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Arthur County Sheriff

Arthur County Sheriff

Updated on: March 27, 2023
Arthur County is found in Western Nebraska. The county seat of Arthur County is Arthur. The County was carved out in 1913 from a portion of McPherson County and was organized in 1887. Arthur County is named in honor of President Chester A. Arthur. The County's population is 463 persons, according to the US Census of 2019.  Arthur County covers an area of 718-square miles in total. It is the least populated County in Nebraska and the 5th least populated County in all of the US. Arthur County neighbors McPherson County in the east, Hooker County in the northeast, Grant County in the north, Garden County in the west, and Keith Counties in the south. The zip codes in Arthur County are 69121-69121.

Arthur County Sheriff's Responsibilities

Billy Simpson is the County sheriff in Arthur County. The sheriff is the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in Arthur County. The main objective of the Arthur County Sheriff's Office is to provide a safe and secure climate for the residents of Arthur County. Arthur County Sheriff's Office in Arthur County, NE, is a law enforcement agency charged with operations in Arthur County. Some of the responsibilities of the Arthur County Sheriff's Office include:
  • It is responsible for the management of jails and inmates in Arthur County
  • Promoting safety and public peace through policing
  • Sheriff's Officers have a duty of patrolling areas not patrolled by the local Police Department
  • The Department is also responsible for undertaking local court orders, e.g., arrest warrants, action on tax delinquent, serving writs and subpoenas
The sheriff's office also provides information about; 
  • Warrant searches
  • Mug shots 
  • Sheriff auctions
  • Arthur County inmate lookup
  • Police reports
  • Arthur County, Nebraska crime reports 
  • Arthur County jail records 
Apart from seeking information on the above, you may also provide information on any criminal activity; you can leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers by phone.

Arthur Sheriff's Contacts

The Arthur County Jail

Background Information

The Arthur County Jail is a medium-security facility. It is located in Arthur, Arthur County, PO Box 207, Arthur, NE, 69121.  This facility presently holds more than 144 prisoners. The facility records roughly 1277 bookings per year. The inmates are mostly from within Arthur County. The prison is managed on a day-to-day basis by eighty-five correctional staff members. The facility is under the supervision of Billy Simpson, the Arthur County Nebraska Sheriff.  Prisoners held here have either been convicted for a crime or are currently awaiting sentencing. Law offenders are transferred to Arthur County Jail once paperwork about their incarceration is completed. All inmates must go through mental health and physical health screening and a background check. Arthur County Jail houses inmates for a short period, mostly for not more than a year. The detainees are held in jail until they are acquitted, released on bail, or sentenced. The inmates housed in Arthur County Jail are condemned for misdemeanors like assault, theft, or driving under the influence. 

Arthur County Jail Programs

Arthur County Jail also has a Home Detention Program. HDP is for inmates who are sentenced to not less than twenty days in jail. Additionally, there is an Alternative Work Program for inmates sentenced to twenty days or less. The two programs aid detainees serve their sentences at home. Serving jail terms at home allows the offenders to spend time with their loved ones or families, and at the same time, continue to work at their regular jobs.  The voluntary programs are only allowed for inmates who pose low-security risks. High-risk or violent offenders are not eligible for the program. The program is at the discretion of the facility in collaboration with the Arthur Department of Justice.

Prison Staff

Correctional officers serving in the Arthur County Jail are well trained to handle any violent confrontations in prison. The correctional staff includes a commander, ten sergeants, nineteen officers, and transport personnel. The Arthur County Jail provides basic amenities to the detainees like meals, a TV program, and a bathroom facility. 

Inmates Welfare

To assist inmates in reintegrating smoothly into the community after release, the Arthur County Jail provides a range of support programs, including volunteer services, religious programs, and educational programs. Selected inmates are also assigned duties in the work-release program. In the program, inmates do assignments such as orderlies, laundry, or in the kitchen.  Other opportunities offered for inmates include; anger management, computer education, GED, and computer education. The jail also provides inmates with substance abuse treatment. Inmates can make phone calls to their loved ones and receive approved mail, money orders, and photos. Inmate visitation is also allowed to the detainees, provided they remain disciplined.

Jail Contacts

You can contact the jail through the phone number; 308-764-2225

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Arthur County Jail Information

Postal Code
Arthur County
Phone Number
County Jail
PO Box 207, Arthur, NE, 69121


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