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Banner County Sheriff

Banner County Sheriff

Updated on: April 10, 2023
Banner county sheriff's office is located in Harrisburg, Nebraska. Sheriff Stanley A McKnight heads the Sheriff's department. The sheriff department's mission is to fulfill the law enforcement needs of the residents of Banner County with the highest possible degree of professionalism, honesty, courtesy, and integrity. To Serve and Protect the citizens. The department is guided by a philosophy directed towards performing the office's primary mission by averting, counteracting, and addressing community problems through communication and cooperative law enforcement with other public service agencies. The sheriff staff work for the county's citizens and involve the community in promoting public safety and security in Banner County. You can contact the Sheriff by sending an email through [email protected] if you have any issues. 

Duties and History of the Sheriff Department

The Office of Banner Sheriff is a law enforcement officer serving residents of Banner county. It is perceived with exceptional honor, dignity, and trust. The Sheriff has been given power and authority to carry out duties in the whole of Banner county.  The word sheriff came from "shire" and "reeve" to form shire-reeve, which eventually transformed into Sheriff. The reeve governed the shire.   Ever since, the Sheriff has been empowered to administer law, order, and justice to the shires and county in the present time. They share some responsibilities with the armed forces, like enforcement of law and order and offering safety and security measures to the county citizens.   Permanent militias were in Europe in the 19th century. The Sheriff was tasked with the responsibility of coming up with an army.  The Sheriff is responsible for controlling and ending unlawful riots. They are also empowered to arrest offenders.   Sheriffs are elected after every four years. Each term is four years. A sheriff may run for the election as many times as they wish. The Sheriff gets his powers from several specific state statutes. In Banner county, the Sheriff's salary is determined by the Board of commissioners. Banner County (Harrisburg) has only a Sheriff and no deputies.

Banner County Jail

Banner County Jail is a full-service jail located in Banner County, Nebraska, and houses prisoners sentenced for both short term and long term. It has an average daily inmate population of 60. Its total bed capacity is 150 beds. The Banner County jail has a medical unit that one doctor manages and a nurse. The facility has a weekly counseling program that addresses the inmates' psychological problems. The adult inmates have an opportunity to appeal. This process is determined by the inmate's conduct while at the facility and the additional charges.  Inmates charged but are yet to be convicted of a felony or misdemeanor are held in the county jail within the designated county where the crime took place. If you have an incarcerated inmate but are not sure of the jail facility they are detained in, you can seek help from the city's police department.  Contact them to confirm if they will send the offender to the county jail or detain the local jail offenders. If the police department confirmed they would send offenders to the county jail, contact the facility’s relevant authority to be assisted. Inmates charged with felony charges are detained at the Banner county jail before being transported to the Nebraska State Prison. Otherwise, the inmates are housed in Banner county jail if they have a jail sentence of less than a year or if the inmate is convicted to serve their jail sentences for misdemeanors.

Bail Bond at Banner County Jail 

Bail is when an offender is released temporarily before their trial. The released offender is subject to pay a certain amount in cash to guarantee that they will appear at the Banner County Court in Harrisburg, Nebraska. When an offender is arrested, the authority schedules a bail and custody hearing for two business days. After the hearing, the judge will state the amount in cash to be paid as a bond or bail. This bail/bond will be refunded when the defendant appears at the Banner county court on their scheduled court day. 

How to Post Bail in Banner County Jail

Bonds and bail procedures in Banner County and Nebraska are subject to change. Therefore, it is a good idea to call the court or the jail when your loved one is booked. At the court or jail, you may inquire the following from the representatives:
  • Find out if the defendant is eligible for a bond or bail
  • The total sum to be paid as the bail or bond amount
  • If posting of the bail is restricted on some specific days or times
  • The mode of payment accepted by the court/ jail. Find out if Cash, Money order, or Credit card is allowed. 
  • Find out if you can use a bond or bail agent.
At times, you may feel that the bail is too high, and it would be best to reduce it. In this scenario, you will need to hire a lawyer or contact the defendant's public defender to be assisted.

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Banner County Jail Information

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Banner County
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County Jail
204 State Street #1, Harrisburg, NE, 69345


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