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Phelps County Sheriff

Phelps County Sheriff

Updated on: April 13, 2023
Located at 715 5th Ave, Holdrege, NE 68949, the Phelps County Sheriff's Office is an integral security arm across Phelps' borders. The department consists of men and women in charge of law enforcement - their mission is always to bring peace and order to the residents. Its initial establishment in the early 1870's Phelps County Sheriff's Office has remained vigilant in addressing various issues relating to their mandate. Typically, Phelps County is a peaceful place with various towns you can safely live. Nonetheless, matters of security, like in most regions, remain paramount. The Office so far handles multiple cases, including crimes, investigations, security deployment, and a lot more. Phelps County Sheriff's Office, Nebraska, is headed by a sheriff. As part of their co-duties, they always oversee policy implementation across the region while maintaining peace and order. Other areas of their jurisdiction are jail, correction facilities. In fact, what is available in Phelps County Sheriff and jail department. The officers in charge of this department all report to the Phelps County Sheriff's Office, which gives various directions on the daily run procedures.

The New See Something Send Something App

The Phelps County Sheriff's Office is trying to bring security much closer to the residence. The New See Something Send Something App directly allows easy communication between the residents and the sheriffs, letting them know of any prevailing insecurity. In addition, the App offers quick navigation features, which makes it even more efficient. Currently, the App is available for iOS and Android-enabled devices. Note: The New See Something Send Something App keeps your information confidential. Its core mission is to empower society. In addition, it helps establish a quality relationship between law enforcers and the residence in matters of peace and order installation.

Crime Stoppers

Other than the App, the Phelps County Sheriff's Office is miles ahead with the security strategy of engaging their subjects. Crime Stoppers is also another helpful program that allows quick communication between people and the security department. Unlike the App system, the program offers compensation for anyone giving leads towards solving a crime case. Crime Stoppers requires you to call through their emergency number whenever you see a crime - always, your call will remain anonymous. Here are other contact details you can use instead. Note that the rewards for any report you give vary mostly depending on the case's depth - typically, you would earn up to $1000. For those who help recover stolen properties, there is usually an additional $3000 when the prosecution wins. Phelps County Sheriff's Officers are always on watch 24/7. Through their quality network system, they fast respond to calls and any other report presented before them.

About Phelps County Jail in Nebraska

The Phelps County NE Jail is a locally managed medium-security detention center, holding various inmates awaiting trial or sentencing. The jail receives orders from the Phelps County sheriff's Office, the overseeing department, for all the reported cases around this region. Most inmates you will find at this county jail come from various surrounding regions, including;
  • Towns
  • Municipalities
  • The US Marshal's Service
  • Holdrege Police Department
These places mostly do not have convenient lock-up environments for wrongdoers serving longer terms. For example, at Phelps County NE Jail, the longest-serving detainees are often under two or fewer years of jail term. Arrests occur daily, and those who come in joins the rest in the big cells. As expected, there are always women cells and those of men. The violent inmates often get segregated.

Conditions upon which the jail can release a detainee

  • Paid bail
  • Pretrial services caseload
  • When probation agency is on their watch
  • An agreed recognizance by the detainee to appear in court.
When a detainee fails to get a release, they automatically become 'guests of the county.' It means they will have to remain detained, awaiting a court appearance. Meanwhile, they will be eligible for three square meals and a bed. Like in most prisons, at Phelps County NE Jail, you will also find Trustees. These are inmates who find the privilege to serve the prison at differently better positions. For example, some will be cooks, while others orderlies, helping the prison staff handle certain duties. Other trustees can are available in the commissary and laundry section. Compensation for the trustee team varies. Some get paid, others given lesser jail terms, all in exchange for their good work. Upon the arrival of a new inmate, they join the rest in the intake, usually held in a single large cell. Throughout the period, the team remains under strict watch, whereby any violent or out-of-control inmates get segregated.

Experience at the jail

While you might expect strict confinement, the Phelps County NE Jail treats you humanly. Of course, there will be occasional duties you will have to attend, but you will still lead your life almost normally. A year or less is not such a long time for most inmates; however, this does not mean that they will be willing to stay long in there. Phelps County NE Jail entirely commits to the correction of unlawful inmates. Those who come in at least go out with a different view of life. The experience is changing and always towards making the inmate a better citizen.

Phelps County Sheriffs Office

715 5th Avenue, Holdrege, Nebraska, 68949

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Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports

Phelps County Jail Information

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Phelps County
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County Jail
715 5th Avenue, Holdrege, NE, 68949


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