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York County Sheriff

York County Sheriff

Updated on: March 17, 2023
York County Sheriff's Office is a full-service law enforcement agency. The mission of the agency is to serve the residents and visitors alike with optimal public safety. Because the police department may not reach the rural areas of Nebraska, the York County Sheriff’s Office reaches out to the rural areas in the county.

Roles and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the sheriff and the office include a collection of delinquent property taxes, executing court orders, extraditing prisoners from other states, provision of security services to courts, and transporting jailed people. Should there be a riot in the county, the sheriff’s office plays a critical role in preventing such a riot, keeping the peace, saving lives, and safeguarding property. The objective is to ensure that nobody is disenfranchised in matters of security.   Other duties include registration of sex offenders and fingerprinting job seekers. The office runs campaigns on basic laws required for the day-to-day life of the county. For example, one ought to know about the handling of junk vehicles.

The Input of the Community

Like many law enforcement agencies in the country, York County Sheriff’s Office does its best to win the community’s trust. The agency realizes how important the community is in the prevention of crime and in solving cases. As a result of these efforts, the residents have constantly volunteered critical information to the office. At the same time, the office encourages residents to take up employment opportunities offered by the office.

Mutual Relationships

One of the values that York County appreciates is the need to develop mutual relationships among the public members. Consequently, the sheriff’s office supports community events that take place in York County. The office avails time as well as resources to support the events. All the residents need to do is to inform the office about an event three weeks prior.

Elections of the Sherriff

Every four years, the county gets to elect a sheriff. The sheriff aims to serve the people through professionalism and efficacy, and they have to sell his plan aggressively. This is because the race is a tight competition. 

Contacting the York County Sherriff’s Office

One can file a complaint to the office. If one files a complaint, one should leave his contact information for follow-up. However, one is discouraged from filing complaints if there is no justifiable reason. This is to avoid sabotaging the work of the agency. Here is the York County Sheriff office address:  510 N. Lincoln Ave, York, NE 68467 (the northern side of the courthouse)

York County Jail

Going to jail can be a stressful experience. Similarly, if you have someone who has been jailed, you will need to have the correct information at hand. This will help you to assist your loved ones in the best way possible.  The York County Jail is located in York. The level of security at the facility is minimum. The community is supportive of the jail, and it helps the inmates prepare for life after prison. Inmates are encouraged to work towards reform.

Jail Activities

Many activities take place at the premises of the jail. All these activities aim to empower the inmates to help them control their behavior and life. The jail offers different programs, and the programs are used as a tool of behavior modification. For instance, the jail has realized that inmates face the challenge of substance abuse, and they offer substance abuse programs to help them manage such challenges. In addition to that, the jail offers religious programs to the inmates. This gives them time and opportunity to reflect on their actions. Recreation is an encouraged practice at York County Jail. The jail provides sufficient facilities and time for this. The primary purpose of recreation is to enable the inmates to live healthy lives. This is more so when it comes to the need to promote their mental health. A typical day starts at 6.00 am with the sound of an alarm. A roll call is taken to evaluate if there is any prison escape. Prisoners take breakfast and then proceed to the assigned task. Tasks that the prisoners do include manufacturing jobs, laundry, and the kitchen. The primary purpose for this is to give the prisoners experience in specific fields.  When a prisoner is at York County Jail, NE, wearing the prison uniform is mandatory. The jail does not permit any inappropriate dressing within its premises. 

Contact the Jail

Here is the contact of the York County Jail.  
  • Address: York County Jail
  • Here is the address for York County jail:
  • 510 Lincoln Avenue, York, NE, 68467

York County Sheriffs Office

510 North Lincoln Avenue, York, Nebraska, 68467

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York County Jail Information

Postal Code
York County
Phone Number
County Jail
510 Lincoln Avenue, York, NE, 68467


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