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Harlan County Sheriff

Harlan County Sheriff

Updated on: March 22, 2023
The Harlan County Sheriff's Department (HCSD) is located in Alma, Nebraska. Sheriff Chis Becker heads the department and is ready to serve each of Harlan's residents. The department is responsible for enforcing the law and promoting public safety by managing county detention facilities and prisoners and implementing public policies. They are tasked with patrolling duties for all areas not monitored by the Municipal Police Force.  The sheriff's department's mission is to promote security and protection to all the citizens and the whole community. They are tasked to provide law enforcement towards protecting the life and property of its citizens. The department is also vigilant in criminal detection and investigations. Those found being against the law are apprehended and incarcerated. The sheriff's department must provide patrol services to Harlan County and ensure a secure environment for the courts and offices within their jurisdiction. The department upholds integrity, values, ethics, honesty, and fairness in delivering services to the people of Harlan county.  The teamwork between the sheriff's department and the community eases the operation of the sheriff's office in accomplishing its goal. If you have any issues, the sheriff and his deputies invite you to discuss them with them.  The Harlan Sheriff's Office encourages the community to get involved in its operations to address criminal activities in the county efficiently. The department is honored to provide security, emergency services, and justice to the residents of Harlan county.  You can contact the HCSD at any time by visiting the office if you want to inquire about any of the following issues.  
  • Finding out who is incarcerated
  • Information on how to visit or contact prisoners in Harlan county jail.
  • Access to the Harlan county jail records
  • Concerns on the criminal activities on the safety of the public
  • Finding out about the sales and auctions organized by the sheriff's department.

Harlan County Jail

Harlan County jail is a medium-security detention facility for adults found in Harlan County, in the state of Nebraska. It was established in the early 1990s and has served since 1994. The jail facility houses prisoners from all the regions in Harlan county. It has a capacity of 150 beds and records a total of about 969 bookings every year. Prisoners sentenced to two or fewer years are sent to state prisons. The Harlan sheriff's department supervises the county jail and is operated and maintained by the Harlan’s Department of Corrections. The detention facility has a mental unit with a doctor and a nurse. The team has an ambulance that addresses all medical emergencies in the detention facility. Employees at the facility are trained and are provided with all the necessities to ensure efficient service delivery. Employees who wish to further their education can enroll in the GED programs offered by the facility. 

The Nebraska Judicial System

This judicial power governing Harlan county jail is dispersed among several courts: the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, the ­district court, and the county court. The supreme court is superior and governs the operations of the other courts.  

The County Court

The county court serves as a trial court and has specific limited powers. This court handles probation, small claims, wardenship, adoption, and municipal order violation cases. The court also handles all juvenile cases.  The county court is also responsible for the preliminary hearing of significant criminal cases. They sometimes handle divorce cases and low-budget civil cases. Furthermore, they have powers to prosecute cases involving traffic rules defiance and misdeed crimes.  The court handles preliminary hearings to establish the strength of the evidence in felony criminal cases. On approval of the charged crime, the case will be forwarded to the district court for trial. 

How to Access the Criminal History Report

You may access the Record of Arrest and Prosecution (RAP) in Harlan county jail. This sheet comprises arrests based on fingerprints. The information for individuals available in the sheet is only for the individuals fingerprinted at the time of their arrest. You'll be charged a non-refundable fee of $15.50 for every individual information you request. 

Procedure for Accessing the Record of Arrest and Prosecution 

Confirming your Personal Information

You're supposed to hand in your full names, addresses, and email. The facility's authority might need to reach you if they need additional information.

Surrendering the Information for the Person of Interest

You're supposed to provide the full names, sex, date of birth, and race of the person of interest. In addition, you'll also need the driving license and know the place of residence of the person of interest to speed up the results. 

Service Payments 

You'll have to pay a fee of $15.50 for every search. Choose a payment option, then proceed to payment.  

Getting Results

After you've paid, the final step will be the results. If the search were successful, you'd get a "request is being researched"; otherwise, you'll get a "No Record" response. Download and print the relaying report right away if you receive a no-record response.  A "Request is being researched" response means the information you provided is not distinctive. Therefore, the criminal record personnel will review the information and the results returned within three working days. 

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Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports

Harlan County Jail Information

Postal Code
Harlan County
Phone Number
County Jail
706 2nd Street PO Box 679, Alma, NE, 68920


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