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Adams County Sheriff

Adams County Sheriff

Updated on: March 4, 2023
The Adams County Sheriff's Office is in charge of general law enforcement areas in the County except those (more than 564 square miles) under the municipal police departments. In addition, the Office is responsible for taking charge and custody of the county jail. The Sheriff's Office consists of the Sheriff, who also serves as the Jail Administrator, the Assistant Jail Administrator, fifteen officers, ten prison and transport staff members, and four Support staff. The Sheriff is responsible for custody and charge of the jail and all incarcerated individuals and duties over the correctional facility. Similarly, it is the Sheriff’s duty to apprehend criminals, keep the peace of their jurisdiction, and execute all other peace officer duties. Additionally, the Sheriff can appoint deputies except for the surveyor, registrar of deeds, clerk, and the county treasurer.


Adams County, named after the second President of the United States, John Adams, has its County seat at Hastings. As of 2019, the County's population was at 31363, according to the United States Census Bureau. Other incorporated villages and cities consist of Roseland (235), Ayr (94), Kennesaw (880), Dawson (146), Juniata (755), Holstein (214), Trumbull (205), and Prosser (66). Sheriff John Rust is the current Sheriff of Adams County.

Sex Offender Registry

According to the Nebraska State Statute 29-4002, sex offenders present a high potential in committing repeat offenses. In addition, the lack of available information on sex offenders found guilty and those who plead guilty impair law enforcement agencies' efforts to protect communities, conduct criminal investigations, and fast sex offender apprehension. For this reason, the County's legislature directed that state policy assists law enforcement agencies in protecting their communities. As a result, the Sex Offender Registration Act requires all sex offenders to register with local law enforcement agencies. The Sheriff's Office utilizes this information to provide public notice and information about a sex offender registrant; communities can therefore develop functional plans to prepare families and themselves. Sex Offenders are always in the communities, so the notification process only seizes their discretion. The Sheriff’s Office prohibits the use of Sex Offender registry details to retaliate against the registrants, their family members, and employers. Verbal or written harm threats and vandalism are against the law and can attract arrest and prosecution.
  • Registration and Reporting Requirements
All sex offenders must register at the Sheriff’s Office in three days with automated Fingerprint Systems (AFIS) or before release from jail incarceration. Apart from the current registration data, the Office requires registrants to provide;
  • Employment locations
  • Frequents and residential addresses
  • Fingerprints and palm prints
  • DNA samples
  • All school data
  • Travel and immigration documents
  • Remote communication gadgets
  • Professional certificates and licenses

Adams County Jail

Adams County Jail, located in Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska, is a medium-security facility for adult inmates. The County Sheriff's Office governs and manages all jail operations alongside 112 staff members who ensure the facility is safe and secure for incarcerated individuals. The facility currently houses more than 122 inmates serving their sentences or awaiting trial. Additionally, most inmates here serve sentences of less than two years. It boasts of more than 2818 bookings from all over Adams County annually.

Custody and Security

The County Jail receives offenders from surrounding municipalities, towns and villages, the Hastings Police Department, and the United States Marshals Service; all these do not offer long-term lockup services. It receives new detainees daily, then releases some after putting up bail or places them under a probation agency supervision. Additionally, the facility can release inmates on their recognizance alongside a court appearance agreement. However, if there is no release, incarcerated individuals mandatorily wait to appear in court at the jail; they wait as a guest of the County receives a bad and three square meals. After inmate booking, the jail places inmates in a large holding area or cell with all other inmates in intake under heightened observation. Correctional officers segregate violent and out-of-control detainees.

Inmate Trustees

Trustees refer to inmates who work within the jail as orderlies for staff members, cooks, commissary departments, and laundry. The facility pays a minimal amount to these trustees for their time. Even better, it offers a few days off their time in exchange for their labor.

Inmate Bail

The jail offers a temporary holding for local inmates; therefore, inmates can post bail and be set free before trials. However, Nebraska prohibits commercial bails, which means individuals cannot engage a bondsman to post bail on their behalf if they cannot raise the set bail amount. Therefore, inmates released on bail must raise the bail amount on their own or with the help of family and friends. The court shall not accept partial payments; you can pay the bail directly or through the attorney.

Housing Features

Detainees arrive at the facility in various conditions; some inmates are hurt, sick, or intoxicated, making the booking process complicated and engaging for the correctional officers. The jail is divided into pods consisting of individual cells, common areas, and recreation stations. Common areas consist of solid steel tables, all with four attached seats; here, incarcerated individuals can participate in board games such as chess and checkers. An individual cell has a bunk bed and a small peeping window and accommodates two to three detainees. The daily inmate population largely depends on new bookings; however, it currently has 90% capacity. Additionally, all inmates receive necessities, including food, clothes, and medical services.

Adams County Sheriffs Office

500 West 4th Street, Hastings, Nebraska, 68901

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Adams County Jail Information

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Adams County
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County Jail
500 West 4th Street, Room 126, Hastings, NE, 68901


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