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Nemaha County Sheriff

Nemaha County Sheriff

Updated on: February 27, 2023
The Nemaha county sheriff's office is located in Auburn, Nebraska. It's headed by sheriff Brent Lottman whom you can contact through phone number 785-336-2311. You can also email him through [email protected] The staff structure of Nemaha County sheriff department is as shown below;
  • Sheriff - The Nemaha County Sheriff's Office is headed by Brent Lottman
  • 1 Undersheriff
  • One suggest
  • I investigator
  • Three deputies
  • One coordinator
  • Three dispatchers
  • One jail administrator
  • One jail sergeant
  • Two correctional officers
Sex offenders in Thayer county are required to register with the county sheriff's department. This is Nemaha's law requirement. The same rule applies to offenders charged with violence and drug trafficking, and substance abuse. They are supposed to book an appointment with the County sheriff's office authorities to get registered in person. Reach out to the Sheriff to schedule your appointment.  The Sheriff Department has a communication center that receives all the calls made by the public. Apart from receiving calls from the public, they also communicate information or emergent issues to the public. It's the basis of communication in Nemaha county. The team of dispatchers handles all administrative calls within the Sheriff's department. They also take 911 emergency calls from the public. Besides, they serve as receptionists in the county sheriff's department. The dispatchers serve the Nemaha county sheriff's office and help Seneca Police Department, Nemaha County EMS, and six rural Fire Departments.

Duties of the Nemaha County Sheriff Department

The Sheriff's department commits itself to serve the citizens of Nemaha county. They serve Nemaha county under the directives of sheriff Brent Lottman. The deputies are committed to achieving the same goal and are always on their toes to make sure the residents are safe. 

The Sheriff’s Department Patrol Services 

Nemaha County has a total area of 720 miles. It's the responsibility of the deputies in the Sheriff's department to patrol the whole of this area. They also ensure the safety of people residing in all towns and rural areas The deputies are well trained and experienced in the service areas they provide. They receive training at Law Enforcement Training Centers before joining the Sheriff's department. The deputies continue training every year to maintain and improve their quality of service delivery. The department also has Narcotics dogs which are used when searching for narcotics. The dogs are trained in narcotics detection and handler tracking and protection. This program has assisted the Sheriff's department handle drug trafficking in the county and has helped curb the vice of drug and substance abuse. The department looks forward to continuing to use the program and bettering it in the coming future.  

Vehicle Identification Number(VIN) Inspections

The Nemaha County sheriff's office does VIN inspections for all exotic vehicles intended to be registered in Nemaha county. For those seeking to register their cars, you're advised to book an appointment in advance and avail yourself at 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m on a material day. The Sheriff's department does not do inspections on weekends, holidays, and during inclement weather. For the inspection, come along with the title, your driving license, VIN inspection fees, and of course, the vehicles to be inspected. 

Fingerprinting Services

Nemaha county residents seeking fingerprinting services for employment and licensing purposes can access them at the Sheriff's department. The Sheriff's department offers the service at no cost; free.  When going for the fingerprinting service, go along with your fingerprint card because the Sheriff's office does not provide it. Ask your employer to provide one for you. Book an appointment early by calling the Sheriff. Don't forget to come with a properly addressed envelope if you need the fingerprint to be mailed directly from the Sheriff's office. 

Nemaha County Jail

Nemaha County Jail is a high-security jail located in Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska. It's a detention center for adult inmates sentenced for misdemeanor and felony charges under Nebraska state law.   Most of its inmates are serving a jail term of more than a year.  The county jail provides an incarceration function and offers several support programs, including educational programs, religious programs, and volunteer services. Inmates in Nemaha county jail are assigned tasks by the prison. Some work as groundsmen within the Jail and are responsible for maintaining and keeping the Jail in shape. Others may work as kitchen assistants, laundry personnel, or sanitary persons. 

How Bail and Bonds work in Nemaha County Jail

Offenders arrested in Nemaha county and charged for the misdeed and other crimes may receive bond. The magistrate schedules a meeting to determine your validity to claim the bond, and they set the bond amount. Nebraska statute law does not provide commercial bail; you must therefore post the bond yourself; no bail bond agent allowed. You'll be temporarily released from the Jail upon total payments of the set bail amount in person.  You may also opt to use a criminal defense attorney from Nemaha county to help you in Bailing. Seek assistance from a law specialist if unsure of what to do when you're arrested. 

Do you need to get your Mugshot Removed?

When you are arrested and convicted, the Jail will take a mugshot/ intake photograph during the intake process. This is one full-face photo and one profile photo with your name and intake number printed on them. After your release, you might need the Mugshot removed from the jail record files. This process is complicated, and you might need the help of a lawyer to complete it. The process involves the filing of a petition or expunging suit in the court.  

Nemaha County Sheriff Office

1805 N Street, Auburn, Nebraska, 68305

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Nemaha County Jail Information

Postal Code
Nemaha County
Phone Number
County Jail
1805 North Street, Auburn, NE, 68305


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