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Kearney County Sheriff

Kearney County Sheriff

Updated on: March 1, 2023
One of the top county security departments is the Kearney County sheriff's office. It serves the citizens of this county in Nebraska state. The county has a population of 7000 people, with the population still growing. The department has various responsibilities aimed at keeping the county secure and safe for the citizens. The sheriff's office physical location is at Minden, Nebraska, 68959, accessible via road. It also features calling stations where you can call and request directions when visiting. The office hours run from 8 am to 5 pm. However, when you have an emergency, the office lines are always available 24/7.

The head of the sheriff office 

Like other counties in Nebraska, the sheriff's office is headed by a sheriff with deputies and other staff available to help him execute the responsibilities of the office. The sheriff is elected by the citizens and serves for four years. The position is open for re-election when the current sheriff's term expires.  Under the sheriff, there are four deputies and two staff members. They assist in carrying out critical functions of the sheriff's department. Some of the areas they execute include maintaining law and order, patrols, responding to emergencies, issuing warranties, and questioning suspects.  While these roles are mainly for the sheriff's department, it is a collective responsibility of the sheriff's department to ensure that criminal activities are reported to the department. Additional roles of the sheriff's department include; tax delinquencies, subpoenas, and repossessions.

Is the sheriff's department available for questions?

All the sheriff's offices are public. It is the responsibility of the citizen to visit the offices and make inquiries regarding the issues affecting the county. The available emergency contacts are toll-free for citizens to collaborate with the office in reporting crimes in the county. Some of the concerns citizens can request from the office include the arrears by the jail department, job opportunities, court files, and programs in the office. When asking questions, citizens can go through the sheriff's administration, where administrators will answer the questions.  If one is looking for an appointment with the sheriff, you can write and mail it to the department or talk to the office administration for the booking. This procedure ensures that you get easy access to the sheriff's department.

Management of the prison department

The office of the county sheriff manages the Kearney County Jail. It ensures that all the activities in the jail are carefully executed, and the inmates are under tight security. It also receives and acts on complaints from the prison department. All the prison staff report to the sheriff regarding the jail programs: they also write reports on new suggestions to help the prison improve the conditions for the inmates.

Kearney County Jail

The Kearney County Jail is located at North Colorado Avenue PO Box 185, Minden, NE, 68959. The jail is available to house adult inmates. It houses over 450 inmates under the supervision of guards.  At the jail, the staff is also available to give food to inmates within the required time. Meals are served three times a day with no special meals available. The inmates clean their cells to maintain good hygiene. A jail roster is available to keep the department posted on who is in the jail. In case of an emergency, the cell has the alarms that inmates sound to alert the guards. Emergencies like fire, fighting, and disturbance arise in the cells.

Inmates crimes and bond

This is a medium security jail that houses inmates with crimes such as robbery, theft, assault, drug-related incidents, and breaking traffic rules. Most inmates at the facility serve a one-year sentence. Inmates with serious crimes like murder will be transferred to maximum prisons to serve their sentences. The bondsman gives suspects time to a case while outside the prison. They require you to pay bonds depending on the type of case. Not all inmates are granted bonds. Only those with non-serious crimes will be denied bonds. If an inmate is unable to pay the bond, they are taken to jail to wait for the hearing of the case. Once the case is over, a suspect who had paid a bond will be reimbursed upon complying with the court process.

Inmates lifestyle while in the jail 

Inmates at this facility access TV programs to keep them entertained. They also have job opportunities once they show good behavior. Inmates are still under monitoring to ensure they abide by the rules and regulations in the jail. Upon release, an inmate is handed over to the family members for easy reintegration into the community. Inmates who participated in jail programs like schooling will have an added value when out of jail. This is because they have access to job opportunities.

Kearney County Sheriffs Office

246 North Colorado Avenue, Minden, Nebraska, 68959

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Kearney County Jail Information

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Kearney County
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County Jail
246 North Colorado Avenue PO Box 185, Minden, NE, 68959


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