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Butler County Sheriff

Butler County Sheriff

Updated on: February 20, 2023
Butler County is strategically situated in the eastern part of the state of Nebraska. The county has the prefix 25. This prefix is per the Nebraska License plate system. The county was incorporated in 1856 and currently, it has a population of 8,395 citizens as per the census conducted in 2010. The county seat is in David city, and the current sheriff of the county is Tom Dion. Together with other officials, the sheriff serves the citizens in multiple capacities. First, the sheriff is responsible for ensuring that there is law and order at the county level. He accomplishes this duty by ensuring everybody religiously follows all the federal laws. In addition, the sheriff and his officials serve writs and are responsible for enforcing court judgment directions such as the seizure of properties. Also, the deputies of the sheriff conduct traffic stops in the county and are responsible for investigating traffic accidents. In general, the sheriff is responsible for upholding the overall well-being of the citizens in the county.

Information on the County

  • Land Area: 584 square miles.
  • Water Area: 1 square mile.
  • Public School Districts: East Butler High School, East Butler Grade School, David City High School, and East Butler Public Schools.
  • Private Schools: Aquinas Catholic Middle and High School, and St. Mary’s School.

Butler County Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting is done on anyone who applies for issuance of a certificate/permit and has not been a county resident for the immediate past five years. The sheriff’s department is available for fingerprints from Monday to Friday, excluding Thursday, from 8am to 5pm. However, calling before a visit is important to establish the availability of the particular service for convenience.

Gun Permits in the County

A person interested in a gun permit should visit the county sheriff’s office any day of the week from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5 am. However, to successfully apply for a gun license, an individual must fall in line with some set requirements such as:
  • The individual must be a holder of a driver’s license.
  • An individual must have attained the age of 21 years and above.
  • An individual must have no prior criminal convictions.
Applicants must also fill an application form that they have to physically drop at the sheriff’s office or mail the document addressed to the Butler County sheriff’s office.

Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle inspections is a critical service that all vehicles in this country should go through. Butler County offers inspection services from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm. The sheriff charges $10.00 for every inspection, which is a price set by the state. Ideally, while vehicles might go through inspection in other agencies, an inspection with the sheriff's department is imperative and a requirement of operation.

Butler County Jail, Nebraska

Butler county NE jail is a small security detention facility that holds inmates serving sentences not more than twenty-four months. The Butler County Sheriff's Office is the local head of operations of this county jail. It is located at 451 N 5th St in David City in south Butler County, Nebraska. This facility is a direct supervision jail meant to act as a detention center for the inmates awaiting their trial or sentencing. Moreover, its primary purpose is to prevent any malicious actions as it encourages direct interactions between the staff inside the Jail and the inmates.

Inmates Intake at Butler County Jail

This jail is open to accepting any inmates from the US Marshal's Service, surrounding towns and municipalities, and the Local City Police Department. Ideally, these law enforcement agencies lack their own long-term lock-up facilities. However, the detainees in this jail are up for release in a period not exceeding seventy-two hours, on bail, some go free on probation, and others are released to a pretrial service caseload. Others leave the facility with an agreement to appear to court on their own recognizance during set days. When there is no release after arrival, inmates have to wait in this facility for court hearing and sentence as guests of the county. Ideally, they receive all the basic needs and essential services that they need.

What happens to Convicted and Sentenced Inmates?

This facility accommodates inmates with less than two years of prison time. As such, those with jail term periods exceeding this period join Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Nebraska State Prison System to serve their sentences. However, those inmates who get less than two years of incarceration can serve their time here if the judge directs so. On the other hand, illegal immigrants go to Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody after serving their sentences for deportation.

Why is there inmate classification in the Butler County Jail?

In order to provide fair guidelines and inmates' assignments and improve on the issues of housing and security in the facility, inmate classification is essential. The classification system is in place to ensure that every inmate benefit from every decision made in the facility. This system comes in handy to protect the general public since it aims at preventing jailbreaks and ensuring the protection of the inmates. This system aims to reduce the risks accompanied by ignorance of the inmates' assessed risks and needs. Also, it is a non-discriminatory process regardless of age, class, sex, culture, religion, or nationality. This record holds specific information about each inmate concerning the disciplinary history and medical health information.

Medical Services in Butler County Jail

This facility has a licensed professional physician and other healthcare personnel to help cater to the inmate's health needs. Even better, the medical services are readily available 24/7.  To access them an inmate just needs to approach the nearby correctional officer. The offenders also get some occasional dental services.

Butler County Sheriffs Office

451 North 5th Street, David, Nebraska, 68632

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Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports

Butler County Jail Information

David City
Postal Code
Butler County
Phone Number
County Jail
451 North 5th Street, David City, NE, 68632


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