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Buffalo County Sheriff

Buffalo County Sheriff

Updated on: February 15, 2023
The Buffalo County sheriff's office is a significant security arm in Buffalo, Nebraska. Based on its mission, the agency helps protect the rights of individuals while promoting peace and freedom. One of their co-principles is working to better people's lives. Therefore, their primary strategy has been inviting cooperation between them and the public, which has yielded positive results. While preserving peace, reducing fear, and providing safety to all, the Buffalo County sheriff's office actively indulges in participatory leadership. At least the office does not offer tall boundaries to people's opinions. Netizen's cooperation has been vital in their priorities.

Department Structure

Labor division for practical work is quite evident at the Buffalo County Sheriff's Office. The department in this course has two key divisions;
  1. Operations: This department consists of Warrant Section, Patrol Section, Civil Process, and Investigative Section. Currently, it is under the management of a captain.
  2. Support Services: The vision consists of Community Services Section, Detention Center Section, Sheriff's Staff Section, Training Section, and Communications Section. Currently, the support services department is under the management of a Chief Deputy who oversees all its daily running.
Both operations and support services departments fall under the umbrella arm of the Buffalo County sheriff's office. Therefore, any reports by the respective divisions must always get the contentment of the areas' sheriff.

Quality cooperation with the local police department

In Buffalo, Nebraska, security management is a joint mission. While the sheriffs play their part, there is also more significant support from the Kearney Police Department. The two formed this unique venture back in 1993 to bettering security while saving public funds. Both security departments exist together in the same building and share several resources. The Buffalo County sheriff's office majorly concerns with duty dispatch and 911 call reception. The received information often reaches both departments. Concurrently, the police department manages data and records. Also, this information reaches both departments. However, here is the difference, The Kearney Police Department majorly responds to security issues within the city. The Buffalo County Sheriff's Office, however, deals with in and without security issues. However, within their cooperation, this two-security department also receives further reinforcement and support from the rest of the county's agencies. Examples of these are;
  • The University of Nebraska, public safety team in Kearney
  • Nebraska State Patrol department
Whenever there is peace and order, life prevails – even smoother. The Buffalo County sheriff's office is not relenting to bring more peace and order to the entire county. All they need, perhaps, is netizen's cooperation. Help them prevent, and resolve various crimes possibly occurring around the region.

About Buffalo County jail

As part of law enforcement procedures, the Buffalo County sheriff's office also has a correction facility, the Buffalo County jail. This place is not one of the best you should accept for yourself; actually, it is all jail. People need freedom, and you may never have it in prison, not at least 100%. Buffalo County jail is a medium-level detainment facility located at 1512 Central Ave, Kearney, NE 68847. The facility exists under the management of the Buffalo County sheriff's office who oversees its daily run while bringing more inmates. Men and women hosted here are from various municipalities and towns within the county. Their conviction crimes equally differ. There are robbers, sexual assaulters, murderers, etc. Based on these variations, the correction officers are often up for the job with the most appropriate ammunition to keep the group in order.

What it feels like being a detainee at Buffalo County jail

Like in most jailing procedures, any new inmate joins the daily intake hosted at a large cell. The group, therefore, remains under strict watch throughout the day with officers on duty. Inmates who depict rogue behaviors, violence, and abuse get separated from the group to their cells. Landing on your right foot here means finding life bearable. However, this never means anything like absolute freedom or full enjoyment. Those who are lucky to be trustees would perhaps enjoy a little bit of that. A trustee is an inmate who gets awarded some particular duty, such as laundry, cooks, cleanness, order, etc. Being one of these earns you a title but little monetary compensation that stands out as an appreciation. Being around the facility feels accommodating enough. You will always have your friends, three meals a day, and a bed. But, well, of course, do not expect any 5-star treatment with these. The overall treatment will be like a prisoner. You will have guards watching over you 24/7 with security cameras installed all over.

What it means serving your term at Buffalo County jail

The most extended time you will remain at Buffalo County jail is three years. During this period, you will be undergoing a rehabilitation procedure that needs to impact your life positively. The correction officers here have various specializations, including psychology. If it is mental distress that compelled your law defiance, they will help you manage it all. However, remember that the jail does not host mentally ill individuals. The court will always consider this before your conviction.

Buffalo County Sheriffs Office

2025 Avenue A, Kearney, Nebraska, 68847

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Buffalo County Jail Information

Postal Code
Buffalo County
Phone Number
308-236-8555, 308-2333-5281
County Jail
2025 Avenue A PO Box 1270, Kearney, NE, 68848-1270


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