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Gage County Sheriff

Gage County Sheriff

Updated on: February 18, 2023
The gage county sheriff's department is located in Nebraska along Lincoln Street. The department has one sheriff, currently Sheriff Millard Gustafson. He oversees all operations in the detention center as well as the sheriff's office. The office also has a chief deputy in charge of road deputies, training, and special operations. There is also a sergeant, a special services sergeant, an office administrator, a corrections senior sergeant, and a corrections sergeant. All of them constitute the administrative office of the sheriff. The sheriff's department carries out various roles, including accident and incident investigations. In case there are road accidents, then the offices respond to resolve the incident. The office also takes care of citizen complaints where some citizens might be disturbing the public. They help to keep the peace and ensure citizens can live together harmoniously. They also enforce the law and detains inmates who have broken the law.

County Information

The county has an estimated land area of 851.49 square miles with an estimated population per square mile of 26.2 This is not a very large population density as such it makes governing easy. It also helps to reduce crime associated with lack over population and lack of basic needs such as food and shelter. The current population estimates of the county as of 2019 were 21513 residents. The county has a large number of white residents who constitute about 90% of the total population. The county also has good internet connectivity and computer usage for its residents. More than 85% of the households in the county having a computer, and 79% have a broadband internet subscription.

Legal requirements for firearms purchase

It is legal for citizens to purchase and own a firearm in the county. Provided they meet the minimum legal requirements set by the state and county. The individual can apply for a firearm purchase certificate from the sheriff's department. The application is not free as the individual needs to pay a fee of fie us dollars. Also, the individual needs to be at least 21 years of age as well as be able to provide us citizenship documents. The applicant needs to have a clean criminal record free from any crime that can lead to a jail term of one year or more. The applicant needs to ensure that the certificate reflects his or her personal information correctly and that the sheriff's signature is visible. If the certificate bears any errors or needs corrections, the office will rectify the errors provided it is returned within 30 days. If the 30 days laps, a new application will be required.

Gage County Detention Center

The detention center is located just next to the sheriff’s office for easy access and management. The address is 612 Lincoln Street, Beatrice, NE, 6831. The full name of the jail is Gage county jail, located in the city of Beatrice in the state of Nebraska. The jail also has a website where people can access services such as inmate searching. The detention center has a jail director who oversees the daily operations of the jail. Such helps the administrative unit of the sheriff's department, which the sheriff heads, to concentrate on other matters. The center was constructed around 1977 and was intended to hold 31 inmates, four females, 2 juveniles, and 24 males. The prison has always had a strict philosophy of holding all of its inmates but after some time it started to hold inmates from other counties as a measure of saving costs. This measure helped to reduce costs but also made the prison to be overcrowded at times. Such leads to it adopting a maximum capacity of 26 inmates, all from Gage County.

Detention Center Security

Officers working at the jail wear body cameras to ensure incidences are captured on video. Such is in line with the jail's policy of preventing lawsuits and liabilities. The body cameras are used while officers are on duty as well as during an arrest. Such ensures that the officers do not abuse their power and subject citizens to unlawful force. Moreover, it also helps officers use excessive force when required, as the incident would be captured on video. Video surveillance is a big part of the jail's security system. It is integrated into various parts of the facility, including the garage where inmates are received. Once received in the garage, inmates are ushered to a changing room. Here they can change into their orange jumpsuit.  Inmates at the jail wear orange jumpsuits as it helps distinguish them from employees at the facility and other citizens who might have visited the grounds. There was a screening station at the jail. The jail employs various search procedures, but cavity searches are usually done by qualified medical personnel.

Gage County Sheriffs Office

612 Lincoln Street, Beatrice, Nebraska, 68310

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Gage County Detention Center Information

Postal Code
Gage County
Phone Number
402-223-5221, 402-223-5222
County Jail
612 Lincoln Street, Beatrice, NE, 68310


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