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Richardson County Sheriff

Richardson County Sheriff

Updated on: February 23, 2023
The Richardson County Sheriff's office is located at 65086 706 Trail, Falls City, NE 68355, United States. The department was established to streamline the security of Richardson County in Nebraska. The department has various components which make it operational in providing services to the citizens across the county.

Officers and office staff of the sheriff's office 

The sheriff's office is an organized entity with the main sheriff and deputies in charge of all county security programs. The sheriff of the department is Rick Hardesty Jr, Sheriff 919. He was appointed in 2019 after the previous sheriff resigned. This sheriff has been a great pillar in the department and has helped deal with issues of drugs in the local area. He is also in charge of the deputies. The deputies are nine and report to the sheriff of the county. This office still has the administrators to keep the office running. Marcia Hocker and Clayton Hardenberger are currently in charge of the administrative duties. If you have questions regarding the administration, the two individuals will handle them for you.

Employment opportunities at the sheriff's office

When vacancies are available at the sheriff's office, they are open to citizens to apply. The positions will be outlined on the website for public access. All you need is to check the position and download the job details, then apply. All the vacancies are free and fair. All you need is to have all the requirements for the job they get through the interview process.

Roles and responsibilities of the sheriff office

The office under the leadership of the sheriff is mandated to do different tasks for the citizens. First, the office is in charge of the Richardson County Jail. The sheriff's office must approve everything that goes on in the jail. Additionally, the office is in charge of all the staff that works in the jail section. When it comes to criminal arrests, the department is vital in arresting criminals and getting them to jail. It is also the role of the department to answer all questions from citizens of Richardson county. Citizens can ask questions regarding arrests, job vacancies, criminal cases, inmates in prisons, and housing. The office provides fingerprint services, title inspections, and firearm purchase permits. All the services are charged at different prices on the website. Various forms are also available at the department to help citizens access information for the sheriff's office. Some of the forms include the voluntary statement, offender report, ride-along requests, accident reports, and jailer application, among other forms.

The Richardson County Jail

The Richardson County Jail was built to house inmates with different crimes within Richardson County. The county sheriff's office is in charge of the prison, Kristin Morehead and Lisa Barber as the jail supervisors. It houses adult inmates, both males, and females, for a short period. Inmates in the facility ate acquired of crimes such as drugs, theft, robbery, and disturbance. Other inmates with serious crimes are transferred to other jails. As the suspects await their sentence, they are given a chance to pay a bond. This allows them to handle their case while outside the prison. The suspect or the wellwishers can submit the bond payment. This bond is refundable once the case is completed.

Prison life and lifestyle

While at the prison, the inmates are given food three times a day by the prison staff. The prisoners do not choose what to eat; instead, they go with the available menu according to the facility. Inmates with good behavior are given extra privileges like having private rooms, access to various tv programs, and job opportunities. Even though inmates have money in their commissary accounts, they cannot live above the rest unsteady; they can buy more items from the prison canteen.

Monitoring and inmate safety

While at the prison, inmates are under observation to keep them safe. This also prevents violent inmates from harming the rest. Additionally, the inmates under when monitored, improve their stay at the facility as they are sure of their security,  In case of an attack, inmates can report to the guards on duty. Also, emergencies are reported at the sheriff's department through the guards on duty.

Staff and jailers

The jail has three staff who are in charge of all the jail activities. It also has 13 jailers who work in shifts to keep watch on the prisoners. This maintains order at the prison department. All the staff is qualified with the knowledge to handle inmates and run the programs in the prison. Jailers are responsible for the inmate in the cells. They assign inmates to different cells and also transfer them to other housing facilities. They ensure that all inmates are observing time and also monitor inmate activities at the prison.  During releases, jailers escort inmates to the main department and hand them over to the family members. They also recommend inmates once they have observed behaviors and noted an improvement.

Richardson County Sheriffs Office

1700 Stone Street, Falls, Nebraska, 68355

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Richardson County Jail Information

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County Jail
1700 Stone Street, Falls City, NE, 68355


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