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Clay County Sherriff

Clay County Sherriff

Updated on: April 21, 2023
Clay County is located in the Southeastern part of Nebraska, and it's built on 573-square miles stretch of land. It is named after Henry Clay, a member of the United States Senate from Kentucky and United States Secretary of State. This county has a population of approximately 6542 citizens according to the 2010 census. Clay County Sherriff, Jeff Franklin, serves, executes and returns legal process issued by a lawful authority. Additionally, he prepares and files an annual inventory statement of county Personal property in his custody. Most importantly, he is the one in charge of the Jail and its' prisoners. His primary duty is to keep the peace, apprehend criminals and perform other duties like appointing deputies who may not serve as the county treasurer, register of deeds or clerk. The County seat is in Clay Center, where the Sherriff's office is located. The Zip codes in Clay County are 68933, 68979, 68944, 68452 and 68954.

County Statistics and General Information

The clay county covers a land area of 573 square miles while the county population as per 2010 census is 6542. The towns and population as per 2010 census are:
    • Deweese: 71
    • Edgar:498
    • Fairfield:387
    • Glenvil:332
    • Havard:1,031
    • Ong:60
    • Saronville:59
    • Sutton:1,502
    • Trumbull:205
    • Clay Center 861
Public school districts in the county include:
      • Harvard Public Schools in Harvard
      • Sandy Creek Public Schools
      • Sutton Public Schools in Sutton
      • Private School District
      • Sutton Christian Schools in Sutton

Clay County Court Information

Clay county runs under three court judges; Michael P. Burns, Timothy Hoeft and Michael Mead. Additionally, it has a Clerk Magistrate and Assistant Clerk, Julie Bergen and Darlene Overturf, respectively. This county court handles different crimes like traffic, criminal, small claims, probate guardianship, adoption cases and juvenile. You can acquire county court forms by visiting the Judicial Branch Website,, and receive information about the Nebraska County Court System. However, it would be best if you were a subscriber to have access to the online system. Therefore, you should go to the Nebraska Online Subscription Information page and subscribe.

County Veteran Services offered

Clay County offers several veteran services like:
  • County Veterans Aid
  • Education Benefits
  • Nebraska Veterans Aid
  • Survivor's Benefit Plan
  • Waiver of Tuition
  • Grave Markers
  • Veterans License Plates
  • Medical Care
  • Hospitalization
  • Government Life Insurance
  • Homestead Exemption for Veterans.
  • Tricare
  • Request and Review for Discharge

Clay County Jail

This facility is an all-gender, medium to a maximum-security facility located in Clayton City, Clay County, Nebraska. It registers new bookings of inmates and staff members every year, whereby it books inmates ranging from low-level misdemeanor offends to those awaiting trial for violent crimes. The facility, therefore, maintains a high-security level by building high perimeter walls and employing Correctional Officers who are trained and armed to protect themselves, visitors and inmates. This facility also houses inmates who this county's municipal police departments have arrested.

Inmate's Daily Life

Once in jail, the facility brings the offenders and place them in a holding cell where they process them. However, if the jail is busy, the process might not be done immediately. While in the holding cell, the correctional officers require them to answer simple personal questions like their full legal name, home address, emergency contact, and birth date. They might also ask about their medical and mental history. After completing the questions, they are now given an inmate ID number. Later, their fingerprints and mugshot are taken, and any property they had is taken away and stored until they are discharged. Occasionally, the facility might allow the inmates to communicate with their family members, friends, or bail bond agents. In cases where the inmate might be released quickly, the facility allows them to keep wearing their street clothes. Otherwise, they should change into a jail uniform. Inmates serving more than a year are transferred to the Nebraska State Prison System or the Federal Bureau of Prisons. On the other hand, those serving for less than a year can serve their time in jail.

Inmate Discharge Procedures

After posting the bail, an inmate can leave the jail. However, this process might take 30 to a few hours till its' completion. The faster the posting of the bail, the faster your inmate can get out of jail. The timeline of this process also depends on the type of bond the magistrate has set. In cases of a cash bond, this process takes less time than the other types of bonds. In rare cases, the magistrate might not decide on how much an inmate should pay as bail. Therefore, this might take longer before the magistrate gives a final word of how much the bail is and how the inmate should post the bail. For minor cases, inmates do not have to post bail since they mainly go free after booking or join better-suited juvenile facilities. After serving out their jail sentence in this facility and knowing their discharge dates, inmates should plan on the discharging process which is usually between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm. They should arrange ways to get home or their next stop after their release.

Clay County Sheriffs Office

104 East Edgar Street, Clay Center, Nebraska, 68933

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Clay County Jail Information

Postal Code
Clay County
Phone Number
County Jail
104 East Edgar Street, Clayton, NE, 68933


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