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Antelope County Sheriff

Antelope County Sheriff

Updated on: April 13, 2023
Robert E.Moore spearheads the Sheriff's department in Antelope County, Nebraska. The Law enforcement center is situated at Antelope County 1102 L Street, Neligh, Nebraska 68756. Email: [email protected]; Phone: (402) 887-4148; Fax: (402) 887-4224.  The department believes in service efficiency. They diligently return writs, execute and serve diligently while implementing law enforcement. For the property, under the Sheriff's custody, he prepares an annual inventory statement for them and files it. The Sheriff's office has custody and charge of the Antelope County Jail and prisoners therein. The Sheriff keeps the peace as a crucial law enforcement officer throughout Antelope county. Therefore, the Sheriff is the top-ranking law-enforcement officer in Antelope County, and he aims to provide a secure, sheltered climate for all Antelope county residents.  With any info on criminal activities, anonymous tips, inquiries, or if you require sheriff services, you can reach him through the Sheriff's office. 

Job Opportunities

The Sheriff's department of Antelope County, Nebraska, seeks to grow its team of women and men in multiple opportunities. Have you ever thought about being a corrections officer or a dispatcher? Are you ambitious, team-oriented, with a positive attitude and an excellent moral character?  You are just what the department needs. Give them a call via Phone: (402) 887-4148 to see what they're all about. At the Antelope Sheriff's office, they offer an excellent benefits package. It entails comprehensive family health insurance without employee costs, paid vacations, paid sickness leave, and a retirement program. Plus, they offer vision and vision insurance, training, and uniforms. With nineteen years or above, you must be willing to report at nights, some holidays, and some weekends. For further inquiries, contact the Sheriff's office or email the Sheriff [email protected] Also, if you operate equipment, you can visit the Sheriff's website and check if you qualify for their job post as an equipment operator.

Antelope County NE Location Overview

If you're looking for Antelope County, you can find it in the eastern part of Nebraska. Neligh is the county's capital seat of Antelope county, with about sixteen hundred citizens. The entire Antelope County population is 6362 as of 2021 The county was established in 1871, and the Sheriff's department was appointed as the county's principal law enforcement department. Antelope County covers a total area of eight-fifty-seven square miles. Its zip codes are 68636-68773.

Antelope County Jail

The Antelope County Jail is a medium to minimum security facility situated in Neligh, Antelope County, Nebraska. The correction center houses adult inmates; located at 205 East 6th Street PO Box 72, Neligh, NE, 68756.  Currently, the facility houses over one-seventh three inmates, and it boasts about twelve-fifty-two annual bookings throughout the entire Antelope county.  Also, the facility has one-thirty-four jail staff spearheaded by the antelope County NE sheriff Robert Moore. The center houses condemned inmates or the ones that are in the pre-preliminary stage.

Obtaining  Records from the Antelope County Jail

You can obtain trial records in person or online. These records include marriage dissolution orders, judgments dissolution, criminal case plus civil case records, probate, name change records, etc. However, some documents like a criminal or the court records get availed depending on Antelope courthouse record center's policy. The record centers have approximately five years of records within their archive. The Clerk of Court is in charge of the record archives and the official custodian of all court records. However, other documents may be found off-site. So you may send a request to view or request a copy of any record allowed. Please note; requests differ from document copies; a record copy gets available at a price of up to $10 depending on the courthouse policy. If you want a copy of a case, you must specify the documents you request.  Please provide the case number where needed or the convict's judgment if known. At the Antelope County Jail, you can have records if you have the case number, with which you can access the complete case documentation. Also, you can review the document catalog or purchase one, depending on your preference.

Jail Core Values  

The Antelope county jail's core value revolves around recorrecting convicts and ensuring life and property protection of all Antelope county residents.  At this jail, their most valued assets entail employees and jail staff plus the inmates. They strive in partnership with the sheriff department to maintain public trust offering them a better quality of life through integrity and honesty. What's more? They highly regard community partnerships, treating each community citizen with respect and dignity, recognizing strength and diversity.  Also, they value personal improvement and professional advancement, therefore, offering training and education to all interested inmates. 

Antelope County Sheriffs Office

205 East 6th Street, Neligh, Nebraska, 68756

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Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports

Antelope County Jail Information

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Antelope County
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County Jail
205 East 6th Street PO Box 72, Neligh, NE, 68756


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