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Knox County Sheriff

Knox County Sheriff

Updated on: April 21, 2023
Knox County is strategically placed in the western part of the state of Nebraska. It was incorporated back in 1854 and currently has a population of about 8472 citizens as per the 2010 census. The county seat is Center town, where the sheriff's office is located, and the current county sheriff is Don Henry. The county sits on an 1108 mile stretch of land and operates under the Nebraska State Laws. Its zip codes are 68718 and 68789, and the sheriff's contacts are 402-288-4261. The sheriff and his department come in handy to enforce county laws as well as execute the dictates of local courts. Moreover, the department works alongside other county law enforcement authorities to keep peace by putting away criminals and lawbreakers.

County Statistics and General Information

The Knox County population as per the 2010 census is 8,472, the county covers an area of 1.108 square miles.  Towns served and their population (2010) are:
    • Wausa Village: 634
    • Winnetoon Village: 68
    • Center Village: 94
    • Bazile Mills Village: 29
    • Bloomfield City: 1,028
    • Verdigre Village: 575
    • Creighton City: 1,154
    • Crofton City: 726
    • Niobrara Village: 370
    • Santee Village: 346
    • Verdel Village: 30
  • Number of Public School Districts: Crofton Community Schools, Crofton; Niobrara Public Schools, Niobrara; Bloomfield Community Schools, Bloomfield; Creighton Public Schools, Creighton; Santee Community Schools, Santee; Wausa Public Schools, Wausa; Nebraska Unified District #1, Verdigre.
  • Number of Private Schools: Rose of Lima Elementary School, Crofton; St. Ludger Elementary School, Creighton.

Knox County Courthouse Information

The Knox County Sheriff's Department dispenses services in different courthouses in the county. They not only offer inmate transportation but also enforce court-issued dictates. Ideally, the main courthouse is strategically located at Center, NE 68724, and is often open from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm. Other county courthouses are:
  • The brick Courthouse: This was built in1934 and is situated at 206 Main Street, Center, NE 68724.
  • The Courthouse Annex 1: Located at 301 Bridge Street and was built in 1989.
  • The Courthouse Annex 2: It was built in 2006 and is situates at 309 Bazile Street

Links to Important Records

The sheriff's office is the official records keeper in the county, and if you need any information about any county engagements, they are your ideal source. Here are some crucial links to some of the vital information records organized and kept by this department:

Knox County Jail

Knox County Jail is a medium-security county correctional facility located at 217 Center, Knox County, Nebraska. Being a county institution, its operations are run by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. The facility's primary mission is to provide a safe and secure rehabilitation establishment for inmates and the supervising staff members. This jail is a temporary hold-up for local offenders awaiting their trials and sentencing in local courts. As such, most stay here for not more than two years. Most barely last for more than 72 hours since the offenders can explore pre-release options such as bail, probation, and own recognizance.

The Fate of Convicted Criminals

Knox County Jail is not a long-term incarceration establishment and often acts as a detention facility for the sheriff's office. Moreover, other law enforcement entities such as the police and the US Marshal's Service also keep their detainees here since they do not have their own facilities. Consequently, after their conviction in local courts, the offenders live according to their prison terms and the level of their crimes. Ideally, offenders who receive more than two years of incarceration join other larger state and federal prisons. At the same time, illegal immigrants go into ICE custody for deportation to their countries of origin. However, if an inmate gets a jail term of fewer than two years, they can serve their full term in this jail as determined by their presiding judge.

Inmate Daily Life

When the offenders come to this facility, they are received in the intake and processing department. Here, the jail staff collect their details and categorize them according to their security levels. After the classification, the offenders are placed in different housing units, which are often determined by their crimes and, of course, the length of their stay. Violent criminals facing severe crimes such as robbery, rape, and murder stay in different housing units from simple small-time criminals. The offenders serving their whole time in this jail follow a strict schedule and a tight daily routine. As such, every hour in this facility is accounted for. Ideally, the offenders participate in various programs facilitated by the sheriff’s department. Even better, they work in laundry, kitchen, or other departments.

Bail and Other Pre-Release Arrangements

After their arrests, the offenders in this facility can post bail and go free before their set court dates. However, bail is dependent on the type of crime an offender is in for. As such, hard-crime offenders facing serious charges for crimes such as murder and rape may not qualify for bail and will often stay in this facility till their cases are heard and determined by local courts. A local magistrate determines the bail amount, and you can pay in cash if you readily have the set amount. However, if you do not have enough funds, you can use the services of a Bondsman.  If you use a Bondsman, they will clear the bail amount for you. However, they charge a fee of 10 -15 % of the set bail amount. This means if your bail amount is $1000, you will pay $100. Other Pre-release arrangements in this jail are: Early Release for Good Behavior, Be Released on a Pre-Trial Release Program, Get Out on Work Release, Released for Time Served, Get Out on House Arrest, and Own Recognizance.

Knox County Sheriffs Office/ Knox County Jail

206 Main Street, Center, Nebraska, 68724

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Knox County Jail Information

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Knox County
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County Jail
206 Main Street PO Box 142, Center, NE, 68724


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