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Dawes County Sheriff

Dawes County Sheriff

Updated on: March 27, 2023
The Dawes County Sheriff's Office is a hub for law enforcement activity in Chadron, Nebraska. It is located at 451 Main Street and serves as the front-line defense against crime during regular business. The Dawes County Sheriff's Office is a penal institution located in Chadron, Nebraska. On January 18th, 1998, the division was established as an Interlocal Arrangement with the Regional Chiefs of Province through which they moved their duty over Region Prison to the sheriff's office. The central headquarters for this Division was finished and finalized by 1994 and following redesigns in 2007-2009. The Dawes County Sheriffs Office, located at the heart of Chadron, Nebraska, is responsible for protecting and serving in unincorporated areas and enforcing judgments such as foreclosures, repossessions, or tax delinquencies on behalf of the county government. 

Roles of the County Sheriff's Office

One of the many responsibilities that fall on law enforcement is to make sure all areas are well-patrolled. Municipal police forces might patrol some places, but there will always be others where coverage could become sparse or non-existent. This responsibility often falls on Sheriff's offices who can cover those gaps with their patrols and deputies for everyone living in these unincorporated regions to feel safe and secure from crime at night too! It also houses inmates from all over town who have been arrested on suspicion of a crime but are yet to be sentenced due to insufficient evidence proving their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The Sheriff's Office has a variety of resources for the public. You may contact them if you're interested in learning about who is currently being held at the county jail, how to visit inmates and gain visitation privileges, or access inmate mugshots and records. They also have information on criminal activity as well as sales from their office that can be beneficial. Patrol deputies, working with local police departments to provide law enforcement services and emergency response like evacuations or other related events in Seward County. Patrols are assigned on a rotating basis throughout their shift as they switch between uniformed patrol duties and investigative work each day.

Dawes County Sheriff Staff

Karl Dailey, the current sheriff, heads the Dawes County Sheriff Office. He and his team are responsible for serving warrants, transporting prisoners between jails and courts, as well as hunting down wanted fugitives. The office also takes care of civil processes such as issuing summons or handling court orders. With 3 sworn officers on staff full-time alongside 5 civilian employees who fill different roles in a support capacity, they work around the clock to make sure they uphold their duties faithfully while providing safety to all citizens within their jurisdiction.

Dawes County Jail

Dawes County Jail is located in Dawes County in Nebraska. This facility houses more than 138 prisoners, with 1096 bookings yearly from Dawes County under 135 staff members' supervision. The prison's inmates are either condemned to harsh punishment for their crime or presented at the pre-preliminary stage awaiting investigation before trial commences, supervised by Dawes Sheriff Karl J Dailey. 

Dawes County Jail Additional Information

A modern prison, the Dawes County Jail is located in Chadron and includes a medium to a maximum-security facility. The building's design features include cells with steel doors that fully seal them from any outside contact or sound.  Inmates range from low-level misdemeanors to violent crimes like rape and robbery; as such, security must be high at all times. Gates are locked down for hours of each day, during which no one can enter or exit the premises without their key card authorization codes being crosschecked by both staff on duty inside and out (including those who monitor surveillance footage). All inmates being held in Dawes County Jail are awaiting trial or sentenced to one year or less. Correctional officers at this facility carry mace, but their greatest weapon is physical force. They use physical force to protect both visitors full-time who come into contact with inmates and themselves from violence occurring within an institution. The Dawes County Jail is a place for family and friends to visit inmates. This jail also houses detainees arrested by the county police department and those taken into custody in smaller municipal departments. Visitors are allowed to:
  • Receive phone calls
  • Receive and send mail to detainees
  • Send them commissary money
  • Schedule visits with their loved ones in jail

Convicted and Sentenced Inmates

Imagine a world where you can't walk outside without fear of being incarcerated. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many people in Dawes County who are convicted in Dawes County Jail, with sentencing ranging from one year to decades behind bars. When inmates have been sentenced to serve time in prison, they're transferred into either the Federal Bureau of Prisons or Nebraska State Prison System depending on their sentence length as determined by state law.   Illegals that have committed crimes within America's borders will first do their jail term, then maybe immediately sent back home when immigration officials come to pick them up after release if found guilty under federal laws only.

Dawes County Sheriffs Office

451 Main Street, Chadron, Nebraska, 69337

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Dawes County Jail Information

Postal Code
Dawes County
Phone Number
308-432-3025, 308-432-0113
County Jail
451 Main Street PO Box 671, Chadron, NE, 69337


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