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Kimball County Sheriff

Kimball County Sheriff

Updated on: February 17, 2023
The Sheriff's office is located at 114 East 3rd Street, Kimball, Nebraska, 69145, United States. Harry J. Gillway is the Kimball County Sheriff. The county elects a sheriff on a four-year term as the head of law enforcement. The Nebraska Department of Corrections upholds public safety through the Kimball County Sheriff Department. The Kimball County Sheriff Office's common objective is to identify society disasters, develop solutions, and prevent such future problems from happening again. They accomplish this through cooperation with other support agencies.

The Sheriff’s Contact Information

The department opening hours are from Monday to Friday between 8:00 pm to 4:30 pm. You can contact the Sheriff on the main hotline phone number (308) 235-3615 or send a fax at (308) 235-3131. Alternatively, you can visit their site.

Fundamental Responsibilities of the Kimball County Sheriff 

The Kimball County sheriff has to carry out, serve, and give summons for the court orders. Their primary objective is to make sure the Kimball County residents preserve the peace and everyone is safe and secure. The Kimball County Sheriff's Office dedicates itself to implement local county, state, and federal laws under the constitution of the United States of America. Kimball County Sheriff's Office department is in charge of the following responsibilities:
  • Preserve the peace and safeguards residents and their properties. 
  • Enforce the laws by arresting and bringing the culprits to face charges. 
  • Carry out all processes concerning the constitutional rights of all people to liberty, equality, and justice.
  • Attend trial courts of record
  • Execute all unfunded mandates, orders, and directions of the courts.
  • The Sheriff defends Kimball County against its enemies when they come into the land.

Sex Offender Registry and Maintenance 

The Perkins Sheriff's Department has to conduct and maintain a sex offender registry to prevent future sex offenses. The Sheriff also helps track potential sex offenders and pedophiles and bringing them to justice. You should report to the Kimball County Sheriff's Department three working days after becoming a subject for the registration act. Provide relevant documents, and the Sheriff will safeguard and keep regular updates on them. 

Maintaining Public Records

Kimball County Sheriff must maintain public records including crime, felonies and misdemeanors, arrest warrants, arrests, convictions, civil and criminal charges, incarcerations, court sentences, and other criminal information.

Kimball County Jail

The Kimball County Jail is within Kimball City - the county seat of Kimball County, Nebraska. It is a minimum-security detention center that houses adult inmates on court proceedings or serving a sentence.  You can locate it at the Courthouse 114 East 3rd Street, Kimball, NE, 69145. The Kimball County Jail is under conservation by the Nebraska Department of Corrections.   The Kimball County Jail was established in 1962 on four sections of land in the Kimball metropolitan area. It has a sprawling 229 monthly bookings in Kimball County. There are 144 beds for the detained inmates on trial.  The Sheriff gives the command to convict inmates from Kimball County. It has a capacity for 161 inmates monitored by 285 correctional officers. The Perkins County Jail engages the inmates in various programs to help them adjust to the outside world after finishing their sentence terms or being released on bond. They participate in vocational and educational training, the GED program, enroll in substance abuse programs, and receive mental health treatment.  The inmates also attend life skill programs such as Anger Management and Control, Anonymous Group Meetings, Narcotics and Alcoholics Meetings with a professional counselor available to address them in recovering from addiction. Enrolling in drug and substance abuse programs helps to prevent relapse. Inmates have medical professionals to provide healthcare and medical services essential for their health and well-being. The inmates are permitted to interact with the locals through enrollment for those that qualify into work release programs, donations, and visitations. Inmates get some freedom to work outside the facility if they maintain outstanding behavior and accountability. The Nebraska Department of Corrections provides funding to these programs for the benefit of all inmates. Certified professionals take the inmates through these programs in their fields of specialization. 

Kimball County Prison Staff Duties

The staff supervises to ensure the safety and security of themselves, visitors, and inmates in custody. Here are some of the duties of the Kimball County Jail Staff;
  • The correctional officers enforce the rules and keep order by settling disputes between the inmates.
  • Search and confiscate contraband items, including weapons and drugs. 
  • Inspect the inmates' cells to ensure they meet standards. Unnecessary signs of contraband are confiscated to make sure nothing can cause a security breach.
  • Provide rehabilitation and counseling programs to inmates in their efforts to reduce drug substance abuse. 
  • Responsible for the inmates' conduct by ensuring they follow protocols to the latter.
  • Supervise daily activities in the prison-like screening of visitors and employees. They also inspect incoming mails and monitor phone calls for security purposes.

Kimball County Sheriffs Office

114 East 3rd Street, Kimball, Nebraska, 69145

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Kimball County Jail Information

Postal Code
Kimball County
Phone Number
County Jail
Courthouse 114 East 3rd Street Suite 12, 3rd Floor, Kimball, NE, 69145


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