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Saunders County Sheriff

Saunders County Sheriff

Updated on: April 8, 2023
The Sheriff's Department headed the Saunders County Corrections, with sheriff Kevin L. Stukenholtz as the head law enforcement officer. The Sheriff's office is at 354 West 4th Street, Wahoo, Nebraska, 68066. You can call the Sheriff's phone at 402-443-3718. For any inquiries, including your full name and address and the inquiry precisely Saunders county is situated in the western Nebraska area and has an area of seven-fifty square miles. The county has a population of 21 057 as of 2021. The county was formed in 1856 as the primary law enforcement department. The Saunders County Sheriff Office oversees the Saunders County Corrections.

Steps for Effectiveness

At Saunders Sheriff's Department, they have taken milestones to ensure they are effective. First, they acknowledge, the source of the Sheriff's authority is the citizens. Second, they recognize and uphold every person's worth and dignity, and they provide services with compassion and safety. Also, the Sheriff promotes the community policing philosophy through supporting and encouraging citizen involvement by volunteering for various community services.  The department enhances working relations with private and public organizations to enhance unity and utilize the necessary force for apprehending offenders and safeguarding them while in Jail. Also, the department enhances organizational prevalence in training, education, and technology, which helps in problem identification and analysis, providing solutions, and exploring alternatives. Finally, they maintain open communication, team building, and decision-making.

Paying Bonds 

During court hours, bonds get posted at the court except with a "Friend Of the Court" and "Circuit Court Cases." Any other time bonds may get paid at the Saunders County Sheriff Office. Bonds can get paid online via your phone using the government payment service. Use the following simple steps. First, check the inmate you wish to bail or bond using the inmate locator for info. Identify the inmate's name and number, case numbers to know the charges and bond amount.  Note that government payment services charge fees when you use your credit card for the bond. Once payment is made, the court may use the money for expenses and various costs. You can contact the Sheriff for any clarifications. 

Other Payment Forms Accepted

  1. Cash
  2. Cashiers Check
  3. Major Credit Cards 
  4. Surety Bonds 
Please Note: It can take some time to process a prisoner's release depending on the Jail's activity level and the inmate's location. You can plan the time accordingly, fitting everything according to the bond requirements. For more info, you can visit the jail website.

Saunders County Jail

The Saunders County Jail is a shorter-term jail that typically houses inmates awaiting trial, scheduled for a facility transfer, or serving sentences less than a year. It's a medium-level correction facility located in Nebraska, Saunders County, Wahoo.  At Saunders County Jail, inmates may work earning General Educational Development Test (G.E.D.), which helps them reenter society. Chaplains are available for religious services and bible studies, plus other church services conducted in the Saunders County jail. This facility currently houses over one-seventy-seven inmates, and it boasts over 3643 annual bookings from Saunders County. The facility has over 144 staff spearheaded by Sheriff Kevin L. Stukenholtz. The facility's address is: Inmates name or their booking number In custody of Saunders County Corrections 387 North Chestnut Street Suite 4, Wahoo, NE, 68066

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The Nebraska Department of Corrections also shares detention facilities with the Saunders County Corrections to house probation violators in Wahoo city. The detention facility also offers support programs like volunteer services, educational programs, and religious programs to re-correct the inmates.

Contact Saunders County Jail to Enquire

You may call the Jail for inquiries about mailing commissary jail rules and regulations and locating an inmate. You may also call to conduct a background check, searching criminal records, or contacting inmates. You can ask about the visiting rules as well.

The Diverse Jail Population

There are different inmates in this facility, numbering 119 inmates, both male and female, fourteen female and 95 male inmates. The overall jail admission is 2220. The inmates by race are categorized into Latinos, White, Asian, Native, and Black, and you can check out the population statistics regarding each group. The majority of the inmates here are waiting for trial. There are female pretrial prisoners and male pretrial inmates. The housed inmates here are from the state prison or out-of-state prison, in-state Jail or out-of-state Jail, held for federal agencies or Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (I.C.E.) This data is from the National Prisoner Statistics (N.P.S.) Program.

Saunders County Sheriff's Office

354 West 4th Street, Wahoo, Nebraska, 68066

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Saunders County Corrections Information

Postal Code
Saunders County
Phone Number
County Jail
387 North Chestnut Street Suite 4, Wahoo, NE, 68066


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