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Cass County Sheriff

Cass County Sheriff

Updated on: March 7, 2023
Cass County Sheriffs’ Office comes in handy to serve the county citizens. This is a law enforcement agency that upholds high-security levels in Cass County, Nebraska. The institution puts effective measures to ensure that the population in Cass County and Nebraska entirely is safe from any preventable hazards. Moreover, the Sheriffs’ Office also responds to emergency security incidences within the county. Likewise, the office works closely with neighboring Sheriffs’ offices to extended security services in all regions in Nebraska. Ideally, if you live or are visiting this region or and its environs, it is imperative to observe the law since the eagle-eyed Sheriff’s Office makes sure to bring any peace disruptors to ‘book’. However, Cass County Sheriffs’ Office is not just about enforcing the law but also providing essential services to the people. The institution collaborates with the community in its security-enhancing mechanisms and other community betterment projects. Their hotline numbers are 800-527-3699, 911, and you can also use the email.

Guiding Principles

Cass County Sheriffs’ Office operates with high levels of integrity and fairness. Basically, this agency operates in a metropolitan area with all sorts of people. Ideally, the county entirely accommodates diverse people from different ethnic backgrounds. Diverse economic and cultural backgrounds also characterize the population. To achieve maximum security objectives, the County Sheriffs’ Office must demonstrate fairness in all its arrests and prosecutions. All County Sheriffs must not engage in any discrimination cases against the people of Nebraska or risk heavy penalties from the agency. As a matter of fact, the County Sheriffs' Office will dismiss any deputy found guilty of corrupting the law. Moreover, the institution will also draft legal charges against the culprit. The County Sheriffs’ Office has zero-tolerance for corruption and unfair jurisdictions.

Public Notices

Cass County Sheriffs’ Office thrives on effective communication systems. The institution provides timely public notices to any concerned parties. For instance, the agency publicizes any issue of concern regarding security. For instance, suspected terrorism plans will prompt a public vigilance notice from the agency. Additionally, the agency provides sensitive security information in a professional manner and avoids scaring the public from going on with their usual activities. Members of the public can access security information on the agency’s official website.

Cass County Jail

Facility Description

Cass County Jail is a monumental property in Fargo whose construction dates back to 1913. The jail sits on 1 acre of piece of land and works collaboratively with other neighboring jails to serve an estimated population of over 180000 diverse people in Cass County. The jail covers an area of 4,579 km². The correctional facility is grade one as the NCDS (Nebraska Department of Correctional Services) rates it. The jail building comprises the housing units, master room, offices, and visitor’s room. Interestingly, the designer centralized the master room to facilitate efficient monitoring of the jail’s housing units and other sensitive areas like the armory. Other amenities include large parking for vehicles, janitor closest, resting rooms for jail staff, laundry areas, and rooms designated rooms for visiting attorneys.

Jail Capacity

Cass County Jail houses both male and female inmates. Currently, the jail has a capacity of 197 beds. Additionally, the jail holds detainees who are serving jail terms not exceeding 12 months and people awaiting trial. However, a major challenge arises from the relatively high crime rates in Cass County due to the high poverty rates in the region. In response, Cass County Jail often houses more than 197 detainees. It is a challenge because the institution has a fixed jail staff population of 92 officers who have to put extra effort to ensure security within the institution when inmate population stretches. Note that the jail has a maximum, medium, and minimum-level wing, and jail staff monitors all the sections.

Audit Scope

Cass County Jail satisfies all the jail standards that the NJSB (The Nebraska Jail Standards Board) has put in place. Notably, the management maintains high integrity levels when dealing with inmates or visitors. The management issues inmates with receipts whenever they receive goods or have to leave their property in the custody of jail staff when being booked in. Also, the institution keeps proper records of employee training, inmate handbooks, and booking files. Impressively, the prison is PREA compliant hence no inmate, jail staff, or visitor should beworried about their safety while in the facility.

Hygiene Standards

First and foremost, Cass County Jail maintains high hygiene levels to ascertain the health safety of jail staff, inmates, and visitors among other groups. Upon visiting the facility, one notices the neat environment complimented by fresh air, tidy walls, floors, and desks. As a matter of assurance, there are no mushrooming plants on the floors right from the entry point to the lobby, and further into the building. Importantly, the management provides inmates with the necessary items to clean their designated areas. For instance, inmates receive protective hand gears to secure themselves from potentially dangerous germs when cleaning the toilets in their cells. Based on these features, the institution is one of the best facilities for inmates to stay.

Cass County Sheriffs Office

336 Main Street, Plattsmouth, Nebraska, 68048

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Cass County Jail Information

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Cass County
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County Jail
303 Avenue A, Plattsmouth, NE, 68048-1964


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