stored on an extraditable warrant can only be detained for long before their release unless other factors extend the detention to ensure public safety or provide evidence at trial.  Usually, inmates don't stay for more than one year. Most inmates are awaiting sentencing. It also houses federal prisoners from time to time on overflow problems


Inmates at Keya Paha County Jail make crafts as a form of duty work while incarcerated. They can take their art home or donate it back to the jail's craft shop for sale to support their animal shelter programs and other community services. Inmates also get access to video games on Friday evenings to reward good behavior throughout the week.   Keya Paha County Jail has a program called "Jail Crew," which teaches inmates skills like welding and farming while also giving them community service hours. The Jail Crew members volunteer as part of their sentence for the county jail's work crews, and a probation officer or court supervisor oversees them Keya Paha County Jail offers educational programs to prepare inmates for reentry into society, including vocational classes in construction, food processing technology, cosmetology, and apparel design.

Visiting an inmate in Keya Paha County Jail

Anyone who wishes to visit must fill out a visitation application beforehand, which will then be processed by the jail staff. The visitation application asks for: full name, address, and phone number of the visitor; the date and time desired to visit the inmate; reason for requesting visiting privilege (i.e., family member, attorney) Occasionally, a prisoner will be denied visitation privileges if their crime is violent or they have been disciplined during incarceration with a loss of contact visits and concerns about public safety that outweigh inmates' rights to communicate with visitors physically​.

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Keya Paha County Jail Information

Postal Code
Keya Paha County
Phone Number
County Jail
310 Courthouse Drive, Springview, NE, 68778


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