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Lancaster County Sheriff

Lancaster County Sheriff

Updated on: February 13, 2023
In Lancaster County, Nebraska, law enforcement is a co-duty that works within the union of federal, state, county, and local security agencies. The sheriff's office – Lancaster County acts as the chief-most security organ managing the county's security affairs. The office has various divisions for most compelling work, including correction unit, patrols, traffic, etc. Hence, each of these comes under the management of deputy sheriffs who take charge of their daily run activities.

Key responsibilities of a county sheriff

The chief mandate of The County Sheriff's office is the maintenance of law and order within the boundaries. The department thus takes charge of the enforcement of federal, state, and local laws. Above all, the office pursues criminal investigations, traffic accidents, enforces traffic laws, and represents the County Coroner in murder pursuits. The rest of the duties it handles include:
  • Collection of delinquent property taxes
  • Executing difficult court orders
  • Prisoner's extradition from other states
  • Offering security to county courts and districts
  • Serving civil procedures and warrants
  • Transportation of jail prisoners
Above all, the sheriff's office responds to duties within the surrounding towns, villages, and municipals beyond the service borders of local police departments.

Specialized units

The Lancaster County sheriff divides into several units and departments for specialized work. Some of these technical teams therefore include;
  1. Crash team
This unit responds to serious traffic collisions on the roads. In other words, it is the reconstruction team. Therefore, being part of this team means you need certifications from Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR).
  1. School Resource Officers (SROs)
The SROs unit composes of a specialized team responsible for maintaining peace and order at schools. Hence, their training helps detect threats, solve them, and guard the students and the teachers. Such schools under SROs management thus include Norris, Raymond Central, Waverly, and Malcolm.

Mission and vision

With a mission and vision to uphold the law, support human rights and dispense respect and dignity among all, the sheriff's office only hires professionals. Therefore, anyone joining the team must at least meet the minimum requirements of various security certifications. Hence, you will find some professional team members as IT experts, crime investigators, and Professional Standards Captain. The Lancaster County sheriff's office is an elective one. After every four years, a new heading sheriff comes in; however, the previous one can also reassume the seat when re-elected. The following are, otherwise, the fundamental values and guiding principles the office upholds
  • Professionalism at work
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Love and do well their job
  • Fairness
  • Always safeguarding human life
For more information regarding fingerprinting, correction, recruitment, and more. Check the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office website.

Lancaster County Jail

The Lancaster County jail serves as part of the legal enforcement unit, segregating the 'bad' people from society. Breaking the law in Lancaster is a crime, as with the rest counties in the United States. The facility currently holds men and women convicted of various crimes; robbery, human trafficking, drugs, kidnapping, and many more. Not all inmates here come from the sheriff's office arrests; some are from other security agencies, local police, and municipalities. Most of them on the list await trials, post trials, and even sentencing. The law in Lancaster is apparent that until one is proven guilty, they remain a suspect. Similarly, as with many arrest procedures, those coming into this jail must undergo a book-in process with details of their identification – this will help in the tracing. Next, you will have to join the rest, a group of suspects earlier arrested the same day in a cell. Here, you will hence, remain under close watch by the officers on duty. Those who prove to be violent, however, face it rough. They often find themselves segregated in different compartments of more challenging environments. With an inmate capacity of 950+, the Lancaster County jail is a large detainment facility you can expect. Averagely, you anticipate about 500 daily intakes and a similar number of discharges.

Facility Features

Like most prisons, the facility is a well-guarded premise with valuable infrastructure and quality operations. Some of the keys features you will spot here include the surveillance cameras, 24/7 officers on watch, reinforce partitions, and security lights at every corner and section. In addition, this premise has your cells, therefore mostly shared. Beds are available with a few basic beddings you need. The food here is three times a day. However, its preparation follows the jail-approved food menu and cooking procedures – do not expect all that pretty diet you had back at your home.

The correction officers

The office of sheriff – Lancaster County does have specialized officers for the county jail. Basing on their training, therefore, they can handle various inmates, violent or not. Often, they have the necessary ammunition thus to guard themselves and the rest of the prisoners. Similarly, apart from guarding at the facility, the correction officers also accompany inmates to trial at the courts and back. They offer 24/7 guard on all the inmates ensuring maximum peace and order on the premise. Conclusively, the jail establishment only helps support rehabilitation, above all, positively adds to the building of a better society.

Lancaster County Sheriffs Office

575 South 10th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68508

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Lancaster County Correctional Facility Information

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County Jail
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