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Sheridan County Sheriff

Sheridan County Sheriff

Updated on: March 29, 2023
The Sheridan County Sheriff's office is located at 301 2nd St, Rushville, NE 69360 Sheridan County, Nebraska. The county was formed in 1885 and currently has a population of 5289. These citizens require security from different criminal activities. Thus, the sheriff's department is essential in ensuring all the county's citizens are taken care of with reliable security.

Who is in charge of the sheriff's office?

Like other sheriff departments in Nebraska, Sheridan County is headed by a sheriff who is elected by the citizens. The current sheriff is Terry E. Robbins. He is elected to serve for a maximum of four years. If the sheriff resigns or dies before the term ends, the county office calls for elections where a new sheriff can spearhead the department. The sheriff's deputies and staff assist in running the county sheriff's office. All the deputies and staff receive instructions from the sheriff. Still, they report to the sheriff every week regarding the services and news in the county.

Functions of the sheriff office

The sheriff's office has several vital functions for the citizens of Sheridan County. The office maintains security in the county and responds to emergencies 24/7. The office utilizes emergency numbers to receive calls from citizens in distress. Thanks to the well-coordinated staff, the Sheriff's office responds quickly to requests by citizens. The sheriff patrols the county to ensure order and monitor suspicious activities. If the sheriff notices suspicious activities, they arrest the suspect for questioning. If found guilty, the suspect will face the charges in court. The country has a county jail where suspects and inmates are housed for questioning and sentencing. The sheriff's office is in charge of the jail section. Every activity in the jail is reported to the sheriff, who records it for reference. Before inmates are transferred to other jails, the sheriff's department must be informed. Deputies in the department play a key role in ensuring order and responding to criminal activities in the county. They work under the command of the sheriff.

Citizens relationship with the sheriff's office

The sheriff's office protects citizens of Sheridan County. The office is a public entity where citizens can walk in and ask questions regarding inmates in the main jail, job vacancies, security status in the city, arrests, and plans for the community. While the interaction is a better way to build relationships, citizens are notified to follow all the visiting procedures available.

Sheridan County Jail

Increased population comes with criminal activities. Similar to the other county jails in Nebraska, the Sheridan County jail is critical in incarcerating inmates through their term. The facility is located at East 2nd Street, Rushville, NE. The county sheriff's office governs it, and everything within the jail must be reported to the sheriff's department.

Housing and inmates stay at the facility

Inmates are housed in single and double cell units. The jail capacity is over 100 inmates, providing enough space for holding and locking inmates. The housing units are monitored to ensure the jail has the rewired order for easy operation. Inmates can stay in the facility for less than one year then move to another unit. Those inmates with fewer jail terms will be incarcerated at the facility until their term expires. While in jail, inmates are required to follow all the rules and regulations provided by the department. They are supposed to take meals at the stated time and attend activities with no delay. They also participate in jail cleanup to ensure their hygiene is okay. All these activities are monitored by the guards on duty with the help of the sheriff's department. If an inmate misbehaves in prison, they are punished. For instance, some are denied privileges like watching Tv and getting paid jobs in prison.  When prisoners show good behavior, they are placed on parole or given more privileges in jail. This is a way to reward them for their positive behavior.

Prison staff and roles

The guards and staff play a key role in ensuring prisoners are orderly in the facility. When an emergency arises, the guards respond swiftly to calm down the situation. If a prisoner becomes violent, they are taken to a single cell to prevent further harm to other inmates. The staff ensures that inmates get food and other necessities on time. They also provide medical and emergency assistance to inmates when needed. The inmates have alarms in the facility where they can ring in case of an emergency. Inmates are also given leadership roles in the facility to ensure the rest are safe and free from harm. Meals are served three times a day, and no special meals are given to inmates.

Admissions into the facility

Depending on the crime, a suspect is taken for questioning. If found guilty, they will serve a sentence given by the judge. This means that they will be admitted into the facility. The admission requires the inmate's names, age, gender, and location. Once the details are in the prison system, they can begin serving a sentence.

Sheridan County Sheriffs Office

303 East 2nd Street, Rushville, Nebraska, 69360

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Sheridan County Jail Information

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Sheridan County
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County Jail
303 East 2nd Street, Rushville, NE, 69360


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