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Boone County Sheriff

Boone County Sheriff

Updated on: April 25, 2023
Boone County Sheriff’s Office is open to the public. The security agency has effective communication channels that the public can use to reach the Sheriff. Promptly, people can report any emerging security threats to the deputies for immediate response. Likewise, the County Sheriff’s notifies the public of any security concerns on the department’s official website. Moreover, in case you need any help from the department you can call 402-395-2144 or fax 402-395-6517.

Purpose of County Sheriff’s Office

Promoting security, peace, and accountability is the major purpose of the Boone County Sheriff’s Office. Clearly, the agency is active in making sure that all law offenders account for their deeds. The institution arrests all suspected criminals and processes them through court. Consequently, the agency takes individuals found guilty for the leveled charges to Boone County Jail or other neighboring prisons. Boone County Sheriff’s Office prioritizes the security of people and property. Strategically, the agency achieves its major objective by working closely with members of the public. The Sheriff’s conduct regular patrols in Boone County and specifically, in Albion, Nebraska. As such, the vigilant officers identify any suspicious incidences in time before they threaten public safety. Also, the officers are well-trained to control any threat that may arise. Most importantly, the agency receives suspected criminal tips from citizens of goodwill who inform the police of any unusual activities in their environments. The sheriff’s department is always grateful to all law-abiding citizens of Boone County who provide the police with information about suspected criminals. Also, the institution urges the public to be careful when dealing with any suspected dangerous persons and immediately report the matter on 911 or 402-395-2144.

Managing Jails in Boone County

Boone County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for all jails in the county. The Sheriff’s Office monitors the operations of Boone County Jail in making sure that everything goes according to protocol. Illustratively, the agency recruits qualified deputies and trains them sufficiently before assigning them to work in the jail. The procedure helps to ascertain the safety of jail staff, inmates, and guests. Boone County Sheriff’s Office works closely with the county jails to keep accurate criminal records. Actually, the institution arranges all inmate information in an orderly manner for easy reference. For instance, all jail bookings and releases appear on specific columns for easy reading. Proper documentation of jail operations enables jail staff to operate efficiently.

Boone County Jail

The Boone County Jail is located in Wilber, Boone County. Boone County Jail serves an estimated population of more than 5000 people. Normally, the Jail houses misdemeanor inmates who have less than a year sentence. Furthermore, the institution keeps arrested suspects who await trial. The medium-maximum prison accommodates both male and female adult inmates. Likewise, the correctional institution has a team of 60 jail staff; 40 subordinate staff, and 22 jail officers. The officers manning the facility are adequately trained to deal with any security threat that may occur. It is because Boone County Jail holds potentially dangerous criminals who are serving jail terms for committing high-magnitude crimes. For instance, the facility keeps inmates who are condemned for rape, robbery, and murder. However, the prison officers have the upper hand since they are armed to the teeth. Therefore, no inmate can challenge the high-security levels that the officers exercise.

Jail Hygiene

This County Jail is in top-notch condition concerning environmental hygiene. Upon visiting the facility, one will notice the stainless walls, windows, and doors. The first glimpse that one gets when they enter the jail is a clear indication that inmates stay in tidy cells. Also, jail staff puts litter bins in strategic places within the facility. As such, inmates, jail staff, and visitors have no reason to litter the jail, whatsoever. Importantly, the jail has adequate hand hygiene points. The jail’s management provides inmates with the necessary hygiene items. For instance, the jail ensures that inmates have plenty of water to clean their cells, clothes, and most importantly, have baths.  Moreover, the management allows friends and family to send hygiene items to the inmates or send money for buying the products directly from the jail kiosks.

Anti-Sexual Assault Policy

Boone County Jail maintains a firm opinion against any acts of assault. As a matter of fact, the institution is extremely strict in the application of PREA Policy. Clearly, the law prohibits any kind of sexual violence in all jails and prisons in the U.S. No jail staff should touch an inmate inappropriately as such acts attract harsh penalties. Likewise, inmates should not victimize each other to avoid extending their jail terms and losing privileges in the facility. The management does not hesitate to prosecute anyone found guilty of violating the PREA Policy.

Keeping Criminal Records

The facility also keeps proper criminal records of all individuals who serve at the facility. Likewise, the institution can access extensive criminal records from other jails’ files when necessary. For instance, the institution confirms the conduct of all visitors electronically before they can access the facility. Consequently, the correctional institution does not admit people who have been in jail in periods less than six months. The publicized criminal records include the following:
  • Inmate names
  • Inmate mugshots
  • Criminal charge
  • Age of the inmate
  • Weight and height
  • Type of hair and eyes
The details simplify the action of searching for inmates in the facility. More information about the jail is available here.

Boone County Sheriffs Office

217 South 5th Street, Albion, Nebraska, 68620

Nebraska Inmate Search

Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports

Boone County Jail Information

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Boone County
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County Jail
217 South 5th Street, Albion, NE, 68620-1103


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