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Pawnee County Sheriff

Pawnee County Sheriff

Updated on: February 25, 2023
With an average population of 2,704, Pawnee County, Nebraska, has 2 Sheriff Departments operating on a 431 square miles area. The sharing is 50/50, 1 Sheriff Department per 1,352 people per 215 square miles. According to its security management statistics, in Nebraska, Pawnee County ranks 5th of 93 counties in Sheriff Departments per square mile. Per capita, the department ranks 19th out of the 93 counties. The Pawnee County Sheriff's Office, Nebraska, is a law enforcement department that indorses public safety in the entire Pawnee County. Part of its central concerns is the management of jails and inmates while cultivating public policies. The Pawnee's Sheriff's Office is accountable for guarding various unincorporated areas covered or not with the municipal Police force. Their tasks in these areas overly entail enforcing legal judgments such as repossessions, foreclosures, and tax delinquencies, among other related policy enforcement tasks. The following are vital issues Pawnee County Sheriff's Office can assist you on:
  • Identities of those in jail
  • Sheriff's Office sales & auctions
  • Visitation and reaching out to any Pawnee County inmate
  • Criminal activities around the county and overall public safety
  • Jail records and county mug shots
  • Law enforcement procedures at Pawnee County
Other than the issues above, there are more you can highlight, including a search warrant. There is always safety assurance by Pawnee county following its well-established security system. In addition, the Pawnee County Sheriff's Office/Department in Nebraska, through its various branches, jail, policing procedures, offers an excellent level of security to the entire region. Pawnee County Jail is among the vital security features spotting out excellent security across this region. About its functionality, this article documents how it helps brings security while maintaining peace and order.

Current situations with the department

Like most public service departments, the Pawnee County Sheriff's Office has been affected by the recent coronavirus pandemic. As a result, even as it continued perusing some criminal cases, considerable changes were towing to the new safety regulations. Of recent, their lobby was under restriction to the public. Today, however, it is now open, and people can now freely visit but with keen observation of the covid-19 regulations. You can follow this link for various updates available on the department for those living in Pawnee city. There are multiple cases the department peruses, and they always would want the public to help. Such situations regard wanted persons – links from people can always help.

About Pawnee County Jail in Nebraska

Located in Pawnee City, the Pawnee County Jail & Sheriff is a medium to maximum security level jail you will find in Nebraska. Like any jail facility, you would find Pawnee County Jail & Sheriff composed of the manning officers typically referred to as the sheriffs, inmates, and subordinate staff. Each year, Pawnee County Jail & Sheriff receives an averagely high number of bookings of both the staff and the inmates. Here, you will find a wide range of law misdemeanors, right from low level to the top convicts on critical cases such as murder, rape, and robbery with violence. Pawnee County Jail is headed by the county's Sheriff, who acts as the county's head of law enforcement department. In support of their mandate are other law enforcement officers in charge of various crime units, including investigation and prosecution. Pawnee County Jail & Sheriff exists as a law and maintenance feature in Pawnee, Nebraska. The late correction agency deals in multiple cases, from petty crime committers to highly profiled murderers, robbers, sexual assaulters, etc. Therefore, for this reason, each correction officer at Pawnee County Jail, Nebraska must undergo necessary training in both physical and psychological defense tactics. This mace armory is advantageous for their protection, protecting other inmates, visitors, and the rest of the staff within the facility.

Criminals at Pawnee County Jail

The Pawnee County Jail & Sheriff holds both men and women awaiting their trials and those sentenced to one year or less by the Pawnee County Court System. Among those housed by the Pawnee County Jail & Sheriff department are inmates arrested by the county's municipal police. As a result, the crime dealings at these departments vary, and prosecution always bases on the weight of each. So, what happens when your friend or family is arrested and hosted at the Pawnee County Jail & Sheriff? The following are some of the freedoms the inmates can access:
  • Phone call: you can call your imprisoned family member or friend
  • Plan some time to visit them
  • You can give them commissary money
  • You can send and receive mail from them

Convicted and Sentenced Inmates

As per the prison rules, any criminal convicted and sentenced for longer than one year is transferred to the Federal Bureau of Prisons or Nebraska State Prison System. If convicted of a misdemeanor and sentenced to terms less than one year, the inmate remains and serves at the Pawnee County Jail & Sheriff facilities. Federal or state cases are handled differently. The convicts get held at the jail before later transfer into ICE custody. It's from here that the country deports them.

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Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports

Pawnee County Jail Information

Pawnee City
Postal Code
Pawnee County
Phone Number
County Jail
625 6th Street, Pawnee City, NE, 68420


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