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Holt County Sheriff

Holt County Sheriff

Updated on: February 22, 2023
Holt County Sheriff Department in Nebraska is a medium-sized law enforcement agency and provides police services to the Holt County area. The Sheriff's Office has a staff of 24 sworn deputies, including one Chief Deputy, six Sergeants, and seventeen Patrol Officers. They are located at 204 North 4th Street, O'Neill, Nebraska, 68763.

Functions of the Holt County Sheriff Department

The Holt County Sheriff department is one of only two in Nebraska with a K-911 Dispatch Center, which provides 24-hour dispatching services with emergency call-taking duties. The other being Lancaster county who is partnered with Omaha Police. The department's roles and activities include investigating all crimes, civil complaints, or alleged violations of the law and enforcing criminal laws through arrest. More importantly, they are responsible for enforcing the law by preventing crime and providing safety for citizens in Holt County.

Other roles of the sheriff department

It is also the work of the sheriff department to oversee the function of the Holt County jail process and incarcerate prisoners, provide for the transportation of prisoners to the jail or place designated by law The sheriff keeps the peace and apprehends lawbreakers, provides security for the courts, and preserves the dignity of judicial proceedings. Additionally, they serve as judges in all civil matters not covered by other law enforcement agencies or municipal rules. The Holt County Sheriff Department employs 22 full-time employees responsible for providing safety to their citizens and visitors alike 24 hours per day.

Term and elections of the Sheriff

The county sheriff is elected to serve for a 4-year term. Their role is to supervise deputies and other law enforcement officers in the county and provide safety to their citizens. The Sheriff is also responsible for executing civil process, including summonses, warrants of arrest, subpoenas; they may be ordered by a judge and enforce the law. The sheriff may be recalled by a petition signed by at least two-thirds of the registered voters in the county and filed with the clerk of courts 30 days before a regular election or 15 months after an irregular election held to fill a vacancy in that office.

Questions and concerns from citizens

The sheriff's office is a public entity, and all records are public. Citizens can ask about what law enforcement can do, how to prevent crime, and more. It also provides updates on how the county regards crime rates and other general information. It is their responsibility, as defined by the Nebraska State Constitution, Article XIII Sections 14-19: "The sheriff shall be a conservator of the peace within his county; he may suppress affrays [drunken brawls], riotous assembly's [large crowds that act in an unruly or disorderly manner], and may arrest disturbers of peace." Sheriffs need to uphold constitutional rights such as freedom from unlawful search, seizure, and imprisonment. They also must keep the county jail secure. In addition, they must provide victims with information on how a trial will go forward when appropriate.

Holt County Jail Nebraska

The Holt County Jail, Nebraska, is a county jail that was built in 1938. It's located just outside of the city limits of O'Neill, Nebraska, and it houses up to 60 people at any given time. The facility has four cells and one dormitory with eight beds which are divided into two sections. These groups are for male inmates on one side and female inmates on the other side The jail is under the management of the Holt County Sheriff's office. The jail operates on a day-to-day basis except for holidays. Its goal should be to maintain order among its residents through strict discipline while awaiting trial or serving their sentence. Inmates are under surveillance by a video camera on their cell and by guards at the jail. This is to boost security and assure safety. They are provided with basic meals such as eggs, potatoes, and bread. Some inmates have to work in the jail kitchen or cleaning duties which is a requirement that all must follow. Inmates can eat breakfast at the commissary on Monday morning, lunch Wednesday afternoon, and dinner Saturday evening.

The jail staff and amenities

Holt County Jail has 55 staff members, which includes corrections officers, cooks, and laundry workers. They ensure the inmates are disciplined, that they follow the rules. Inmates are given two hours of recreation each day, including time in a yard and free weights or other exercise equipment. They can also play basketball or volleyball with one another for an hour on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Holt County Jail Nebraska is safe, but it may not have all the amenities of a home. Inmates with serious crimes and longer jail periods are housed in the Nebraska State Penitentiary.

Inmate bond

Inmates can post bonds for their release. If they do not, the jail may set a bail amount for them and hold that money until they appear in court. Inmates accused of crimes who have been convicted typically serve time in prisons or county jails before being released to parole officers on probation.

Strictness in the jail

With so many inmates and so few jailers, Holt County Jail has to follow strict rules. The inmates cannot have any personal items in their cells other than an alarm clock without a digital screen or radio with headphones. Inmates found with these items will face punishment. Also, inmates who get into fights are punished without exception and possibly moved to higher security. 

Holt County Sheriffs Office

204 North 4th Street, O'Neill, Nebraska, 68763

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Holt County Jail Information

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Holt County
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County Jail
PO Box 146 204 North 4th Street, O"Neill, NE, 68763


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