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Colfax County Sheriff 

Colfax County Sheriff 

Updated on: March 2, 2023
The Colfax County Sheriff Department is a law enforcement agency that serves the citizens of Nebraska. It is located at 411 East 11th Street, Schuyler, Nebraska, 68661. The office was founded in 1881 and provided exceptional service to this community for over 130 years. The department comprises five divisions: Patrol, Investigations, Communications and Technology, Support Services Division, and Administrative Division. The patrol division provides 24-hour protection to the county's residents by answering emergencies with prompt response time and patrolling neighbourhoods on foot or vehicle patrols during their shift. The investigations division handles all criminal investigations while also providing crime prevention tips to help keep our communities safe from criminals. The support services division provides a variety of specialized and technical assistance to the other divisions. The administrative division handles all aspects of administration for the department, from personnel management to budget development.

The New Sheriff for Colfax County

Sheriff Shawn Messerlie was appointed Colfax County Sheriff on March 17, 2018. He previously served as Undersheriff of the department for nearly eight years and retired from a career spanning more than thirty-five years in law enforcement. Born and raised in the area, he is proud to be returning home to serve his county and community. Sheriff Messerlie is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, with an Associate degree in Criminal Justice Administration. He also has Bachelor's degrees from Metropolitan State College (Denver) and Bellevue University-Omaha Campus and certifications in Homeland Security Management through Concordia University Irvine, California. Sheriff Messerlie's role is to provide leadership, supervision, and protection for the people of Colfax County, Nebraska. The sheriff oversees a staff of 43 deputies, 14 full-time jailers, and two civilian personnel while protecting an area covering more than one thousand miles in size. He also supervises patrol operations with 12 four-wheel drive utility vehicles, which can be deployed as needed.

What to expect from the Colfax County Sheriff Department

It is essential for people in Colfax County - Nebraska, to know who their sheriff's departments are and how they operate, as it can impact how they deal with law enforcement. The Colfax County Sheriff's Office is a full-service agency, responding to the needs of all residents in and around Colfax County, Nebraska - from assisting at traffic accidents, informing people about important town events, or providing security for local schools during lockdown drills.  While these are just some examples of the tasks of a sheriff's department, they are an essential line of defense for Colfax County - Nebraska.

The Colfax County Jail 

Brief history

The Colfax County Jail is located in Schuyler, Colfax County, Nebraska. It's a medium-security jail that houses up to 112 inmates and has beds for 84. The facility was built in 2000 with the capacity of 120 inmates but was expanded to hold an additional 20 prisoners by 2004. Inmates in this facility are accused of crimes like fraud, drug offences, and property crimes. The inmates are also classified by the seriousness of their crimes and their level of risk. The Colfax County Jail has a kitchen that prepares meals for inmates three times per day; there is an industrial laundry facility on-site to clean inmate clothes; it offers medical facilities, including a dental clinic.

Privileges for inmates

There is also recreation time for inmates, including TV and gymnasiums and programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, to help the inmate's rehabilitation process. Inmates are supposed to have access to educational materials to better themselves while incarcerated. Some of the educational opportunities include GED courses, vocational training in computers, welding, and construction. This jail holds pretrial detainees until they are released on bail or convicted and sentenced by a judge. Inmates can pay their bail, or well-wishers can pay the bail for them to get out of jail.

The roles of the staff at the county jail

This is a pretrial facility, meaning that they hold inmates until their sentence has been served or acquitted by trial. All inmates are under watch by the jail staff, who are in charge of ensuring that the inmates do not cause any harm to themselves or other people within the jail. This facility houses both pretrial detainees and convicted inmates, but only those sentenced by a judge. The jail staff ensures that these people do not cause harm to themselves or other prisoners in prison. Additionally, the staff is responsible for the care and treatment of inmates who might have mental or physical health issues that need to be taken into account. The staff also handles any other needs for those incarcerated, such as food and clothing. Basic necessities are provided by the jail, along with a bed, toiletries, paper goods, medical attention when needed, and more. The jail records related to Colfax County Jail are in the public domain and available to the public. If you are looking for more information, you can still contact the county sheriff for additional records.

Colfax County Sheriffs Office

411 East 11th Street, Schuyler, Nebraska, 68661

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Colfax County Jail Information

Postal Code
Colfax County
Phone Number
402-352-8514, 402-352-8526
County Jail
411 East 11th Street, Schuyler, NE, 68661


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