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Stanton County Sheriff

Stanton County Sheriff

Updated on: March 12, 2023
The Stanton County sheriff's office is a law enforcement branch of the county government. They serve as the primary agency for enforcing state laws and local ordinances, preserving order, and protecting life and property in Stanton County. The Stanton County sheriff's office is located in Lincoln, Nebraska, at Ivy St, Stanton, NE.

Key responsibilities 

The Stanton County sheriff's office is responsible for: Enforcing state laws and local ordinances, including the protection of life and property. It maintains order during civil disturbances or natural disasters when other agencies are unavailable. Enforcing court orders in addition to serving legal documents such as summonses, subpoenas, warrants from law enforcement agencies, and legal papers The department works on law enforcement records, including fingerprinting offenders of crimes, maintaining criminal histories on individuals convicted in county courts or other jurisdictions, taking photographs at crime scenes for use in court proceedings to identify suspects who cannot be apprehended. It also liaises with federal agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) for law enforcement. The department conducts investigations into criminal activity by taking statements, examining evidence at crime scenes, interviewing witnesses and suspects in addition to gathering information on past crimes that suspects may have committed. It also enforces drug laws by conducting raids on suspected locations, seizing and destroying contraband drugs such as marijuana, heroin, or cocaine. Lastly, the department apprehends wanted fugitives who have been indicted for crimes in addition to locating missing persons.

Other responsibilities

The department provides juvenile-related assistance during investigations of criminal cases involving children under 18 years old to return them to their legal guardians and protect them from becoming future offenders. It also documents all actions by providing written reports, recordings, or sketches as required in criminal investigations conducted throughout the county. Stanton County sheriff's office has a team of investigators assigned full-time to investigate specific crimes such as homicide, rape, or aggravated assault.

The Sheriffs office leadership

The officers are under Sheriff Mike Unger, who the people of Stanton County elect. Under him, there are 13 sworn deputies. Four sergeants oversee patrol operations, investigations, or dispatch from different shifts each day between the hours of 6 am to 6 pm. There is also one administrative sergeant that handles civil proceedings, court appearances, and other civil matters.

Press releases

The sheriff's office has weekly press releases to inform the public about crimes or other incidents in Stanton County. There are also monthly press releases, a compilation of all investigations and arrests made for the month with photos. These include drug busts, stolen property recoveries as well as DUI arrest reports from throughout Stanton County.

The Stanton County jail

The Stanton County jail is a county jail in Nebraska. It is located in the city of O'Neill and has been operating since 1914. The current building was constructed in 2000, and it can accommodate up to 100 inmates at a time. The facility includes a medical room containing both examination and treatment facilities and two isolation cells used primarily to isolate violent or contagious offenders from the general population. Each inmate has their cell, with no more than two people per cell allowed under normal circumstances. For security reasons, some inmates are housed in a cell with more than one person.

Stanton County Jail Supervision

The Stanton County Sheriff’s Office supervises the jail. Everything concerning inmates and the facility is handled on-site with the help of a staff of several people. It is the responsibility of the guards to maintain order and discipline in the jail. Inmates are afforded three meals a day, which is cooked on-site by guards. The majority of inmates also receive an allowance to buy items at the commissary once weekly. Most inmates in this jail are accused of property offenses, drug possession or distribution, and public drunkenness. Serious criminals are put on the most wanted list, but most inmates are innocent until proven guilty. If an inmate is sentenced to a longer-term than just one day or one year, they stay in this facility for their entire sentence. If it's less than that, they get sent back to jail after completing their punishment.

The inmate bond

Once the inmate has been in jail for a certain amount of time, they have to post bond. The minimum is $500 and can be as much as $1000 depending on the crime committed. If an inmate has been in custody longer than one year or if convicted of a serious offense, then their bail will often need to be high enough that it would be difficult for them to post bond.

Inmate release and terms of stay

The inmates are released in two ways: after they have served their term or when a judge grants them parole. If the inmate is granted parole, they will be supervised by an officer on probation and must obey all laws. If not granted parole, then typically, there is no supervision once the term of incarceration has been served. Inmates who have children or other loved ones will often stay incarcerated until those people can care for themselves when they're released from prison because it's the only way that they can see their family. This is a difficult decision for the inmate. Still, it’s also difficult for those waiting to be reunited because there is no guarantee that this will happen when they leave prison without parole and may not have any source of income upon release.

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Stanton County Jail Information

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Stanton County
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County Jail
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