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Polk County Sheriff

Polk County Sheriff

Updated on: March 26, 2023
Polk County is located in the east-central area of Nebraska State. As per Nebraska's licensing plate system, the county's prefix is 41. This prefix means that the county had the 41st largest number of vehicles registered during the inauguration of this licensing system in 1922. The county seat is in the city of Osceola, and the county was incorporated in 1856. Currently, it has a population of 5,406 citizens as per the 2010 United States census data. Ideally, the county takes its name from former President James K. Polk. The current county sheriff is Dwaine Ladwig. If you have any concerns or inquiries about the sheriff’s department, you can reach his office at 402 747-2231 or fax him through 402 747-5981. Polk County Sheriff is responsible for serving, executing, and returning writs issued by a court of law or lawful authority. In addition, the sheriff prepares and files the inventory of the county's property under his watch. Moreover, the sheriff has the responsibility to take charge of county jails and their prisoners. In general, it is the sheriff's duty to ensure that the citizens adhere to the state and local laws. The sheriff's department has a total of seven officers.

Courthouse Responsibilities

The sheriff enforces mandates and directives of the courts by performing duties such as property seizure and evictions. In addition, the sheriff serves court orders and warrants to particular businesses or individuals as directed by a respective magistrate. Moreover, the department is responsible for ensuring that the court is secure by according security details to the court during court sessions. Moreover, they secure the inmates during and after their cases.

Driver's License

If you want to acquire a driver’s license, the sheriff’s office is your ideal destination. Ideally, this service is often available from Monday to Friday for any citizens who wish to apply. Exam hours for the same are on Tuesdays from 9:45 am to 12:00 pm and between 1:00 pm and 4:30 pm. For more information about this service, you can engage the office telephone operator at 402-747-407.

The Polk County Jail, Nebraska

Situated on 251 North Main Street, Osceola, Nebraska, Polk County Jail is a medium to a maximum-security correctional facility that holds inmates awaiting trials and sentencing in local courts.  Being a county facility, the jail is under the management of the county sheriff’s department. However, the state department of corrections covers the maintenance duties in this facility. The jail accommodates a wide range of offenders, from low-level misdemeanor offenders to hard-crime violent offenders awaiting trials for crimes such as murder and rape. As such, security is of the highest level possible enhanced with high-tech security systems. Moreover, the correctional officers undergo intensive training and are always armed to the teeth to cope with any security threat. The main objective of the facility is to ensure the correctional officers and the inmates are in a safe environment. Free from external and internal harm.

Inmate Intake and Release

This correctional facility accepts inmates arrested by the sheriff’s department, the local Police Department, the US Marshal’s Service, and other law enforcement agencies in surrounding towns and municipalities. Depending on your situation and charges, you have the right to contact an attorney to receive advice or legal representation. However, if you cannot afford an attorney, the state may appoint one for you if you want. The state of Nebraska does not accept commercial bonds. As such, the judge set the bonds depending on the crime. The inmates pay the amount themselves or acquire help from family members or friends butt, if only when one does not want to stay in jail until the court hearing date. Unlike in other states across the US, the State of Nebraska runs the bail bond program itself.

Convicted and Sentenced Inmates

The Polk County Jail houses inmates who receive a sentence to a maximum period not exceeding one year. Consequently, convicted inmates who receive a maximum sentence of a period exceeding one year, the court places them under the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Nebraska County State Prison to serve their sentences. After the inmates serve their sentence, they are free. Illegal immigrants convicted under this county’s laws, on the other hand, are subject to finish their sentences in their respective jails. Ideally, after serving their time, they are subject to placement under the Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody for immediate or later deportation.

Inmate Probation

If an inmate does not have severe charges or is close to their release and has been on the good side of the law throughout their incarceration, they may qualify for probation. Ideally, a probation officer comes in handy to serve the following duties and responsibilities related to an offender:
  • Evaluate offenders to determine the best course of treatment
  • Provide offenders with resources to aid in rehabilitation
  • Supervise offenders and monitor their progress
  • Conduct meetings with offenders as well as their family and friends
  • Write reports on the progress of an offender
  • Discuss treatment options with the assigned offender
  • Arrange treatment programs
  • Investigate an offender's history for the court purposes

Nebraska Inmate Search

Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports

Polk County Jail Information

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Polk County
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County Jail
251 North Main Street PO Box 567, Osceola, NE, 68651


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