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Johnson County Sheriff

Johnson County Sheriff

Updated on: February 26, 2023
Johnson County is situated in the southern parts of Nebraska in the County seat of Tecumseh, Nebraska. The county comprises several operational departments and offices, with the sheriff's departments being one of the major ones. Ideally, the sheriff is one of the prominent officials in the County Board of Commissioners who meet every Tuesday of the week to address county issues. The current county sheriff is Scott Walton, assisted by a number of other county officials serving in different capacities and departments. The sheriff and his task force come in handy for several county engagements. For instance, they prepare the annual inventory statement of individual properties in their custody. Moreover, they serve, execute and return writs, and other court dictates. In an overall capacity, like other county officials, the sheriff upholds the wellbeing of all citizens by facilitating a safe and secure county.

Firearm Purchase Permits in the County

If you want to apply for a firearm in Johnson County, the sheriff's office should be your next stop. The office is open every Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm except for holidays. However, to successfully apply for any type of firearm in this county, you must meet the following thresholds:
  • You must be over 21 years of age with no prior felony convictions.
  • If you provide fraudulent information when applying for a firearm, you are liable to felony charges.
  • Any incomplete application cannot be processed until the required details are provided.
  • You must be a local resident with valid state-issued photo identification or driver's license.
  • Any address you provide should match the one on your ID.
  • If you are applying in person, you have to come along with cash only.
  • You will also have to fill this application form.
After entering the necessary information, you should send the form to the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.

County Sex Offender Registry

According to the state's statute 29-4002, sex offenders present a high risk of recommitting their offenses. As such, all law enforcement agencies, including the sheriff's department, should protect their communities. These enforcement agencies should not only conduct investigations and apprehend the offenders but should mark them for the public to know them. Ideally, all convicted sex offenders in this county must register with the sheriff's department as provided by the Sex Offender Registration Act. After their registration, the information is freely available to the public so that the community can develop an ideal way to prepare themselves and their loved ones. The notification process also helps to keep the offenders from acting secretly. However, the department warns the public to desist from using this information to avenge against the offenders and their families. Consequently, vandalism or any form of threat against such can lead to an arrest or even a prosecution.

Johnson County Jail

Johnson County Jail is a medium-security correctional facility situated at 222 S 4th St Tecumseh, Nebraska. This is a county facility run by the sheriff’s department under the stewardship of Sheriff Scott Walton. Ideally, the facility accommodates county offenders who are in the preliminary stages of their court cases. As such, this is a temporary detention center. Most offenders in this facility do not take much time here; the maximum time for an inmate in this jail is about two years. While the sheriff's office runs the facility, it also accommodates offenders from other county law enforcement. These include the agencies from the surrounding towns and municipalities, Tecumseh Police Department, and the US Marshal's Service. However, the sheriff and his team are solely responsible for the offender’s custody and care. This facility holds more than 60 offenders per day with a yearly rate of 4265 bookings under the supervision of about 45 staff members.

The Inmate Intake Process

When offenders come to this correctional facility they first stay in the reception cells. Ideally, the arresting officer alongside the officer on duty will book you accordingly by entering your details into the system. After the collection of your details, any personal items that you might have on you will go into the care of the facility's locker room, but you can keep some, such as your wedding ring or a religious chain. Within 72 hours after your arrival, if you qualify for bail, you can explore the option or any other prerelease arrangement. However, if you do not qualify for any prerelease option, the facility will hold you until your court date. Ideally, you will receive prison clothing since the facility does not allow civilian clothing. You will then go through orientation to know the facility’s rules and regulations and eventually assigned a housing unit according to your crime level.

What happened to Convicted and Sentenced Inmates?

Johnson County Jail is typically a temporary detention center that accommodates the offenders before their trials and sentencing. As such, the fate of inmates after their convictions and sentencing depends on the number of incarceration years they get from the judge. If an inmate receives more than two years, they will join other state or federal correctional facilities. Moreover, illegal immigrants go into ICE custody to determine their fate. However, inmates who get less than two years can serve their full terms here as directed by the judge.

Johnson County Sheriffs Office

222 South 4th Street, Tecumseh, Nebraska, 68450

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Johnson County Jail Information

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Johnson County
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County Jail
222 South 4th Street PO Box 335, Tecumseh, NE, 68450


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