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Platte County Sheriff

Platte County Sheriff

Updated on: February 27, 2023
Security maintenance scheme in Platte County is key both to the administrators and the local communities. The Platte County Sheriff's Office is a chief security agency within this region that handles various matters. Its composition entails a leading sheriff and a team of deputies slotted in charge of various dockets of the department. Therefore, according to its constitutional mandate, the Platte County sheriff's office, Nebraska, commits to two main roles. First, Road Patrol and then secondly, the management of Platte County Detention Facility.

Road patrols

It's hard to miss out on the patrol divisions white cars spread across Platte's cities and towns. In other words, they are available 24/7 and always ready for quick responses. The Platte's Patrol Division is housed in the Hall of Justice Building located at 2610 14th Street, Columbus, Nebraska. Its location is the same as that of the Platte County Sheriff's Office – the two exist under one premise. Currently, the patrol division does have 16 full-time deputies on patrol. Each of these is fully certified law enforcers with jurisdictional powers limited to Platte County and Columbus City. With a population estimate of about 23,000 people, Platte County seems to be a large area that needs quality security enforcement. Therefore, it is a common interest that the Platte County sheriff's office is joining hands with the local security agencies in what they call inter-local agreements. Other security units, therefore, joining in the patrol include;
  • Nebraska State Patrol
  • Humphrey Police Department
  • Columbus Police Department and
  • Nebraska Game and Parks Division
These units' key commitments include prisoner transports, investigations, courtroom security, serving of civil procedures and arrest warrants, County patrol, traffic enforcement, and monitoring metal detector at the courthouse entrance. Each patrol officer under the road patrol division works under the 10hours shift plan composing of 40hours a week. The Platte County Sheriff's Office uses an assortment of 16 vehicles in total in their law enforcement endeavours. Some of the key facilities and equipment include;
  • Modern multi-directional overhead emergency light system
  • In-car video camera systems
  • Radio communication equipment, i.e., state radio and a high band radio system for dispatch communications, and mobile radar units
Secondly, other details they carry include a fire extinguisher, traffic cones, first aid equipment, evidence gathering equipment, accident investigation equipment, Stop Sticks, shotguns and rifles etc.


The Nebraska Statutes guides on Platte County deputy's official uniform as a dark brown shirt, pink-tan trousers with dark brown stripe, duty belt of a black leather kind, holster and accessories. Deputies will also wear silver badges and nameplates, while those with higher ranks, such as sergeant, would have a gold badge, nameplates, and collar insignias.

Platte county detention facility, Nebraska

The Platte County Detention Facility is a midlevel jail located at 1125 E. 17th Street. Currently, it is a replacement for the old courthouse Platte County Jail. The facility began its operation in 2003, where it is now hosting an adult inmate population of 144 against old jail, which could only accommodate 27. Nonetheless still, the old jail is in use. Those sentenced from the court come here before being transported to the new county detention centre.


The Platte County Detention Facility offers various housing facilities, majorly based on the intended occupants. The available housing bay consists of both workers and inmate sections. Workers and less violent inmates tend to occupy the open bay houses. Inmates of severe case crimes and naughty nature stay in the cell block pods. B Pod: This pod has a capacity of 32 inmates. Among these are two-person cell blocks. A Pod: The facility is an open Bay hosting Work Release and Inmate workers.

Master control room

The Master Control Room host the facility officers. Most security controls take place from this office. In other words, here is where they have various touch-screen computers purposeful for their work.

Recreation Area

Similarly, Platte County Detention facility, like the rest, is not all about jail serious business; sometimes, there is time to relax. The recreation area here, therefore, offers an opportunity for inmates to refresh from the daily schedule. Each inmate thus always has 1 hour of this each day from Monday to Friday. During this time, the inmates can have chats with friends and endeavour in any other relaxation business.


Meals are available for all inmates at the Platte County Detention Facility. CBM Food Service company is in charge of the inmate food service. They, above all, have a menu with food prepared as per the jail's specified standards and regulations.

Medical services

Are there medical services at Platte County Detention Facility? Absolutely Yes! There are two certified health workers, nurses who address various medical needs of the inmates. Once a week, however, a health expert from Advanced Correctional Health visits the facility to check up on critical medical situations. Above all, the Platte County Detention Facility is purely for rehabilitation. Similarly, most inmates here engage in programs that help them fight bad behavior while instilling better ones.

Platte County Sheriffs Office

2610 14th Street, Columbus, Nebraska, 68601

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Platte County Detention Facility Information

Postal Code
Platte County
Phone Number
County Jail
1125 East 17th Street, Columbus, NE, 68601


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